September 11th, 2012


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Have you ever broken the mirror part of your side view mirror?  How much did it cost to fix it?  or was it something you could fix yourself?

I feel like an idiot because mine got broken at the carwash.  I've been through this carwash plenty of times and never had a problem but tonight wasn't my night apparently.

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I just fell in love with the song "In My Mind" by Amanda Palmer. I've never heard any of her music before. What other songs of hers will I likely enjoy that are similar to that one?

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It's been 9/11 for nearly four hours here, and my Facebook wall is already covered in jokes and hate. TQC, is there any point in telling these people, or shall I delete them and save myself the trouble?

TQC, when was the last time someone you considered a good friend completely shocked you with something they said?

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This has probably been asked before, but why do you think that LJ (and other blogging sites, but mainly this one) aren't popular anymore? I don't buy into the whole "Facebook/Tumblr/Twitter has taken over" thing because those things have really only changed the nature of my entries, and not the frequency. Also, I used to know all these people who were on LJ but aren't anymore, and yet they also aren't active on those other sites. So yeah, I'm just wondering why the internet has kind of morphed that way.

If you don't care about that, have you ever encountered a time in your life where people kept on saying that things would work out, but they didn't? Because I'm starting to see that trend.
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Why are some countries allowed to have nuclear weapons but not others? Is it to do with financial might as well as supposed evilness? Is it naive to think of these things in terms of fairness?

DK/DC why are you a member of TQC?

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Is it okay to leave a puppy home alone (in a bedroom) for 8 hours while you're at work? Other than possibly coming home to destroyed furniture, is there anything else that could go wrong? If he has food, water and newspapers, will he be ok?

Is this ok for a kitten?
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Have you ever had a semester when you scheduled a day during your week with no classes?  For example I go to school four times a week and have Tuesdays 'off'.  If you have, did you ever utilize this time appropriately or just act like it was another Saturday? 

How are you?  How is your day going? 

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i have a friend coming to stay with me around columbus day weekend. i have a full size bed but she is of the not liking to share beds persuasion so im thinking i should procure an air mattress or something.

anyone have recommendations for cheap/decent air mattresses, or alternative temporary type sleeping arrangements within similar price range as air mattresses?

New Zealand

For those of you who have been there, what are the must-see/must-do things in New Zealand?

The usual tourist things are fine, but outside of those would be a plus.

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If you go to the gym, are there any machines you're embarrassed to use?

For some reason I'm really embarrassed to use the rowing machine. IDK why! I used to use it all the time at my old gym! I just feel like I'd look really obnoxious on it or something and at my new gym it's so OUT IN THE OPEN.

What do you do at the gym?

I usually do 20 minutes of intense treadmill-ing, followed by 20 minutes of intense stationary biking. I should lift but I have so much natural musculature that if I actually focused on building muscle I'd look like that greyhound with the muscle disorder :(
Friendship is the best (Coupling)

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Okay, so I recently got instagram, because I thought it was a neat way of getting retro-style photos to share on my LJ. But - I can't work out how to embed images that I've uploaded to it. I've googled it and just get a load of widgets to share my whole gallery for sidebars and stuff, nothing on putting an individual picture in an individual post.

Does anyone know how to do that?

DK/DC: Will you show me your favourite picture?

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I have not-so-great credit and my husband has zero credit since he just emigrated, so when I needed to buy cars for us, my mom cosigned for both of them for me. Now her car died and she needs a new one, and the dealership told her she needs a cosigner. I'm the only person that can possibly do it for her, so I told her sure. (She's not 100% certain she's going to get a new car, but she called to ask IF she decided to, would I be willing to cosign.)

I called my husband to let him know and he flipped his shit. He thinks I shouldn't have done it since my mom's finances aren't in the most excellent shape at the moment. I pointed out that we wouldn't have been able to buy our cars without her so it would be really really shitty of me to refuse her, and probably cause a huge rift between us. He's super pissed at me now. Am I in the wrong here? I know it's a risk to my credit, but there isn't really any way for me to say no without burning bridges.

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I am a giant ball of stress to the point of my twitches and tics coming out, and my arm hurting from blood pressure. I won't be able to take care of the source of the stress until the evening.
Can you suggest ways to ease my stress or send me videos that will help? I like animals and cooking videos by the way.
When you're stressed, do you have any weird behaviors or uncontrollable reactions/oddities?

Also, if a teacher is doing a field trip and tells you you can come "if you want" twice, it means you won't get dinged for attendance if you don't, right?

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Have you kept any of your childhood toys in hopes that they will one day be worth something? What kind of stuff did you keep?

I am getting ready to have a garage sale, and it will consist quite largely of my old toys. I'm wondering if it would be worth keeping anything, but I have no clue what I would keep.

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what was the longest you spent away from your S.O.?
how did you cope with the loneliness?
how great was it seeing them again?

my husband is away for 2 weeks, no long distance cell phone plan, and no internet connection, obviously I'm finding it very hard.

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My office lines are forwarded to my BlackBerry after hours.  Friday night, I started getting prank calls, where I would answer the office line and the person on the other end would make exorcist like noises and start laughing like a creep.  I told them to STFU.  I ended up calling the number back and it went to voicemail and it said it was a Spring voicemail of so and so (name i didn't recognize).  

The person continued calling the next day, about 10 times.  The last time they called, another employee answered the phone and we noticed it sounded like another employee.  

Forward to tonight, they called again, and as soon as I answer, they just breathe and say nothing.

TQC, what can I do?  I am a little freaked out, annoyed, and just want this to STOP.  Can I call the cops?
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I go to uni in less than 4 days.  It's my first time living away from home.   What advice would you give to a freshman?
If you went to college/uni, how did you find the first weeks of freshman year?