September 17th, 2012


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I have a friend who is very wealthy. In the past we've pretty much stuck to splitting the checks/sticking to things we can both afford to do, although he has offered once or twice to pay for things (I've always declined).

A few minutes ago, he texted me saying that we should go to a concert. I texted back "Absolutely!" He texted me back promptly only three minutes later saying that he'd brought three tickets (also one for my roommate, whom he hadn't spoken to previously about going). They were each $95.

I would love love love to go, but I'm not exactly interested in spending that much money right now. I'm not sure whether my friend expects to be reimbursed for the price of the ticket (he didn't let me know the price beforehand, just bought them). I'm also not sure how comfortable I feel with him paying my way.

TQC, how would you navigate this situation?
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I recently got my first pair of anti-glare glasses. I have found them very difficult to clean, and a quick search tells me that this is a common problem with coated lenses.

Do you have any tips for cleaning them? My t-shirts aren't cutting it anymore.
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What would be a suitable gift for a 22 year old man who travels frequently?
I was thinking of a passport holder/belt/dress shirt but I would love a second opinion! Thanks :)

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This is inspired by the latest events

Just curious about how much people know..

Was Mohammed (pbuh) a womanizer? 

What is Allah is he the Muslim God?

Do Muslims believe in Jesus (pbuh)?

Any questions you like to ask regarding this topic feel free to

EDIT: I removed the word obviously because some found it insulting

EDIT (2): I am half asleep and have work in two hours I promise to reply tomorrow 

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I work in a medical office and we've had this man and wife come in for a few weeks now.  They bring their 4 children (all under the age of 6) and a neighbor's kid with them too.  The kids scream, yell, puke, draw on our walls and chairs, and throw things around.  The parents say/do nothing.

The other day, I asked the husband and wife which of them would like treatment first so one of them can watch their kids (which is how we've done it till now and it's hard to communicate since they speak very little English).  When I asked them, the wife got up and said, "Watch my kids!".  I said I was sorry, but I couldn't because it was just me and the Dr. working, we had a full house of patients and also, I didn't want to be held liable for all those kids.

I guess they called my supervisor and complained....saying that they want to go to another office that will "tolerate" their kids and while I didn't say anything rude, my facial expression says it all.

I feel bad for my "facial" expressions, but I have had numerous patients complain and say that those kids disrupt their healing time and that the parents should either not bring them or try to do something about it.  Also, our office is small and five kids screaming at the same time while the mom is staring off into space pissed me off.

I have felt like shit about this all day. Should I have watched their kids?  What could have been done differently in order to keep these patients happy?  :/
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I went to use my flat iron today (which I purchased a little over a month ago) and it was broken. A few moments later, my roommate comes over and plugs in my flat iron and tries to use it. 

Conversation goes:
Me: It's broken, I have no idea why.
Her: Darn it, it worked so well yesterday!

First off...who gave her permisson to use my things TQC? Also....she broke it right? I haven't used it in a week. 

Iphone 5...excited?
Freshman in college, how's it going for you?
In college as well, how's the school year going so far? 
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Can someone please explain hashing to me? I'm talking the running thing, not the THC thing. Maybe someone who does it can give me the basic premise or tell me what your experience has been?
I looked at a couple websites, but they seem very geared toward people already in the know, and I don't get it.


Downgrading to a cheaper phone?

I'm considering downgrading from my blackberry curve to a simpler cell phone (I have T-Mobile). Reasons are mostly:

1. I can't afford the bills as easily as I did when I first got the bb. I had bought it on a whim when I was making enough to afford a fancy phone, and now I'm stuck with it.

2. The phone is more than I need. I don't need internet and email and all that fancy crap, I have my laptop for that. All I really need is a phone I can make calls and write texts on. I would like a simpler phone with a keyboard, since I love the one on my blackberry. Probably gonna go with a prepaid phone once I'm able to.

Is it worth it to try and downgrade my phone now or wait till my contract with tmobile is up and get a prepaid phone? What phones would I be able to get on T-Mobile without a data plan?
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So, I'm not a bad cook, but I'm not a very imaginative or creative person. Therefore, I am coming to you, TQC, for some halp.

I need good dinner ideas. Here are the stips:
1. I have a grocery budget of roughly $300-$400 per month
2. There's only two of us. I sometimes also cook for family dinner night.
3. Not a total health nut, and we're not vegetarians or anything like that.
4. Needs to be normal ingredients (no basil leaves or w/e) and not very difficult.
Edited: Normal ingredients would be nothing exotic, things I can pick up in a normal grocery store. Sorry for the confusion.
5. Try to stray away from pork. Hate pork. Except bacon.

Please share some awesome recipes with me. Gracias!

Mildly Confusing-

About a year ago, I became close friends with Marie. I ended up driving her around a lot and keeping her company while she recovered from a surgery. One day we were at her doctor, next day was my birthday, following day she proceeded to stop speaking to me. I've asked on two or three occasions what happened and if I did anything wrong. She simply says it's "her issues".

Marie's best friend Emily invited me to Emily's birthday and then was confused when I told her I felt weird since Marie (her best friend) wasn't speaking to me for unspecified reasons.

Is it out of line for me to be totally baffled by this invite? What would you do in this situation? All of our mutual friends seem to ignore it but I've yet to get a straight answer.
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Safe words

When you were little, did your family have a "safe word" for cases of emergency? For example, your parents/guardians were in an accident or ill and sent someone to get you and they tell you the secret word so you know that it wasn't an abduction attempt.

If you did, what was that word?

Ours was transformers. My brother came up with it.
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Can anyone suggest songs that are about liking someone who does not like you back or liking someone that ignores you and won't even give you a chance? Not break-ups songs, bu "never was and never will be" type songs. Any genre, but the more depressing the better. I really want to make a playlist.

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What do you think are quintessential signs of someone not "being into" a relationship any more?

For those of you who have broken up with significant others before (for some reason other than he/she cheated, he/she moved away), when did you know it was time to break up?

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I'm sure this is an easy one, but my google is failing me. There was a female black comedian that did a bit about listening to music in her car, and the people in the car next to her assumed she was listening to rap but it was actually opera. She did another bit called "I can't have kids" about babysitting her nephew Damien and how he was the spawn of Satan. Does anyone know her name?
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how did you feel towards brushing your hair as a kid?
how about now?

if you could spend your next birthday doing whatever it is you wanted to do, wherever - what would you choose and why?

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Opinions on a relationship issue, please. Even though I don't have any reason to, I am constantly really worried my boyfriend is going to leave me. He's kind of 'out of my league' and I'm sure that sooner or later he'll find someone better or just get sick of me. Still, it's mostly an irrational fear probably, because our relationship is pretty great and he's very loving and affectionate towards me.

Now, should I address these insecurities with him or not? Thinking about it makes me sick to my stomach sometimes so I think some reassurance might be nice for me but on the other hand, I don't want him to see me as insecure or jealous. So, thoughts? Have you ever felt like this in a relationship?
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My husband and I are thinking about bringing a puppy into the house (a chihuahua actually). We currently have three cats. Yes, we might be considered crazy by some people.

Collapse )

Any advice for living harmoniously with a small dog & 3 cats? I don't know if we are definitely getting a dog as I can't seem to wrap my head around owning 3 cats and a dog. I know we can handle it but it just seems odd to have so many indoor animals.

Also, how do we keep the dog from eating the cat food?

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I just can't find anything through searching on livejournal anymore. Does anyone know of support groups/LJ communities for people in possibly abusive relationships?

Um... to make this more interesting, do you find people with freckles attractive?
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road trip!

My father and I are planning on taking a road trip across the southern portion of the US, possibly with my two brothers. We are from NY. We are already planning on visiting the Grand Canyon, San Antonio, New Orleans, Atlanta, Memphis, and Nashville.

What else are we missing? If you were taking this trip, where would you go?

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I'm freaking out. My parents won't be home til Friday and I'm left with three of the four dogs and my kitty. The AC isn't working until tomorrow when the people come out to fix it so the fans are on but the windows are closed because I'm paranoid. One of my dogs is aggressive and he and my other (sweet) dog are sleeping in the kitchen with baby gates up. "My" dog is sleeping next to me. To say I'm protected is an understatement.

I've thought about maybe asking one of my guy friends to come and stay in the guest room--not tonight but tomorrow night. Would that be weird? The dogs haven't figured out how to jump the baby gates so I'm not worried about my aggressive dog. He's like my older brother, only not, obviously; I'm an only child.

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I just had an incident in the bathroom which invovled getting blood all over my 100% polyester shower curtain (It didn't involve murder). I don't have access to a washing machine until tomorrow evening. Google tells me to use salt and an enzyme based stain remover then wash it.

Is it cool to wait to wash it until tomorrow?
Do you have any other way to remove blood from poylester?

ETA: Unrelated question: My grandparents from out of town made a surprise visit. My mother knew 4 hours in advance that they were wanting to go out to dinner with the family. I live about an hour away from the rest of my family, but I would have loved to have gone. My mother didn't call and invite me. I had called my mom earlier in the day crying hysterically because I'm having a horrible depressive episode and everything sucks and life is horrible. When I called her at 9 PM tonight she told me about how they all went out to dinner and had a great time.

It really hurt my feelings that she didn't even think to invite me. Will you validate my feelings?


So. I am an English teacher in South Korea in a private kindergarten. I got here a month ago and I've been hearing all this about the Christmas performance. The kids do a song and play for the parents and it's a really huge deal and I'm already dreading it.

Anyway, basically, I have to choreograph a song and dance for twelve five-year-olds. So it should be a good dancing song but something they could also sing. The words shouldn't be too fast as English isn't their first language, and it should be child appropriate obviously. It can be a pop song or Disney song or anything really. Some songs that have been done in the past are like Build me up Buttercup, Firework by Katy Perry, Jump in the Line, etc.

Does anyone have any ideas? I need a song by tomorrow. Ugh.

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Last Wednesday, I received an email from a company telling me that they were impressed with my application and that they'd like to set up a time on Friday (the 14th) for a brief phone interview. I replied to their email with a time frame that worked for me.

No response all day Thursday. Friday morning at 11am, I still hadn't heard anything, so I sent another email to touch base. Again, no response. Today, still 0 news.

Should I write again tomorrow morning or just leave it?