October 1st, 2012

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do you ever feel like the internet just isn't going fast enough?
i've been posting a ridiculous amount on a number of different online forums, and i'm so frustrated when i don't get replies right away.
or am i just really lonely?

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1. Which book of yours have you owned the longest?
2. What is the last book you bought, and what made you buy it?

Bonus question(s) for the Goodreads folks...which book on your "read" list has the highest average star rating, and how many stars did you give it?

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I was friends with a girl in high school who seemed like a total sweetheart. She volunteered with kids and senior citizens, and was super sweet and friendly to everyone. However, if you really got to know her you realized she was very manipulative (to guys in particular) and used people to get what she wanted, all the while putting on this sweet facade.

Did you ever know someone like this? How did it make you feel when everyone fawned over this person when you knew the truth?
Rochelle Goyle
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So I need to do an ethnographic project on the subject of the sacred element of body modification.

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eta: sacred in the anthropological context; sacred vs. profane: sacred meaning it is revered, precious, and not to be defiled, and profane meaning normal like right vs left hand (right is sacred because it used for social interactions and left is profane because it used for bathroom purposes).

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What would you rather give up for a month?

Any kind of commercially produced soap
Hot (or even lukewarm) water
Electricity between the hours of 7pm and 7 am
Your cell phone and/or landline phone
Use of any washing machines or dryers, anywhere


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How often do you start to post a question and then change your mind?

Very Often (Only 1 out of 10 questions you begin make it to being submitted)
Often (Only 1 out of 5 questions you begin make it to being submitted)
Not Often (3 out of 5 questions you begin make it to being submitted)
Every question I begin typing makes it to being posted

What reasons do you not post a question you started to ask?

I realize it's a stupid question
It's too hard to explain
I don't think I'll receive many responses
I'm afraid people will assume something about me
I'm afraid I'll offend someone
I wanted to ask and then I just didn't care
I'm afraid someone will think I'm stupid
I'm afraid it will cause a huge wankfest and/or end up on SF_D

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Let's say you're at a job you don't really like and are going to start looking for a new one. You've been there a little over a year. How much longer would you stay at that job (assuming you don't HATE it and can withstand it awhile longer) so that it looks good on a resume? Would you wait until you've been there 2 years? Just quit as soon as you find something else?

ETA: What if you were expecting a raise and promotion in the next few months? Would you stick around until you received them, and then look for a new job?
devon ramen

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I inspected a furnished 2 bedroom apartment over the weekend just out of curiosity.. and I liked it. I sent in my application to see if I could get it, and they accepted me and want me to sign the lease ASAP.

I am definitely considering moving in, but I am currently in a year-long lease with the student accommodation I'm in now and need to sort things out before I can confirm anything (how to get out of my contract, bond money, etc.).

Do you think I could tell them I need to think about it for the next few days and come in on the weekend  to sign the lease? Or would that be asking for too much? The apartment is available on the 15th of October btw. 


Lately I've realized that there are popular social media apps, blogs, and sites I'm not using - instagram, twitter, tumblr, and so on. Meanwhile LJ and myspace are old dinosaurs. What else are teens using these days? Does it make you feel old, or are you on the social media bandwagon too?
Bug-eyed Earl

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I was playing Half Life: Black Mesa yesterday, and randomly thought about an old video game that came out around the same time as Half Life, Requiem: Avenging Angel. It was an FPS, and you were a rogue angel or something and you got cool magic powers. Turn people to salt, possession, etc. Not a popular game, not something I've played in many years but I was thinking about how a lot of games just have gimmicks if they can't just create good game play.

I was taking out the trash later and while I was walking to the dumpster, a copy of Requiem was on the ground. I was like 'WOAH! WHAT? I was JUST thinking about that game!'. Pretty freaking odd considering the age and relative obscurity of the game and I was just thinking about it.. and a copy is sitting right there in the middle of the parking lot! What does it mean??

What weird coincidences have happened to you lately?

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(I posted this question to whatwasthatsong as well, but just in case you guys might be able to help...)

I'm trying to think of a song that's called "is this love or lust" or something like that. It's sung by a pretty recent pop artist (I wanna say Adam Lambert but I know that's not right). Sorry I don't have any lyrics to go on :/ Anyway, it's been driving me crazy. Any help?
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what do you think is the best city/state (or just state) to live in the USA?
and/or where in the USA would you live? why?

(i'm having a hard time committing to one location. right now i'm in oregon. i started in florida and i just keep moving after a couple of years. i want to find a permanent place to at least buy a house/land to come back to.. but once i see the pros/cons in everything, i start itching to relocate. people get boring, areas get boring, weather gets tiresome, yadaya..)

best place to live/where would you live overall? why?
do you prefer to live in rural, suburban, or urban areas? why?

>> for blue skies
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Can you think of one goal for each of these categories that you would like to achieve in the next year?

One romantic or relationship goal.
One health or exercise goal.
One purchase or finance goal.
One friend or family goal.
One volunteering goal.
One travel goal.
Georgie - Smiles

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Where do you keep your shoes?
What's your living situation? (e.g. own/rent your own house, live with parents, housemates, partners etc)
Are there rules about where shoes can be kept? If so, what are they?
Do you typically wear your shoes inside?

Feel free to be specific about different kinds of shoes.

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Are you married?


Did you live with your SO before marriage/Do you think it's a good idea to do so?

I think it's a good idea to live together before marriage.

What's your favorite cereal?

Lucky Charms or Peanu tbutter Captain Crunch

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If you wear contacts, where do you have your eye exams done/where do you buy your contacts? Do you live somewhere where you're required to have yearly eye exams in order to buy contacts? 

I usually go to Wal-Mart's vision center, but I moved and there's not one near me and I need a new place. Indiana requires yearly exams for contacts and exams every two years to buy new glasses. It's lame, especially for someone who doesn't have eye insurance or whatever you call it.