September 18th, 2012

Michelle big lips

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Dear Dr TQC,

My skin is super dry and my lips are cracked. According to my google-fu, a cracked lip is a sign of fungus. It kind of goes away, and comes back. I've been keeping my lips moisturized because it cracks, bleeds, scabs over and looks nasty. It definitely does not feel like a cold sore.

Is it possible that it's a side effect of my under-active thyroid? I'm showing other symptoms that my medication isn't cutting it. Is there anyway to treat this without going to a dermatologist? Any advice would be appreciated =)

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What's the last shit your pets/kids fucked up?

Inspired by the sparkly pink nailpolish on my ipod touch screen :[
She couldn't wait for her fingers to dry I guess. 

Also, my puggle is the worst underwear eater. Not just dirty, clean ones too. I have to go to Target tonight just to buy new panties because I was dumb and I left the clean clothes basket on the sofa.
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Photobucket AAARGH

Okay - I'm trying to get into my photobucket albums so I can get to some pictures, and everytime I either try to log in, or even go directly to my album without logging in, I get a page saying:

The action you were trying to perform has failed
Click here to go back to what you were doing

Why has it done this? How long does it normally take for this to stop happening? I tried googling it, and one forum's answer was "use Imageshack", which isn't helpful when I want to get to stuff already on photobucket.

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You're running through a lonely rural area as fast as you can. There's a chainsaw-wielding lunatic chasing you. You have about a good 10' of distance from him. As you turn a corner, you see a $10 bill on the ground. Do you stop and pick it up?

I'm not sure. I would probably stop and stare at it, weighing the pros and cons of stopping

Most of you probably picked 'no' in the above question, which leads me to believe that the vast majority of TQC is tired of their physical belongings and would wish to sell them all, and donate the $$ to a charity. What good people you all are. However, at the time of this liquidation of all your worldly possessions, there's only a few charities that are accepting. Which of these charities would you donate everything?

Flat Earth Society
Movement to take the bald eagle off the endangered list (sponsored by members of the NRA)
Toys for Twats (sex toys for the homeless)
Ongoing study on how Noah was able to fit 2 of every animal on the ark (sponsored by a Christian college)
Parents Against the Word Darn (group wishes to have the word bleeped out on TV)
Surgery to fix hairlips on horses
John Edwards defense fund (those legal fees add up)
Taking Back the Word 'Queer' (conservative group wants to make the word 'queer' applicable to non-gay things again)
Study of why the cockroach population is down .002%
Prostitute retirement program (hookers get no 401k, so this group wants to make sure they're provided for after they retire)
The 'help fix fourcorners' home' fund
'Put Reagan's face on the penny' fund
'Put Obama's face on the penny' fund
Father Sergio's Gay Re-education Camp'
Group that wants bacon to be reclassified as a vegetable to vegetarians can eat it

Inviting people to LJ communities

What is the LJ etiquette regarding inviting people to LJ communities?  Is it OK to send an invitation to somebody I only know from other communities, if they seem to be a good fit for my community?  Does it matter whether or not we have directly interacted?  I know that they have a choice to accept or reject the invitation, but I don't want to cross the line or seem creepy.  I know that the best way to reach members is to promote my community in other relevant communities with the mods' permission, but last time I tried this most mods did not even get back to me.
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for those who have been / are on the pill, what side effects did you experience?

i have been on and off the pill for the past 4 years or so, and have never experienced terrible side effects (maybe less body hair lol) but i started again about 3 weeks ago and have been having the worst mood swings. i'm always crying and weeping and getting angry :(

so i have a pack that will last me 3 months, do you think this is exchangeable? or am i stuck with this pill for 3 months?

Thawing Chicken

My husband put rock hard frozen solid chicken breasts on the counter in my kitchen to thaw, then totally forgot about them, and then tossed them in the fridge about 4 1/2 hours later...can I still eat them? Would you eat it?
My Alaskan Malamute Jeter

Life Decision Please....

Do you think 3 dogs are too many for a family of 3 adults? We have the monetary resources to feed and care for three dogs and we have a huge back yard with a 5' fence all the way around it. We have two dogs - both rescues, and the dog we are considering is also a rescue, taken from a kill shelter last week. She is badly in need of a stable home and lots of TLC. I don't work, so I am home all day with our dogs and they are pretty much my life. So what do I do, TQC? Give this girl a home? She is so beautiful she probably won't be waiting long for a home but who knows. She's a big dog and sometimes big dogs are difficult to find homes for.

dk/dc: What do you think of the Shaggs?

Frank Zappa was of the opinion that the Shaggs were "better than the Beatles" and Kurt Cobain cited them as one of his major musical influences.

(sorry about the LJ cut fail, mods)

EDITED TO ADD: Here is a link to a video of the dog in question:

She's a purebred Alaskan Malamute.

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Have you ever been called into your doctor's office to discuss test results, instead of getting a letter in the mail or phone call?

How serious was it?

My doctor's office just called and scheduled a time with me to discuss my results. I'm trying not to worry D:


TQC! I found a casserole dish in an abandoned cupboard. Do you have any favorite awesome casserole-dish-type recipes to share? Bonus points if they are relatively simple!

Also, I made a lemon tart the other day for the first time. Basically you had to whisk cold eggs, sugar, and lemon juice in a bowl over steaming water, a la custard style. Although it was good, I'd like to try another custard/tart kind of dish - with the cooking-eggs-via-double-boiler part - but not a lemon one this time. Anyone have any suggestions?
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To anyone that has ever learned, or speaks American Sign Language:

Do you know of any good sites that will help me practice? I have a fairly large vocabulary for only taking the language for a few weeks. However, I am not so good at comprehension.

If I am watching someone sign and they go slowly, I am fine. But, most people that use ASL go fairly quickly.

I have trouble telling one sign from the next due to the natural flow of the language. So, I need practice. I already practice on my own and with other students. I would just like some kind of site that could supplement my learning.

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What people foods are your pets particularly enamored with?

My cat is freakin' obsessed with Chicken in a Biskit crackers and sour cream. If I have either of these things she's hovering like an aircraft and trying to sneakily insert her paw into the container.

If you were getting married sometime soon, how would you have your hair done for the wedding?

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What were some times that you received very good customer service? What about very poor?

If I had an interview last Tuesday, and I was told that I'd hear from them "this week or next week" (with next week being the week that just started), at what point would it be appropriate to follow up?

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Let's say your SO is debt-free and makes twice the amount of money you do. You have student loan debt and have a lot less disposable income. If your SO offered to pay for most of/all of a trip for the two of you, would you feel guilty?
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Saturday lunch

Do I go eat with a really cool group of people this Saturday for an amount that is a little steep for my budget, or should I just stay at home?

On the con side, I don't know anything about the food size/serving, but I'm trying not to gain weight and I have no self control, so overeating is inevitable + a little more $$$ than I want to spend for just one meal.

On the plus side, these people are realllly cool.

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1. How strict were your parents towards you when you were 16, particularly when it came to academics?

2. Looking back, do you wish they were stricter, less strict, or about the same?

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Stupid question but how do 25 cent wing deals usually work at restaurants/bars? Do they offer like 25 cent wings in packages of 5, 10, 20? Or does the customer just tell the establishment how many they want? Are there usually limits? What is the limit typically?

In the same vein, what are some other good ideas for food specials at restaurants? Dollar taco Tuesdays, 25 cent wing Wednesdays, etc.
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Funeral attire.

I am going to a funeral tomorrow. I have black slacks and shoes. I have gray sweaters and a black cardigan, but I don't have any black or gray shirts to wear with them. I have a dusty rose color, heathery purple or jade slightly nicer tees shirts. Which would you go with? I haven't been to a funeral in a long time.

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