September 25th, 2012

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What is the rudest thing that you have heard/witnessed in recent times?

I went to pick up some food from my favorite restaurant on the planet on Sunday afternoon.  We arrived to pick it up a few minutes earlier than it was ready, so we were waiting on a small bench near the register/take-out area.  One of the chefs (we could tell because he was wearing one of the signature restaurant shirts) approached the register to order some food on his break.  He was perusing the menu when the girl standing at the register says to him, "Do you even SPEAK English?", in probably the most disgusted tone I've ever heard.  The Mr. and I looked at each other in that, 'Please tell me you heard that and it wasn't just me...' manner.

What was the last thing someone told you that you really didn't want to know/grossed you out/confused the hell out of you?

My friend and I were chit-chatting on the way to a party about an hour away from where we live and eventually got around to the subject of funny sex stories.  (We're both horny bitches; it's bound to happen.)  She told me that she once dated a guy that consistently would pinch the head of his penis to prevent his ejaculate from coming out.  They'd be having sex, he'd tell her he was getting close, and then would pull out and pinch off the top.  She said she'd never gotten an explanation for this, but we agreed that this cannot possibly be healthy.

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What brand of cell phone do you have?

I do not have a cell phone
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My sister has just started a stressful and time consuming course at a new college. What is something I can send her in the mail as a gesture that I'm here if she needs me and she's going to do great? When I started law school she sent me a care package with lots of supplies for school which was awesome, but I know she will have bought them all already.
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Would you go back in time to live two hundred years ago if it meant you could have superpowers? What superpower would you choose for 1812? Time-travel is not an option, and if you get greedy (like Superman-level powers), you'll be sent even farther back in time, possibly as far back as australopithecines.
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First World Problems, Oy!

I live in a (used to be) backwater town. We're always behind everyone else when it comes to getting neat things to buy.

One if those things was Mexican Coca Cola. Well, we "discovered" this Nectar of the Gods, and liked to keep a modest supply at home for an occasional treat. So, as our supply ran out, I went to a local retailer where I had purchased this wonderment previously, only to discover that a woman had purchased their entire stock (two cases plus the case on the shelf). So, I went other places I had seen it, and was told the same story everywhere: some woman had bought out their entire inventory.

My question is this: do you think it is greedy of someone to go throughout a town and purchase every single bottle of Mexican Coca Cola, thus preventing me from enjoying its sweet, fizzy decadence?

Dk/dc/is this really a question: do you like pot roast?
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My husband works as a salaried employee. His hours are set (7:30 - 4), but he often end up working late at the request of his boss. If he comes in late, she complains. It seems to me like if they're going to make his ending time flexible, his beginning time ought to be flexible as well so long as he's putting in his eight hours at least. Four times in the last three months, they've asked him to work on Saturday as well (for no extra pay, obviously) and his boss frequently calls/texts on weekends to ask work-related questions. They've asked him to work again this weekend, but we already have plans - it's my son's birthday and we have an event planned. Does he have the right to say no? I don't want him to get in trouble and I know he's salaried, but it just doesn't seem right that he's at the beck and call of his boss and working so much extra time. Should we just shut up and be grateful he has a job?

Do you like to get your photographic portrait modified to be nice comic style image?

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Would you rather...?

Have sex with a '5'
Have sex with a '4' while a '10' watches

Would you rather...?

Only be able to watch Michael Bay movies for an entire calendar year
Only be able to listen to Michael Bolton for an entire calendar year

Would you rather...?

Cheat on your SO with Andy Dick. Once
Have your SO cheat on you with Scarlett Johansson. Once

Would you rather...?

Attend the Special Olympics, sit in the front, and heckle the athletes the entire time through a bullhorn
Go streaking through your high school reunion. You can't cover your face

Would you rather...?

Have hidden cameras installed in each room of your house/apartment. You can't see any of them, but the video feed goes to a public website
Take a 10% pay cut

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You are the receptionist at an office and there is a bowl of candy on the desk for customers to take.

Some parents go into their appointment and leave their children in the waiting room. Do you offer them candy? Do you talk to them at all?

If you were the parents, how would you feel about the receptionist giving your kids candy?
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what do you think about being invited to a dinner at a friend's, and being asked to chip in the money for food?
if you dont mind, how much would you be willing to chip in / pay? what factors would it depend on?
if you do mind, why?

tbh i understand why people would do it although i personally am not used to it. in my culture guests are not expected to pay, and we have a whole month (during eid) where families hold open houses and welcome anybody into their home for free food and entertainment. 

also, have you ever been in a situation where a friend invited you to join them for coffee or whatever, with close friends you also know, but you subtly finding out that you werent meant to be invited there? what would you do?

i was invited to coffee by a friend, with mutual friends i've known since we were all in primary school. i got there early, with one of the mutual friends, who (on the phone) told the guy who planned the outing that i was there waiting with him. from what i heard, the guy who planned it didnt actually want me there :/ they didnt make it obvious but it was so weird. i felt pretty foolish :/ 
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My flatmates smoke "water pipes" in our bathroom and blow the smoke out of a very small window. I don't smoke this stuff at all and normally their smoking doesn't bother me, but lately the bathroom has become really, really smoky (pretty much like the steam you have after a shower without a fan) and it's been giving me a headache and making me feel a bit sick.

This is probably a silly question, but do you know if there's like a device that can diffuse or get rid of the smoke? Or am I just better off putting in a small fan like this? FWIW, moving out isn't really an option cause the flatmates are my best friends as well and their awesome, plus I don't really have an issue with what they do- I just hate the smog. Someone else suggested just spraying copious amounts of Glen 20.

Another question- have you ever been in a situation like this? What did you do?
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When you're preparing a head of lettuce for consumption (salad, to put on sandwiches, whatever), do you cut it with a knife or shred it with your hands? I only get halfway with a knife before I think "okay bored now" and start ripping.

What are some foods you remember fondly from your childhood? Tuna casserole, meatloaf, etc...

Pasta salad: vinagrette or creamy dressing?

In school, did you bring lunch or buy it? If you brought it, what did you bring?

Hungry yet?

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Heya nerds, does anyone know of an ipad app along the lines of 53's "Paper" that allows text (typed) input?  Basically something with separated folders/notebooks for organization's sake with easy access to file sharing (internet, dropbox, email, etc) and, if possible, inclusion of drawing/images/visuals directly from the touch screen.