September 14th, 2012

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TQC, Newark is about a 45 minute drive from my house, and about an hour from my local Fedex distribution place. Do you think my Fedex package could be delivered today? The delivery estimate is Monday. How accurate are they with their delivery estimates in your experience?

edit: It arrived at my local Fedex at 8am. I called to see if I would be able to pick it up today instead of waiting but I was told that the shipper doesn't allow for pick ups prior to the scheduled delivery date. I guess I will be waiting until monday.
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today's my SO's birthday and it'll be the last birthday we spend together as a couple. idk what to get him / how to treat him! 
his friend and i went halves on a paintball voucher for 5 people, but it's in an email so i'm not sure how to present it to him as a gift. our friend suggested i pre-order FIFA '13 but that comes out in 2 weeks. i'll also be getting a bottle of fancy vodka for tonight's pre-drinks before we head out. i just don't feel like any of these are that special though. he is so hard to buy for!

any ideas? tips? advice? stories on the great birthday gifts you had from SOs?

i want him to have a great birthday cause he doesnt have any close 'real' friends here in the city

eta: ok im not sure why people are so concerned about why im moving back home lol, i'm asking a completely different question guys.

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You saved all those orphans from the burning house -- good job! Now the President is going to host a fete in your honor. And your favorite band is going to play, and dedicate one song to YOU. What is it?

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TQC, why does Taylor Swift annoy me so much? I've only heard at most two of her songs, and I don't really know much else about her except she writes about ex-boyfriends a lot... Really the only time I see her is on Ohnotheydidnt.

Am I just a brat? Does she annoy you?

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Many people from other countries (in my experience, mostly Asians) who come live in America choose an American name to go by. I'm wondering - do Americans who go live in other countries choose a name for themselves as well?
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i offer tutoring services for $30/hr minimum. this lady met up with me, i helped her out for half an hour, and she paid me $60 in advance for another meet-up and some proof-reading. she cancelled our meet-ups about 4 times, and each time she cancelled i told her to just email me her work and i would help her online. she never did, and even with her seeking extensions for her assignment, that was already a week ago. no word from her since...

is the money she gave me rightfully mine, even though i didnt do the work to deserve it? do i keep the $60, or offer to give it back? how much do i offer to give back?
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Anyone know of any inexpensive (40 dollars or less) dresses I could wear to a wedding and where I might buy one? I'm not the type of woman that dresses up very often at all, but I want to wear something nice, yet affordable. I need something that is easy to wear because I'm not much of a dress person. I have a black skirt, could I maybe pair that with something?

I saw an entry a few weeks ago where somebody asked something similar but I didn't end up bookmarking it, so I apologize because I know this was asked already.

Need mobile inspiration

Help me with my first world problem, TQC!

My current ring tone for receiving a text message (SMS) is the BabCom chime from Babylon 5. I noticed though that most people don't know or recognize that.

I don't want a full blown song or anything for a text. Just a short sound.

What should I take?

What's your current text tone?

Brain rotting fluff!

The next week or so looks like they're going to be pretty stressful so I'd like to find something light or silly to watch at the end of the day. I'm a big fan of anime and dramas (though, for this just the romantic kind of drama, please.). Movies, sitcoms, or web series will work too. What should I check out?

Feel free to mention books, but I already have a few in mind.

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I've been playing Words With Friends with someone for a long time.  She's really competitve and she finally beat me three times in a row.  I requested to play a game with her again, and she declined.  She texted me a few days later saying "Sorry to decline your game, my WWF app is frozen and I'm over that game, I play Scramble with Friends now."

Yesterday she texts me a screenshot of a new WWF game she just started.

I'm kinda puzzled by this. 

Is she trying to be an a-hole or just clueless? (she has a history of being an a-hole, but i want to give her the benefit of the doubt)
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Round 3 - Right Vs. Left

So, I know I spend way too much time in the car, as that it gives me time to think up silly questions for y'all.  :-p

Now, for Right Vs. Left Round 3, the question is - what hand do you primarily drive with?

Is it your left hand on the steering wheel most of the time, or your right?  (This will vary per country/region, I'm sure!)

I tend to have my left hand on the steering wheel more as that I can drive my car in manual mode and need the right (when my shoulder isn't f'ed up :p) for shifting. 

DK/DC:  Any interesting weekend plans?  Winery hopping?  Any particular festivals/fairs you're looking at hitting?  - I've got to clean up my living room so I can clean the carpeting in that room.  :-p
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