September 27th, 2012

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why are 13-year-olds even allowed on the internet?

This past weekend I added my 13-year-old cousin (my dad's sister's daughter) on Facebook. I used to be really close to that part of the family as a kid, but I don't really know my cousin as a person at all and don't talk to her mom much. I noticed yesterday that she was among a bunch of others saying really awful stuff to this other girl. That bothered me, so I commented on the actual post made by my cousin and said simply, "Don't be so mean!" but she just replied "lol."

Don't get me wrong, when I was 13 years old (I'm 23 now), I was the queen of being mean to people on the internet. But I recognize now that it was because I was seriously unsatisfied with myself and had problems, and I feel really bad for the people I victimized then.

Would you say anything else to your cousin, if you were in my position, or would you let it go? What would you say?
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Hello TQCers,

Someone here recently made an inquiry about personal goals being reached by certain ages (or something like that), and it made me realize that I don't have them anymore. I don't have any goals that I feel like I absolutely have to achieve by a certain age. In fact, I'm not sure if I have any goals anymore, outside of some vague ones. Does anyone else feel like this? I'm older (almost 29) now and I've gotten pretty bored recently, so maybe that plays a part. Who knows? Maybe I just feel that having a fulfilling life is one that is outside of the conventions.
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Is anyone familiar with ID policies of ABC liquor stores back in 1996 or the mid-90s?

I know today liquor stores (at least here in VA) scan your ID -- does it link your ID to your purchase? Did they have a system for recording purchases/IDs back in the mid-90s?

Blog spam

Does anyone have a Blogger/Blogspot blog and have an issue with spam?

One particular post on my blog seems to be a target for spam comments. I am set up to receive all comments via email as they are posted. The odd thing is thatI get the spam comments via email 'Anonymous has posted a comment on [post name]', but when I go to view that specific post, that comment isn't there (and it hasn't been marked as Spam by Blogger, either. What do?

DK/DC: What can you hear right now?

I'm listening to Maroon 5, and I can hear happy blackbirds out of my window.

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How often are you bored? Once a week? Once a month? Etc. I'm never ever bored
And cannot grasp the concept. There are always people on my fb, twitter etc complaining that they are bored. I am always busy and when I get down time I thoroughly enjoy it. How does one get bored? I want to
Be bored.

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Do any of you get stressed out if there are too many social events in one weekend, or a short amount of time? Let's say they are events like birthdays, or something youve planned way in advance, etc. that you can't just blow off.

I have three birthday events to attend this weekend and I know I should just feel grateful that I have friends and family to celebrate, and Ive already bought the presents and don't have to do anything else. But I will have little to no down time to just relax and that makes me anxious. :/
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Would it be legal for a police officer to plant a fake priest to get a confession from a criminal, who thinks his confession is protected by clergy privilege?
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What would you do TQC?

I want to rent studio space to teach yoga. The one place I'm looking at seems ok (it's in a gym), EXCEPT, it worries me that the guy has been advertising this studio for 6 months on Craigslist. I asked him why so long on Craigslist - he said " He can't find anyone that  HE wants to rent to." Also, the gym is huge, but hardly anyone is there...nobody is there to greet you when you walk in..Is this a front or am I paranoid? He's been in business for 10 yrs.
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Mr. Pants Says

Fresh Cut Flowers

When you have fresh cut flowers and they come with the "flower food" pack, do you use it? Does it make a difference in their "staying power"?

Do you like fresh flowers?

If you do, what is your favorite, and does its fragrance factor into your preference?

(inspired by my fiance bringing me an armload of flowers "just because" and their fragrance permeating the entire house)

Dk/dc: what is your favorite surprise gift under $100?
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You find out that one of your coworkers has been sleeping in (one of) the janitor's closet(s) at work. What, if anything, do you do?

edit - as in, spending the night sleeping in there, not as in napping in there during shifts.


For those of you in the U.S.:

Polls on the presidential election are often presented in terms of nationwide voting. However, this is irrelevant because electoral votes are allocated based on state-by-state results.

CNN currently classifies the following as "battleground states" in the upcoming Presidential election: Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, Wisconsin. (See

If you live in a battleground state:
- Which way do you think your state will go, Obama or Romney?
- Does there seem to be a lot of advertising? Is it more positive or negative?

And for those of you who do not live in a battleground state:
- Do you think the battleground states will break more for Obama or Romney?
- Are you seeing much advertising for the Presidential race?


Inspired by the first part of a post about commitment by vodkabeforenoon:

Do you think it is bad character when two people make a commitment to be with each other and then one backs out, not because of a change in appearance, but because the other suffers an injury/illness that changes their personality/cognitive ability (e.g., a traumatic brain injury)?

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Do you read the newspaper comic Ballard Street? Do you laugh? Do you understand why someone else might laugh? I'm completely mystified. I can't find the humor. Is there something wrong with me?


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Say you're supposed to hang out with a friend one day, but nearing the hang out time your calls to their cell phone, your texts, and your IMs (or other forms of communication) go unanswered (past the hang out time). This friend does not have a history of being flaky or hard to reach. How long before you stop feeling irritated and start to feel concerned?

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If you saw someone dressed like the Joker, and they had orange hair, would that have negative connotations to you?

ETA: Would like to add, if you saw them during Halloween or at a convention.
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Ok, long story short. I've know a family for 13 years, that in which I call them my "second family." I go over to their house every weekend (they live a block a way) and we always do the same thing. Drink, listen to music, talk and smoke cigarettes. For the past two weeks I've become so annoyed with them (especially my best friends mom). I know it's because I've been going over there too often. If they want me to come over and I don't feel like it, what would be a good way to say so without them getting mad? It's almost to the point of me having an anxiety attack since I dont want people to get mad at me and shit.

Have you ever gone through something like this? What did you do?

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When's the last time you scratched your head in wonderment over why someone made a choice they did?

My alma mater is making changes, cutting programs and reinvesting the money in others.  The programs they chose to cut and the ones they chose to invest more in seems to make very little sense from an education standpoint.  For example they are investing more in the program that I was enrolled in that was really nothing more than a joke where 70% of the students skated through and the 30% who struggled shouldn't have been capable of making it through college, while a program in a similar field that is nationally renowned and quite competitive is being restructured and having less money invested in it.  Though the part that had me actually laughing was that despite announcing the cutting of the school's community day, someone apparently thought a picture of the school's president and mascot at community day was a good picture to put on top of the site listing the changes.
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So there are now 5 posts between mine, but what if someone deleted their post? It wouldn't be immediately obvious to the mods, and I'd likely have no way of proving it since I don't tend to keep posts up once I've responded unless I'm especially interested in them. I just wonder if that's been an issue ever.

Anyway, what I actually wanted to ask was what are some of the categories that Netflix recommends for you?

some of mine:

Romantic Opposites-Attract Comedies
Heartfelt Political Documentaries
Witty TV Shows Featuring a Strong Female Lead
Imaginative Space-Travel TV Shows
Classic Sentimental Movies
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I jut started watching 'Monk' on Netflix. I'm son season 1, episode 2. What's your opinion of this show?

Do you belong to If so, what was the last book you mooched? What was the last one you listed?

At what time were you born? Example, I was born at 9:37am.