September 26th, 2012


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My SO took his car to the shop because it was making a horrible noise. The shop told him to call the police because it appears someone had removed a lug nut and the others were loosened. They've had previous car problems with the neighbors (attempt to steal a headlight from his dad's car, constantly sitting on mine) and the police never do anything. They probably visit this house every couple of weeks or so.

Anyway... Were they trying to steal his tire, or trying to kill him?

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I made a cup of (regular ol' drip) coffee and when I put in the milk, it wouldn't "blend." It's kind of floating/swirling on top. It's a brand-new gallon of whole milk I bought yesterday afternoon from a place that isn't exactly reliable for non-expired things. Is there something wrong with it or can I drink my coffee without dying?

One of my favorite type of stupid polls

Poll #1868694 For the ladies...

You're engaged to marry. Your last name is Beuk. Your bethrothed's last name is Auky. What will your married surname be?


You're engaged to marry. Your last name is Harry. Your bethrothed's last name is Bottoms. What will your married surname be?


You're engaged to marry. Your last name is Seam. Your bethrothed's last name is Enlover. What will your married surname be?


You're engaged to marry. Your last name is Mike. Your bethrothed's last name is Olin. What will your married surname be?


You're engaged to marry. Your last name is Clomm. Your bethrothed's last name is Ittia. What will your married surname be?


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How long is too long for your landlord to wait to cash your rent check?

Inspired by my landlord seriously messing with my budget last month :(

(edit) Normally, it wouldn't have been such a problem, but my school district changed the pay schedule with about a month's notice and did not pay me for about two months. Therefore, we had to go the whole summer on basically just my husband's income. So it was a combination of landlord and my employer that got us a bit messed up.

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What do you do when you need to speak with someone for work (client, customer, etc.) and you cannot understand their accent, even after they have repeated themselves multiple times?
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What's a good miniseries that I should watch on Netflix?

I've already watched Alice and The 10th Kingdom and I have a few other ones in my instant queue (Dinotopia, Land Girls, Tin Man and Neverland. I'm not picky on genres so I'm really open to anything. And let me know if I should watch any of the ones I already have in my instant queue ASAP because they're absolutely amazing or something.

What's your favorite miniseries ever?
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How do you tell someone that is one of your best good friends that you don't want to include them in your new group of friends? I love him to bits but I want to keep my new interest group separate and I don't really know why.
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I recently started a new job as a waitress and one of the other servers constantly talks about money-- as soon as a customer walks through the door she's saying "I wonder how much they'll tip me," "I hope they leave me a lot of money," and stuff like that. If she walks past a table of mine and sees cash, she'll tell me either "They didn't tip very much! That's not nice!" or "Oooh, they left you a good tip, I'm jealous!" She is very vocal about whining when she feels like someone has stiffed her, and she always asks how much the other servers are getting. She's not quiet about this, and I constantly worry that customers will hear her and tip less because she's wandering around yapping about how they should give her all their money.  
Is this just part of the job, or would I be within my rights to ask her to knock it off? How should I phrase it? I don't want to be rude...

Is there anything I can use to temporarily coler my medium-brown hair bright red? Spray or chalk or dye or anything? I want to be Aladdin Sane for Halloween but I don't want to commit to the color....

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Need help!

Yesterday, I tried to make plans with a boy I'm seeing. He has a huge problem with being flaky. He ended up standing me up (he claims unintentionally). We tried to make study plans again for today. He kept pushing back the time (first he said he was free at 8:30, then 9:30, and then he'd said he could stop by "briefly" at 10:00), so I told him we should try another day, and that I was going to go to the library. He just texted me that he wants to swing by and say hi.

I realllllllly don't want that to happen. I don't want to pretend like I'm not mad, but I don't want to have a Serious Conversation outside the library when I have tons of work to do either. Is there anything in particular I can say to politely tell him "no thanks"? What would you recommend?