September 28th, 2012


Cycling Power!

1. When is the last time you rode a bicycle?

2. When you ride, where do you tend to go? Trails, just around the neighborhood, specific destinations?

3. Do you prefer to ride alone or with company?

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Anyone here play the Sims? Anyone here hate the Sims? All opinions are welcome!

After reading this, I'm seriously considering downloading it so I can make my own horribly unethical human psychological experiments. I usually hate computer/video games but the Sims has always kind of appealed to me. I've managed to avoid it so far because I'm worried about it being a major time waster, so I'm looking to hear about other peoples experiences first.

DK/DC: If you could perform an experiment on a completely realistic computer simulation that would be unethical in real life, what would it be?

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How much money do you like to keep in your checking account at all times? Let's say all your bills are paid for the month and the rest is leftover. At what amount do you start getting a little anxious?
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Hi there tqc. Sooo remember the girl from this post ( Yeah, I decided not to move in with her and then two weeks latter I get a letter in the mail declaring she's in love with me. I've let her know that I don't have the same feelings for her at all but she still tries to text me and apologize. I'd like to avoid her but, unfortunately, we hung out at a lot of the same places and don't want to give them up.

What can I do to avoid/get rid of her and keep the places I like? Or just general advice on how to deal with this.

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I'm about to crawl under the desk and hopefully fix a broken USB connection, It's been a while since I've been back there and I'm wondering just what I might find.

TQC just what will I find behind my desk?
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Does anyone know if one absolutely has to have a doctor's order to get a DNR/No Code/allergic to penicillin bracelet? (think back to the time before the internet)

Anyone from the mid 90s who had a family member who was going through DNR? Does anyone know if one could simply walk into a hospital or a CVS and buy a "DNR" bracelet?
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TQC, I just got a prepaid Visa card in the mail from Suntrust. It's got an activation sticker on it, has my name on it, and seems legit. The only thing is, I am not a Suntrust customer, I didn't sign up for this, there's no balance on it--I thought it might be a rebate for Heartgard, but when I called the customer service number and it says there might be a fee for talking to a customer service agent. This is a scam of some sort, y/y?

Favorites Post! WOO!

What is your favorite color?
What is your favorite animal?
What/who is your favorite music artist?
What is your favorite season?
What is your favorite restaurant?
What is your favorite eye color?
What is your favorite boy name? Girl name?
Who is your favorite person?

If you want, ask others another favorites question in the comments!
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Sometimes at coffee shops, the person next to me will ask me to watch his/her laptop while he/she goes to the bathroom or steps out. The thing is, I have never seen anyone steal a laptop from a public place like this. Has anyone had this happen to them or someone they know? What happened? 

Edit: Wow. I leave my laptop sitting out all the time and nothing has ever happened to it! I once left it in a coffee shop in Manhattan while I ran back to my hostel, which was two blocks away. I'm honestly shocked by all these comments that are so distrusting. Maybe I am naive, but I've never had anything stolen. 

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What annoyed you today?

I really hate it when people will say something - insulting or not - just soft enough where you can't hear them and when you ask them to repeat themselves, they won't. You either say it or you don't. Don't bitch out and take some responsibility on what you're saying.

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I have a friend coming over tonight when he gets off work. He's allergic to cats. I have a cat. He's well aware of the fact that I have a cat. He hasn't been around cats for about ~2 years so he isn't sure how he's going to react to my cat. 

What can I do to make this easier on him?
What can I do to make this easier on the kitty (she's very affectionate and will be sad when she can't love him)?


Will you show me pictures of your pets?

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have you ever been to a restaurant featured on tv on one of those food network/travel channel shows? was it good? which restaurant was it?

are there any food or travel shows you like to watch?