September 16th, 2012


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I'm hoping someone can help answer this question for me.

I live in Washington state, and my boyfriend recently got a medical marijuana license. he's in the process of growing a few of his own plants (as legally allowed, he can grow 15 of them) as well of course, he smokes marijuana every day.

since I am not under that license, but I do live with him, does anyone know what the law is regarding that? I'm just wondering if there is any way I could get in trouble, I guess?

WTF is it?

Alright, maybe not the perfect place to post this, but if you have other suggestions on where to find answers, please tell me.

Found it thanks to the garden community! umbrella sedge seems to be right. thsnk you!

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How many pets do you have? What kind are they? If you have cats or dogs, are they inside the house?

We have three cats (12, 11, and 2 years old) and a county pound is full to capacity, so that means Tuesday will be the last day for some of the animals. This makes me sad, so I am half tempted to get a dog or some such but my husband will disagree with my choice. I would offer to foster a pet, but I don't know how that really works out.
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Is it bad etiquette to use a walk-in clinic as my primary care physician or w/e?

I don't have a GP here, and I only go when something is bothering me, so I've found it easy to go to the walk-in 2 minutes from my house for: 1. bronchitis, 2. a back injury, 3. an STD scare, so far.

It's not a low-income or discount clinic, so is there anything unethical/bad about me continuing to use this place as my primary place of care? Should it only be a "MINOR EMERGENCY!!" kind of thing? I really like this place and I pay pretty much the same for a visit as I would at a normal doctor I'm pretty sure, and their shots and stuff are really fucking cheap, but idk if they're gonna start treating me weirdly if I show up regularly.

thx, docs and nurses and etc.!

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For those of you with ADD/ADHD or those of you who teach kids with ADD/ADHD:

What have teachers done that you've found helpful in class? Teachers: Has there been anything that you do with your students that you find helps them in class?

I have a few students who love ripping paper, which I find distracting. I've seen a few things about filling balloons with sand as something to keep students' hands busy but I'm not sold on it.
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Have you ever gotten/been given a sea monkey or triops kit? How did the egg hatching go? How long did they last?

I just impulse bought a triops kit off Amazon. This is sort of a way to placate myself because I can't have a puppy any time soon, so hey, why not have some cannibalistic facehugger creatures instead?

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This week is finals for me.
Wednesday/Thursday is a mystery final, as my final will consist of me coming up with something to cook for my mom and sister out of whatever has not been used of the school's warehouse/food storage.

Will you throw groups of foods at me so I can try and invent recipes for them?

Also, what is the strangest combination of foods that you've cooked/tried and you've surprisingly loved?

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A very specific literary question - 
If you have ready Holly Black's Tithe/Valiant/Ironside, can you reccommend books similar? My usual routes of reccommendation are proving fruitless. 
Any reccommendations on adult faerie books?

ETA: I am expecting to hear about a job tomorrow. Should I ring or email them? I really really want it. 
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Camera view in video games

Poll #1866570 Camera view in video games

What is your preferred camera view when playing video games?

Normal X, normal Y
Normal X, inverted Y
Inverted X, normal Y
Inverted X, inverted Y

I like inverted x and normal y, which apparently is pretty rare, as I found out recently when I bought a game that only offered the option to invert the Y axis, making gameplay particularly infuriating for me.
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Counting sheep just isn't doing it...

Does anyone else here suffer from crippling insomnia?

My biological Dad had horrible insomnia and my Mom tells me that I'm starting to act similar to him in that regard. I know that means little but just some background.

I literally cannot fall asleep. I can be exhausted but the minute I try to sleep...I can't. And when I do fall asleep I'm up nearly every hour feeling as if I haven't slept at all. I don't drink soda or coffee and I work out 2x a day 6 days a week...and still my body just won't rest.

I'm not sure what to try as I've tried going to bed at the same time everyday, I don't nap during the day, and I'm usually off all electronics at the same time every night.

So what can I do aside from drugging myself to sleep (which I did once this last week out of sheer desperation with minimal results)?

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