September 30th, 2012

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First world problems

I bought my Macbook Pro in 2010 and I absolutely hate it. I've now decided to return to Windows laptop and I really like the Toshiba Z930.


1.) Opinions of laptop?
2.) Has anyone had a Toshiba before? Are they a good brand? Break down often?
3.) Can you upgrade the Hard Drive or replace the hard drive?
4.) Is that a decent enough graphics card?

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I have no idea what I want to do with my life. Right now, I'm in my second year of community college getting my general credits out of the way before I transfer to a four-year university, but I have absolutely no idea what I want to do! Every time something sounds interesting I always second-guess myself, "Do I want to do that for the rest of my life?"


When was the last time you got into this kind of funk?
How did you make up your mind if you were faced with a decision you couldn't come to?

Is my boyfriend magic?

I've been feeling unwell recently, constant stomache aches and headaches, well actually all month. I'm living with my boyfriend at the moment.

I tend to feel really crummy all day, but then when he gets home from work and we start hanging out, I start feeling better.

Is he magic??

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Would you ever date someone who admitted to you up front that they had physically abused a partner in the past (whether it be once they got in a heated fight that turned into violence, or multiple times...)? What if they swore they had changed? Can someone change from that?
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are you obsessed or particular with names? such as usernames, names of online things that are yours, names in general??

i know i am. i cringe every time i use my deviantart considering it's not the name i'd prefer to have, and i can't be bothered to do much with my twitter since the name isn't anything fantastic (although i doubt i'd use twitter anyway). i also take forever to name critters (and they have to have "people" names). plus i have a huge list of names i like.


I suck at buying stuff online. For Halloween, I want to go as Jeff Winger from Community when he and Britta were dressed as hipster cats (I'm assuming? I can't really remember the episode) but I can't find the right cat ears.

Does anyone know a good website for novelty stuff like that?
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Do you get migraines? What non-prescription stuff do you take/do for them? Does any herbal type stuff help you? I'm getting pretty desperate. I take fioricet which sometimes help, but was wondering if there was non-prescription stuff I could take too (besides stuff like ibuprofen).

Did you ever aspire to work in law enforcement in some capacity? If you don't at the moment, what happened? If you do, is it what you expected it would be? How did it turn out?

Did you watch any movies this weekend? What were they? Were they any good?

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Since apparently I have nothing better to do today than post random and completely unrelated questions to TQC:

1. What do you think of Michael Moore?
2: Have you tried Nuero drinks? Do you like them?
3. Are you clingy in relatonships?
4. What food do you want right now?

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Were you taught how to write an APA style paper in your secondary education (Middle school/ High school/ Whatever comes before college)?

No, and today I'm struggling with writing an APA style paper for a Psychology class. It's irritating me a lot.

What is/was your major in College/University?

Business Administration because I'm a very vague human. 

Can I drop out of school and become a hooker?

Yes, I think I'll make more money that way... (non srs answers expected)

Edit: Google tells me APA needs an abstract. Her "sample paper" didn't have an abstract... do I provide an abstract? I've never submitted a paper for this professor before and she's awful at getting back to people.

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Have you tried any new foods lately?

Did you like it?

I had a fig today for the first time at the farmer's market. I was surprised at how such an ugly thing could taste SO good. Tasted like candy!

edit: I'm an idiot. I had a date, not a fig.
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Are there any mental exercises you do when you're super anxious? As in, you're still awake well after you've gone to bed because you're worrying about something in the distant future? I just want to go to sleep!