September 20th, 2012


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One time I was drunk at the bar and there was this asshole that I loathed sitting at our table with a bunch of other people. He was smoking a REALLY stinky ceegar and I told him to go somewhere else and smoke it and he wouldn't so I grabbed it and dropped it into his almost full beer glass. Boy Howdy, was he mad.

He points to a pack of smokes sitting near me and says ‘Are these yours?’ Being as I’m a non-smoker, I helpfully said ‘Yeah, why?’ He snatches them up and in a frenzy, RIPS the whole package of smokes into shreds and says ‘There! How do you like that?’ I am laaaughing my ass off at this as the woman sitting next to me who DID own the brand new pack of smokes sca-REAMED at the guy for 10 minutes and he had to buy her a new pack. It was a two for one, as I never liked that bitch, either.

Any non-smokers here ever play cute practical jokes on smokers?
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iphone question

So with verizon the iphone 4 8gb is now free with a two year contract, or I could get a 16gb 4s for $99, 32gb for $199, or 64gb for $299 or... the iphone 5 where you add $100 to all those prices. I'd like to put music and maybe even some videos on this thing, and of course there's apps... dunno if 8gb will be enough.

Should I go for the 4s or will I be missing out? Anyone here sticking with their 4s over the 5? Or do you think I should go for the plain old 4? I'm not really a ~phone person~, this will be my first "smartphone", so idk.
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Have you ever recalled something from your past/childhood and realized that it was actually a lot more fucked-up than you comprehended at the time?

Today I randomly remembered a time when I was 16 and a dude came up to me at the mall and asked me if I'd show him my boobs or "anything." I was like "um, no," pointed the guy out to a security guard, and left. What didn't stick out to me then, but does now, is what my mom said when I told her about it on the car ride home: "This wouldn't have happened if you weren't dressed like that."

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In this scenario, you're single. You're at a costume party. Towards the end, you end up sitting next to a pair of really attractive twins (of the gender you're most attracted to). Their costume was a 3-armed/legged monster. It's hard to tell what it was since they took the top off, but they were side-by-side underneath. You get along REALLY well with Chris and the attraction is obvious. Chris asks if you'd like to grab dinner the following night, and you accept the invite. They're both just gorgeous. The next night, you show up at the restaurant. Before you do, you peer in the window, and are shocked. Chris is there, but Pat's there too. This time, the costume isn't there, and you can see them from the waist down, and they're conjoined twins, joined at the hip. This never came up the previous night. What do you do?

Walk in as normal and join their table. This isn't a big deal
Leave. I hate to stand them them up, but I just wasn't ready for this
Storm in and accuse them of misleading you, and after having given them a piece of your mind, leave
Go in as expected. Join them. Try and instigate a threesome

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I am coming down with the flu - chills and fever, sneezing my head off, eyes watering, coughing, aches and pains all over like a bitch. I am not going anywhere because I don't want to infect everybody, but I've sent my husband out to get me a chocolate shake and an order of fried mushrooms from our local DQ. My question is this: When you have a cold or the flu and you are feeling really puny and sick, what do you like to eat if you simply HAVE to eat (I have to eat because I have a medical condition that requires me to take meds on a full stomach)?

dk/dc: Will you post a current pic of your pet(s) and tell us their names?

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I'm going camping tomorrow. It's been like over a decade since I did this.


Most of the stuff is being provided by my co-campers (including tents and food). I have a sleeping bag, a pillow, sun screen and bug repellent. I'll probably bring things like tissue, toilet paper, and chapstick.

I offered to bring a huge knife to skin our food with but I was turned down.

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You just went out on a bunch of....interesting first dates. Which of these individuals would you most likely give a second chance to?ive a seco

A. Had a ridiculously complicated/picky order and then argued about giving the server a tip
B.Tried to give you 'well intentioned' advice about improving your physical appearance
C. Went on at lenght about how they admired the Unibomber and tried to give you a copy of the Tuner Diaries at the end of the date
D. Spent most of the date bitching about their boss
E. Thought talking about favorite sexual techniques and porn was appropriate dinner convo
F.Told you they had to be back in time for their 'curfew' at 10pm
G. Excused themselves every 10 minutes to smoke a cigarette
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favorite children's book

So my fiance's cousin is having a baby shower that I'm attending soon. In lieu of a card, the mother to be has requested people bring their favorite children's book. I really don't have a favorite children's book, as most of my favorite books I can remember are chapter books.

So...hit me with your favorite children's book! Bonus points if you think that it is a book that 70(!) other people won't think to buy.

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You and a few coworkers are venting about another coworker on your break outside. Then that coworker you're talking about walks by and overhears.

The next day, she confronts you about it. What do you say?

eta: Let's say it's regarding their work performance and it's affecting the office. would you elaborate on what you were talking about or just say sorry and drop it?

For those who have a job:

What do you think you did that most helped you get the job you have now? 

If you are asked a question in an interview about past experiences with conflict and coworkers, and you don't have such past experience, do you make up a story or just tell them what you would do? 

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On Facebook, there are about 10 people who I don't want seeing any albums/pictures/some statuses that I post. Is there a way to set it up so that I just enter these 10 names once under a certain category so that I don't have to manually enter everyone's name every single time?

For example, a category named, say, "ex-boyfriends", where I would just select something like 'block album from "ex-boyfriends" list'

Hope this makes sense.
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I am sort of at a loss regarding how much to charge for babysitting overnight. It would be from Friday afternoon/early evening (after I get off work) until Saturday afternoon (between 3-4pm). This will be at their house, not mine, and the child is almost four years old.

I babysit for him regularly, so I'm totally comfortable doing it. I'm just not sure what to charge. My boss threw out $150 or $200 but is not sure what to pay, although he is definitely willing to pay what I ask (within reason, of course). My hourly rate is $10/hr, so going from Friday 6pm until Saturday 4pm would total $220.

Should I charge that?
Charge less because he's buying "in bulk," so to speak? Or to take sleep time into consideration?
Charge more because it's continuous over two days?
Or other??

ETA: Okay, I am going with $200. I will also be watching his dog the entire weekend, so that will entail a couple of additional trips to his house after the kid's grandparents pick him up Saturday, so I'll just charge $200 for everything. Thanks for all of your input!

Online Dating

For those who have gone on a blind date from an online dating site, how did it go? 
Have any of you serial dated from an online dating site (seen multiple guys/girls in one week) or did you try to narrow it down to one person and keep all the others on hold? 

Specifically, I'm on OKCupid and am a woman in a city for only a couple months so i'm using the website to meet guys for short-term dating/flings/friends. Some would be good for dates, others I'm talking to to perhaps engage in various hobbies, like outdoor sports.  I am pretty interested in about  5 of the guys I'm talking to, and one I have an afternoon tour-of-the-city date set up with this Saturday. Should I cool it down and only plan on meeting maybe 2 or so? Or should I just go for public, safe, numerous dates and see how it goes? I'm new to the dating world, having just graduated college, so any horror/success stories from the world of online dating would be appreciated.