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So I got a free sample in the mail for some benzoyl-peroxide acne treatment. I had a zit and put some on there. When I washed it off however, the area around where I put the treatment was really pink. I immediately splashed it with cold water I'm bummed. I won't be using this product again. Is this something that's normal with benzoyl-peroxide? I've never used it before. How long will this pink mark take to fade? I should have just left the damn zit alone :/

Ridiculous Etiquette Question

So, a few months ago, a friend calls up my partner and is all, "blah blah, I'm getting married! YAY!" Okay, since that was the reason for the call, I assume we're invited, right?

I ask my partner when the wedding is and he's all "Um, December, but they haven't set a date." I know that's hooey, so I look up his friend's name online, see the registry, and date. I send a gift and have gotten a thank you card, that's awesome.

Here's the thing, we haven't gotten an invite yet. I don't really care if we go, since I would rather not, BUT it's on the other side of the country in the DC Metro area. I need to make travel arrangements (since it's holiday season and all), but "DC Metro" could be anywhere in like 3 or 4 states.

Is it rude of me to ask if we are invited to the wedding (and subsequently where(ish) it is)? If we are invited, my partner would like to come, but if we don't get an invitation soon, we'll have to decline. It feels rude, but it also feels a little rude for them to wait 3 months to send any info on the wedding (not even a save the date or anything).
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Dumb question is probably dumb.

I contacted Amazon to try and cancel an item only to discover it's under the 'Shipping Soon' process. I chatted live with them and the lady told me to 'Rachel, yes once you receive the email with the carrier details you may contact the carrier and refuse the delivery of the item.'

What does that mean? In all my years of shopping on Amazon, I've never gotten an email saying that.

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Accidentally left some cooked lentils out overnight. Are they still safe to eat?

When's the last time you were amused by a news story? (*)

ETA: What are some of your favorite time-wasting sites other than LJ, Facebook, Youtube, and Cracked? I just found this one.
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I have just started tutoring a girl (who is a rather rich and spoilt 17 yr old) and after the first session she basically started asking me to do all of her homework for her.
I told her I was happy to help her with it but I would not just do it all for her and let her put her name on it. (obviously) She said ok and nothing else was said about it but she was obviously annoyed. This girl's mother is called Jane.

So basically, a woman called Jane just contacted me on my tutor profile asking me if I wanted to tutor her daughter starting immediately. They live in the same street and she wants to be tutored in the same thing, so I am 98% sure it is the same girl and the mother just did not realise who she was contacting! How can I reply to find out if it is her and therefore figure out if they are about to fire me without point blank saying it, just incase it's someone else?!
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Earlier a coworker said something about inuits or something and how they used to put the old people on an ice floe and send them off. Recently I saw a movie where they did this and of course I can't remember what movie and it's driving me mental. So any idea what movie?

Dk/dc what's your favorite type of apple? I like granny smith :)

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Made sure to count posts. ^^
For those who play Minecraft, so do you have some favorite seeds?
For those who do or don't, will you post anything for me to type into the seed generator and I can tell you what it creates?

I love MEATBALL. It makes this kind of amazing island world. I've gotten lost a few times in it.
Edit: Or not, I just tried it with the new patch and ended up on the outskirts of a village. o.O

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I make this recipe all the time (and I recommend it, it's super yummy!), but for some reason my sauce always stays super runny, the consistency of cream instead of thickening. I use a full cup of cream instead of using part half-and-half and I usually halve the lemon juice (because it's way too lemony for me otherwise), but if anything I think that would make it LESS runny. What am I doing wrong, TQC?

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How busy is your week going to be?

I'm getting my nose repierced (just a stud) tomorrow or Monday, Monday is the kid's class/Aikido, Tuesday's a baby shower for one of the ladies at my mom and my favorite used bookstore, Wednesday is an 8 to 9 am webinar then the kid's class/Aikido/demo practice, Thursday is nothing, Friday is a webinar from 9 to 11 am then the start of a big festival here around 6 or 7, Saturday is the dress rehearsal for all of the demos from 9 to 10 then the festival the rest of the day and, finally, Sunday is the festival all day again. Once this damn festival is over, I can go back to sleeping in on Saturdays (demo practice is usually from 9:15 to 10:30 or 11)!

How often do you get tired of your appearance? Do you usually change it in some way?

My last appearance change was my first time putting temporary color in my hair. I made a mess but my family understood. That was July. I put dark red in it and you could see it but it's fading now so I may go back to Hot Topic to get another bottle (I left the other in Nashville). The stud in my nose was in for two years before it fell out when I was sleeping and I was too chicken shit to go through that pain again but I miss it so back to the piercer. I'm beginning to plan my third tattoo but it'll be a while before I get the money, especially seeing how I want it to be a portrait of my first dog and probably in color.

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