September 21st, 2012

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Here Comes Honey Boo Boo ... Like it?  Hate it?  Watch it?  What do you think of it?

I watched it for the first time last night after my FB had been blathering about it for a while and how horrible it was.  One of my FB friends said it nauseated her and she couldn't stand to watch it, another said it made her feel as though she lost half her IQ. 

I didn't see anything too horrid about it.  I thought the little girl was adorable and I loved to hear her talk.   It was only afterward that I realized she was one of the little girls on Toddlers and Tiaras (I don't watch that show but I had seen the people on a talk show once) and that was the whole reason she had her own show now I guess?

Probably won't be seeking it out to watch again, but I can't help it... I think that little girl is a cutie!  LOL.
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My mom told me that last night she woke up in the middle of the night and there was a woman standing over her bed. She closed her eyes "to make the woman go away" but she was still there when she opened them, and soon the figure faded away.

WHAT WAS IT? My mom said she didn't take any weird medications or drugs or anything before bed. I don't appreciate my grasp on reality being shaken like this, it freaks me out. :/

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I sprained my ankle Monday. It's really bruised. It doesn't really hurt anymore though. But I am now experiencing this weird sensation in my toes sometimes when I move them or touch the top of my foot. It sort of feels like someone's plucking a string near my big toe.

I have called my doctor. I'm just waiting for him to call me back.

SO DR. TQC - What's wrong with my foot?

(non-serious answers are expected)
Spelling Contest

Would you rather...?

Would you rather...?

Have a bumblebee fly into your car while you're driving on the freeway
Have a huntsman spider get loose in your room before bedtime, and not having the time to look for it, or have the option of sleeping anywhere else for the night

Would you rather...?

Play video games for a living, working from your own home, and only make minimum wage
Work as a coal miner for $100,000 a year

Would you rather...?

Shave your pubic hair into a question mark
Shave your pubic hair into an exclamation point

Would you rather...?

Have the tips of your index fingers be as sensitive to touch/pleasure as your genitals. Things to consider: everything you touch on a daily basis
Have your toes be as sensitive to touch/pleasure as your genitals. Things to consider: socks, footwear, stubbing your toe

Would you rather, whenever you go out, have to wear...?

A solid gold grill over your teeth (fake gold), and a baseball cap turned sideways
Have your entire outfit bedazzled with rhinestones, and a tiara

Would you rather be seen by a close friend of your parents at the supermarket while you're purchasing...?

A home pregnancy test, wire coat hangers
A large carrot, pack of condoms, jar of vaseline

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Poll #1867634 acceptable/not acceptable

In regards to teachers giving/receiving hugs from their students is it acceptable/unacceptable?

it is never acceptable to either give or receive hugs from students
it is always acceptable to either give or receive hugs
it is acceptable to give hugs but not receive them
it is acceptable to receive hugs but not give them
other.... I'll explain in comments

In your opinion what is the appropriate reaction/action for a teacher to take when a student hugs them?
Bonus points if you're a teacher and give some anecdotes.

I have always been really at ease with children; however, I become incredibly anxious when they hug me. Not because I hate being touched or anything like that, but the whole legality thing. I never, ever initiate any hugs, but I still receive many, which results in me stiffening up. On the other hand, I don't want kids, especially very young, ones to feel rejected either. Still, it is also important for students to understand that they need to ask permission before touching someone... I just usually never have the chance either... usually its like, -hug- -run away-, am I taking this way too seriously or should I make more of an attempt to be clear about boundaries? If so... how?

I feel more anxious about it as I get closer to becoming a substitute.

Oh, an another one, 
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I have a second phone interview in less than an hour. The first one was with the lady who overseas interns overall and this one is for the regional office in Dallas. Do I mention my noticeable tattoo and noticeable dermatilliomania (obsessive skin picking)? I didn't mention my noticeable tattoo to the first lady; it's a red heart (people have often mistaken it as a Sharpie drawing). The skin picking gets bad on and off and it's pretty bad right now (two people have asked me what the hell happened to my fingers). Both can easily be covered by Band-Aids.

What have you done today?

I don't usually respond to comments because this app usually says "unable to respond to a deleted comment" or something when the comment is there. I'm too lazy to go to the computer upstairs.

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do you judge people who wear sweatpants to class? to the grocery store? to the mall? to a restaurant? why or why not?

do you wear sweatpants in public?

i've actually seen people get upset about this and it just boggles my mind tbh

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Which celebrity couple would shock you the most?

Jack Nickelson/Betty White
George Clooney/Snooki
Deadmau5/Megan Fox
Steve Buscemi/Natalie Portman
Tim Tebow/Lindsay Lohan
John Mayer/Sharon Osborne
Ellen Degeneres/Paris Hilton
Oprah/Lil Jon
Donald Trump/Janeane Garofalo
Tom Cruise/Dakota Fanning
David Spade/Amber Heard
Johnny Depp/Ke$ha
Bill Gates/Kim Kardashian

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Have you ever gotten your makeup done at MAC? How much did it cost? I'm looking to get my eye makeup done for a party (false lashes, shadow, liner) and am willing to buy any of the products they use if I like them. Is there a minimum purchase price for them to doll my eyes up?

Anyone know of good websites or blogs for rockabilly and pin-up style fashion/hair/makeup? The ones I'm finding mostly just contain photos. I'm looking for something a little more how-to. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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LJ Drag Migrating?

Is it just me, or does it seem like people are getting less active on Facebook now?

Many have commented on the general Livejournal slowdown, now it seems like it's migrating maybe?

Are people getting tired of the internets?

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If your SO does not cook but also dislikes your cooking, would that be a dealbreaker for you?

Teal deer: Lately I've been cooking a lot of really good and slightly exotic food (mostly Asian), but my SO doesn't like most of it. It's always too fishy, or the texture is weird, or there isn't any sauce (he has this idea that all Asian food has to come with sauce, like the Chinese restaurants). He grew up in a home where nobody knew how to cook or bothered to try anything new. So basically he just eats peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, crackers, and dried fruit at home, and eschews nearly all of my cooking, unless it is curry or steak. There are so many other people who loooove my cooking to pieces, so this is really bugging me!!!
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What was the last incredibly cool thing that happened to you?

Mine was this morning when I went through the Starbucks line to find that the car ahead of me had paid for my coffee. So, I paid for the person who was behind me. 
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Nervous Puppy!

My husband and I just brought home a puppy. He is so nervous and timid. He's been home with us since 5:30 and has not moved from any spot I put him. He's currently in a low profile shoe box with some bedding, a toy, and a chew toy. Treats won't even perk him up.

How do I get him comfortable with us? We have only spoken to him in soft, encouraging tones, and haven't really tried to force ourselves on him. Health issues aren't a concern as he was energetic when he was with his playmate.

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Living with adult ADD

so, my husband and i were talking about my ADD [since I have great difficulty paying attention to his explanations on things] and he asked me how to deal with someone with ADD.
I was stumpted! all my life I've been fed medicine to deal with the ADD, now that I am an adult not on medication, what do you do?!

Are there any good books about how to deal with it?