September 23rd, 2012

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Smoking is horrible and bad for health I absolutely agree BUT the main reason I don't want to stop is that I notice I lose a bit of weight if I go through a heavy smoking phase and gain when I don't. Even though my eating habits stay the same! Could this be possible or is it just in my head? Did anyone experience something like that?

DK/DC: This has been asked before but how can I find all the posts that one user made in a community?

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Are you aware of any interventions the U.S. is performing to cut back on infant mortality in India?

(I have to argue a point, I'm researching, but I don't want to talk out of my ass if there's just not a lot out there on this topic)

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Whoa, where did I go?

Within the last four months or so I've really gotten into Reggae, which previously I knew nothing about apart from Bob Marley. My old guitar teacher steered me into a lot of older stuff, Heptones, Peter Tosh, Marley of course, Big Youth, Black Uhuru, and Culture, Gregory Issacs, Dennis Brown, etc. I like that stuff but I want to get to know some of the newer reggae (but melodic stuff, not dancehall or anything like that). Any suggestions from this century?

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I have been going constantly all week with different kinds of stresses and running around places, and today, I finally get a day where there is nothing I absolutely have to do.
I got no appointments and 50 bucks on a Visa gift card.

What should I do today?
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cause of death

I was looking at the obituaries in the Sunday paper. About a third include the person's cause of death, such as "heart failure" or "leukemia." A few refer vaguely to a long illness. Many don't mention a cause at all.

Why would the family publish it? Or why would they not?

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What is a good "reality" tv show to watch while sick? 

I keep seeing gifs of a show on tumblr of this redneck family, and how the little girl is the boss of everyone... I think the girl was on toddlers and tiaras. . . 

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I've been working in recruitment for 6 weeks, which I really don't like. I've worked very hard though, and got on with the people I work with. However, I wouldnt want to get on their bad side. 
I've decided to leave and have another job lined up. It's a bar/waitressing job and I know i'll be much happier doing it. 
I have to give a weeks notice and the bar want me to start next week. 
I am terrified. 
How do I best give in my notice and deal with the fallout of that?
At the moment im planning to e-mail the boss, hope she gets it before tomorrow (its Sunday 3:30pm) and tells me not to bother coming in. 

Dk/dc - How did you leave your last job? How long had you worked there?

ETA: For those wishing to tell me i'm going backwards down the career path, the waitressing job pays more for less hours. 
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have you seen cirque du soleil? would you tell me about it? were the tickets really pricey?

they're coming to my area soon and i *really* want to go see them but also i am broke :(

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1. Do you believe someone can marry/settle down with their first love without complications or do you believe people have to 'try other people out' and find out what the prefer before they can settle down?

My cousin is 25 and has been married for three years but he and his wife were together for eight years beforehand. Meaning, they began dating when they were 14. They seem to be pulling it off flawlessly but if I hadn't seen it in them, I wouldn't have believed it.

2. Do you believe that there is something special about a 'first love'?

3. What are you absolutely excited for when it comes to Christmas/Holiday seasons? Any favorite recipes you can't wait to try/eat?

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Hello TQC,
It's been a while, but I felt like I had a question that only a group of smart strangers could tackle. No pressure though, I know it's one of those blurry relationship ones. But ANY of your lovely advice or criticism will do be good.

Here's the deal: I've been in a fantastic relationship with my boyfriend since I started college. 18 years old. He was 19. We've grown together and now are pursuing different careers in a bigger city. After graduation, we lived apart for a year, pursuing these different interests, which was hard, but great that it was a possibility.

Now, we're ending a summer of living together for the first time (with two other roommates, friends). He's about to leave for the winter to work at his seasonal job a state away. And I'm questioning everything for no reason in particular.

For me, we're at this point where a lot of folks expect us to follow that natural together for a while longer, get married, etc. Which is suuuuper scary to me. I'm 23! I'm young! I don't want to have my life already laid out in front of me, predictable. I'm ready for a few more question marks before everything is set in stone.

I love everything about my boyfriend. He's sweet, smart, funny, going places, yadda yadda. But I feel like we owe it to each other to explore the world more (and maybe other relationships) before shit gets real. Honestly, it's not even about other guys. It's about me, being an independent lady doing whatever I'd like. I felt like I haven't been an adult on my own without him by my side.

Is that horrible? Can I want this? He never questions this stuff, and I do. Which makes me feel like a terrible gal. Ugh. Anyway. He's about to move out and I'm honestly thinking, should I end it before it's too far down the road and I feel like I owe him my future? Dish yer advice, TQC, if you've got the time.

Thank yew.
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My dog picks up new tricks like nobody's business, so I've decided to teach him some Spanish commands to go along with all the useless English words he knows. What are the common dog commands in Spanish? So far I've got siéntete (sit) and basta ya (enough, his quiet command), but I need the command form verbs for...

lie down
be a person

or any other good dog commands. Any Spanish speakers wanna help?
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el questionio

hey ya'll, long time no inquiry.

so i'm sure a lot of you young kids out there are living "the life" in college or whatever. or maybe you're a more professional drinker/adult, like myself. you always hear a bunch of stories about "oh, i did the stupidest thing when i was drunk", or whatnot.

what i was wondering is, have you ever made a great decision when drunk? or maybe done something you didn't think you could do? have you done something you thought was a bad idea when you were drunk, but when sober, you realized it was brilliant?

one time years and years ago i cut my hair when i was drunk. i went to bed, and when i woke up i was certain i would look terrible. but it was the best haircut i've ever had, and i've cut my own hair since.
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So, i'm panicking about going into work tomorrow having handed in my notice (which is why i've posted about it twice in one day, sorry). 
We're in an open plan office, where everyone sits within sight/hearing distance of each other, including the boss. I'm really worried about going in tomorrow. I've sent the boss an email, but I should probably say something to her when I get in, right?
Then, if I have to work my weeks notice, do I tell the other people i'm leaving? They'll probably be funny with me, and I don't really want to tell them i'm leaving for a pub job. 
She'll probably have a meeting with me, then once I make it clear my decision is made just tell me to go home, as it's a sales job so i'll be worse than useless if my heart isn't in it, y/n?
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A guy goes jogging one day in Virginia Beach. 45-60 y/o man. All of a sudden he's having a heart attack and runs into Burger King to ask for help. Unfortunately he dies before ER personnel can get there. He carries no ID. And now, 11 years later, photo and all, he is STILL in the missing/unidentified persons database. How is this possible???
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Anyone cut the cable and get a Roku or something similar? Which one? What was it like? Were you still able to find the shows and stuff you wanted to watch? Do you have to get a subscription to Hulu Plus or something to get recent shows?

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Google is just giving me confusing results on this. There are four computers in my house, two are desktop PCs and are not wireless-enabled, two are laptops that can use wifi. Right now we just have an Ethernet router, so the laptops aren't being used to their full potential. :P

Now, my question is, how can I use wifi and ethernet a the same time? Google is making it seem like some huge complicated deal and I'm sure it's not all that.. lol.