September 12th, 2012

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I just uploaded a new profile picture on Facebook.

When I look at my profile, the profile picture shows up really pixelated. However, when I click on the photo to enlarge it, it looks completely crisp and fine.

Anyone know what the issue might be and why it's showing up pixelated?

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Inspired by the Berlin Wall question, is there a period of history you're just really bad with? Like, can't remember dates or events or their importance in history or are just really confused by it for some damn reason?

I'm bad with the world wars and the 60-70s (even though I'm really into the Vietnam war). I just can't wrap my brain around those time periods and their events, even though I've learned about them a million times. It's like TOO MUCH INFORMATION or something.


You're watching a six year old and listening to Bohemian Rhapsody. At the end of the song the six year old speaks up, "You know how he says 'I don't want to die, I sometimes wish I'd never been born at all.' I know that feeling."

As a babysitter what would you say to the child in response? What do you do?
If you were the parent of this child what would you say? What would you do?
Any couch-pyschology you wanna break out on this one?

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Last week, while driving, I passed a bus that was flashing the words "EMERGENCY CALL POLICE." So I called the police and told them which way the bus was headed blah blah blah... and I went searching for the bus but couldn't find it. She said she would send a unit out and that was it.

The bus was pretty much empty except for one man sitting in the very back. What do you think it was? Did the driver accidentally push the panic button? Has this ever happened to you?

Have you ever had to dial 911? (or whatever the number is where you live)


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So I asked you guys recently about what ice cream I should make. I ended up making the Toasted Marshmallow Coconut Milk Ice Cream which was freaking delicious and maybe the best thing I've ever tasted in my life.

I have now decided that because this ice cream that can be made at home was so much tastier than any ice cream I've ever had in a store, I've decided that I will from here on out be making (most) of my own ice cream and avoiding stuff elsewhere.

Anyway - what flavor combinations do you love in ice cream? What flavor combinations do you think would be delicious in ice cream but that you've never tried? What flavor ice creams should I make?!
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because i see way too many conservatives on FB -_-

would someone rational like to explain the conservative claim that "Obama hates Israel, omg!!"? the latest outrage seems to be over that he had to cancel an appointment to meet with the Israeli prime minister(?) but even before that, i've heard this nonsense for months now, including claims that he's never been to Israel and refuses to go (which isn't true, last i checked).

is this another tangent of "omg sekrit Muslim in disguise!!" or is this born out of some other BS?

FTR, the people i am seeing post/share/claim this stuff are NOT Jewish.

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So, tqc, I need some advice.

I was going to move in with someone (let's call her PR) who I know fairly well but haven't known for overly long, just about 5/6 months. However, all of my other closer friends (of 2/3 years) do not particularly like her or how I get sucked into her family drama, and it all came to a head last friday when PR got very drunk (drunk happens a lot but not normally to that extent) and tried to pick a fight. This... did not end well to put it mildly.

Should I still move in with her?

I mean, I'm fine living situation-wise if I don't move in with her, but I will likely lose that friendship.
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Hey guys. Long time no post.

I am sick and, for the first time since I was a small child, I really want someone to take care of me- fetch me tea and water, make sure I eat, help me get to the bathroom (I have slowly been crawling to it to go throw up- I finally got myself back in bed after an hour on the floor). However, I have no one here who can or will take care of me.

What should I do to cheer myself up, other than sleep and watch movies on the dimmest setting I can?

Don't know/don't care/waaaaaah suck it up: What was the last awkward or embarrassing thing that happened to you?

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My employer offers temporary disability. I'm currently suffering from (dying from) anxiety and depression (I just got released from the hospital a few hours ago). It's affecting my work and normal life greatly.

I've googled temporary disability Indiana, but it doesn't really tell me much.

A) Do I have to be DEEMED disabled by a court, or does my Dr just have to agree that until we get some medication that makes me less crazy in the head (I see a psychiatrist on the 20th) that I need to avoid my high stress job?
B) Have you ever taken advantage of this sort of thing?


My cousin just called me crying/screaming that her dad/my uncle had a heart attack (Let's add more stress thank you):
Tell me a funny story, please?

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Would you rather work 4 hours and make $80 or 7 hours (minus 1.5 hours of breaks) and make $100?

The former job is as an independent contractor, the latter is as an employee.

"People Person"

If you're a friendly, outgoing sort of person, what does it feel like being that way? For example, do you have a positive outlook on humanity in general? Is every new person you meet a potential friend? Or does being friendly make you feel good?

Why are you able to be so friendly?

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My good friend from HS went to medical school somewhere in the Caribbean and did her residency at Duke.  Has anyone heard of schools like this or know much about them?  Seems like you do your residency in the USA.