September 15th, 2012

Thanks for the gift!

My roommate shares the master bedroom in our house with her boyfriend, which means she has a bathroom all to herself.

So, why was her bloody (to clarify I'm not British, I mean it was period-covered) thong on my bathroom for this morning? Like, on the rug, not even next to the trash like she tried to throw it in and missed. I have no intention of mentioning it, I just threw it away, would you do the same?
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I used a free website once where it would give detailed info on places, down to the neighborhood. Nationalities, average income, crime rate, etc. Any idea what it might've been? My friend is looking at a house in Lewiston, ME from here in MA. and the price keeps dropping and a lot of houses in that area are for sale.

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When is the last time you were like "pshh, I'm not going to like this song" and then you came to realize "oh shit, I actually really like this song!"? (And of course what song is it.)

This is one of those bands where I think all of their songs sound the same, but man do these lyrics resonate with me.

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Speed dating

My friend and I are keen to try speed dating. What questions would you ask if you only had a few minutes to determine whether you want to date someone again?
Have you tried speed dating and if so what was the outcome?
Do you believe your first instincts when you meet someone/ has ignoring your (negative) gut instinct towards someone worked out positively for you before?

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How has your week been TQC?

My week has been a freaking roller started out good...bought a VIP ticket to see Alex Goot (YouTube artist) in St. Louis in November and I even got to talk to him on Facebook and Twitter...met a guy...but he lives 2 1/2 hours away...and today just has been an epic fail.

What are you up to on your Saturday night?

I'm sitting on the couch, doing a whole lot of nothing.

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So I'm looking for some advice here.

I like a lot of people have student loan debt, quite a lot of it. I work six days a week to pay it off. There is a pretty awesome looking event in October that a friend and I both want to go to (link for the curious) Do you think its acceptable to go for all three days when student loan payments are half of what I make in one month? My friend requested all three days off already, not sure if she wants to do all three days though. Hotel arrangements are already covered. As I said just wanted some input from different viewpoints. 
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Trying to get a head start on holiday gifts - anyone have any suggestions? I have two guys to buy for. One is sort of geeky (last year I bought him a Star Wars thumb drive) and the other is just a typical guy (last year I bought him an RC helicopter and a little keychain multitool with screwdriver, blade, etc). My budget is $30 for each.

ETA: I think I found something cool for the second guy, since he can never find a lighter! But still looking for something to use the other $20.