September 24th, 2012

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What to do in DC?

Hey, all y'all TQCers.

I'm gonna be in Washington DC on Thursday and Friday and plan on visiting some of the National Monuments; will be staying near the DuPont Circle, so for those of you who know the area:

-  what are some of the must see/must eat attractions?

-  is the portion of the Rock Creek Park Trail near there safe?

-  is it safe to visit the monuments, or walk in the streets at night?

-  are backpacks containing vital supplies (soda, snacks, camera) allowed in or near the monuments?

-  any other tips will greatly appreciated.

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What sucks about today? Please use this post to just complain.

I sprained my ankle a week ago. I still can't put weight on my ankle, but I couldn't take more time off from school/work. I came to school today and found literally the farthest parking spot away from my class, crutched to the classroom, and my foot is uncomfortable. And I have class from 10:30 this morning until 8:30 tonight, pretty much back-to-back.

I want to scream.

When casual dating gets a little intense...

So I'm the person who asked about online dating a few days ago and I'm back with another question. 

Say you've been on about 4 dates with various men and they all went really well. There is no reason you wouldn't see one of them again. You want a second date with all of them, they want a second date with you. And they all are just unique and interesting enough that each one has something to offer, be it a certain personality trait, hobby, compatibility level, etc. 
It's assumed then, that eventually, maybe even within the next coming week, that as you go on your second or third date, things might get intimate. I'm pretty casual and open-minded when it comes to sex and isn't one to wait until love or even a committed relationship, but I always try to be safe and I've never slept with more than one person at the same time...they've always been very spaced out. So what do you when you are caught up in the moment with someone and want to go home with them? Do you just tell them that you are currently seeing other people and make sure it's okay? (even if none of the others have gotten serious yet) Or do you restrict yourself to only one really intimate partner? I don't think I'm a polyamarous/polygamy kind of gal, although I've never tried. Since I am only in this town for 2 months and am living half way across the world, most of the men are aware that I'm not looking for marriage at this point and since we met on OKCupid it should be assumed that I have been talking to other men... 

So when it gets to that moment with the first man who you may want to "go all the way with", What do you say and do? And then what do you tell the other ones you are going on dates with after this night occurred? 

Stories/advice/anything would be great!


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I really want to start watching a new show.  Which one should I start first: Falling Skies or Homeland?  I am open to persuasive arguments if anyone has seen these shows.

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I was just released from the hospital this morning. I'm on leave from work until October 5th (as of now, I have another Psych evaluation on the 4th to see if I'm fit to return). 

What do you suggest I do to keep myself sane since I have nothing to do? (Money is limited... as is my desire to leave the house)
What's a good TV series I should watch on Netflix? (I've seen: Weeds, Breaking Bad, Disappeared, Stalked, Toddlers and Tiaras, and a few others)
Any good books you think I should read?


TQC! Tell me about your phones!!

I have a cracked iphone 4 (not 4s) and am looking for a new phone. To get a new iphone 4 through my insurance is 170. Fuck that I say. I only paid 150 for the phone initially!

My dad is eligible for an upgrade and I am permitted to use his for mine should I decided to do so and I have narrowed down my choices to the following:
Motorola Droid Razr maxx $199
Motorola Droid Razr M $99
Motorola Droid Razr $99

Or, I can get the iphone 4s for 130(without using an upgrade) and a $50 value for trading in my cracked phone, so $80.

Do you have any of the phones above? What do you like, what dont you like?
What would you do in my shoes?
I am primarily an apple user, I have 2 mac computers and am used to the interface but I never really fell in love with my iphone so I am entertaining different phones.

dk/dc? What is on your agenda for the day?

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i bought a little window perch for my cat so he can look out the window while I'm away at work. (he is an indoor cat) Is this a nice way to entertain kitty, or is it just a big tease because he can't go outside?
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My insurance company denied my claim on the basis that a) it was pre-existing (it wasn't, and my doctor has specifically told them that) and b) it's "not serious enough" to be covered (my doctor, the one with an ACTUAL MEDICAL LICENSE, disagrees). I've appealed, but do you think they'll pull their heads out of their asses or just keep denying and hope I give up? I can't believe I'm running into this shit. :(
pier, beach

u need job i give u jobb

we r haring at [Such-and-Such Salon] 
we pay real good 
every year race 
looking for experienced hair stylist a cosmetologist 

call at [555-555-1234]

Would you ever respond to a Craigslist ad that read like this?
Can this be serious?

Anything interesting on your local Craigslist today?

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Three ?'s

1.) What are your favorite greens (spinach, collard, kale and the like.), and how do you cook them?

2.) You somehow ended up getting a chance to have dinner one-on-one with President Obama. It's nothing formal, just a "casual" meal with only you and him at the table. What would you wear?

3.) What's your favorite footwear? Photos are welcome.
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Hi! ))

Do you like this Russian boy?
Do you think he is a little bit strange? 

I've started this show.. So I'm looking for a charismatic anchorman. Is it interesting to see without understanding Russian?
Thank you =)


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I'm covering a maternity leave at a high school. The teacher has been unhelpful with just about everything and has yet to tell me when she'll be returning back to school. I'm not sure if I have two weeks left or four and would rather not plan and make copies if I don't have to.

Would it be rude of me to email her to ask when she's coming back? I feel like it's a personal question.

Is anything stressing you out?
Anything you'd like to talk about?

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How would you respond to an invitation to an event you didn't care to attend?

A) Thanks but no thanks.
C) No response, you'd toss the invitation and/or forget about it.

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So the other night I couldn't sleep, so I started just messing around and I shot a video of myself reciting some Shakespeare just for shits and giggles. I sent it to a couple friends and one requested I do the scene again in medieval garb & sword, so I took him up on his request and did so, although I used a sgian dubh instead of an actual sword because my swords are too big to draw like one can a dagger.

ANYWAY, I'm curious as to which video you like best? And if you hate em all, that's fine. The sum total of my acting experience is high school mock trial, so yeah. Videos & my comments under cut.

Collapse )

DK/DC/Holy shit Rebecca stop making a fool of yourself: What are some of your favorite plays? Besides the obvious one haha, I also loved The Crucible & Othello. There was one I saw in Ireland about Diedre of the Sorrows I absolutely loved but I can't remember what it was called.

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Are there any good LJ communities that focus on support for depression and other mental health issues? Do you know of any good websites that are used for communicating with other people who suffer from the same problems? 

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How come when my candles burn, they get smaller? They're all in holders, so isn't the wax just melting and soldifying? Where does it gooooo? 

dk/dc Do know what hedgeapples are/use hedgeapples? 

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I work in an an environment where some customers speak Spanish only.  We have 3-4 other employees who speak Spanish, but sometimes where they're not around to translate, the customers get really angry.  I've had someone tell me they were going to spit on me because I spoke to them in English, someone tell me that I better learn to speak Spanish because that's what Jesus speaks, and basically been screamed at and been told I'm rude (when I honestly wasn't).

I can't take a Spanish class until early next year due to scheduling conflicts, but even then it will take me a long time to really learn.

How do I deal with this?  I am seriously beginning to feel like an epic failure in life. And leaving this job isn't an option right now.