September 10th, 2012


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TQC will you do the following for me:

Go to Craigslist for your city/area, go to housing, and find a place available for $2500 (or your currency's equivalent) a month, and post the link here?

I'm curious as to what you can get for that in markets other than Manhattan/Brooklyn.

Will post a link for a house/apartment that's absolutely outrageous?

What are the amenities you most need in an apartment?

For me, I want laundry in the building and prefer an elevator if it's higher than the third floor. I also love funky/non-traditional layouts.
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1. Would you let your children have play dates and the like with children of parents who are anti-vaccination?

2. Do you think in a school environment parents should be allowed to know which children are vaccinated?

3. Do you think it's fair for public schools to not allow unvaccinated children to attend?

4. Do you think it's ableist that parents would rather risk their child contracting whooping cough/polio/death/etc. than possibly develop autism?

5. Have you tried the salted caramel mocha from starbucks? Did you like it?

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Are any of you musicians? If so, what do you play?
I am a singer mainly, but also a pianist, and I can play the clarinet (although not very well).

I talk about music in my journal every so often, so is there anyone who would like to be friends? :)

Inspired by the vaccine question earlier...

Your mother vaccinated you against chicken pox.  Your pediatrician recommended the vaccine when you were an infant and toddler, but did not give it to you when you entered school.  The idea was, if you're going to get it, young school-age is the best time and the best immunity.

However, you didn't get it.  You turned twelve, and your pediatrician said it was time to get the booster for chicken pox, because young adulthood is absolutely not the time to get chicken pox.  Your pediatrician said sadly, you will likely have to keep getting a booster throughout your adult life since you missed the window of the "good time" to get the disease.

1) Do you continue to get the vaccine?

2) Are you angry that you have to keep getting it?

My oldest daughter is 15 and my oldest son is 14... both didn't get chicken pox during that elementary school "window" and now they both need to keep getting the booster.  I have a vague worry that they'll not remember to keep getting it after they move out of the house and end up with a horrible case of chicken pox when they're like, 25 or something.  Sigh... like I needed more things to worry about.  :\ 

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Will you share frustrating stories you had recently with companies?

I have Comcast internet which has been acting strange for the past month. Every time I call they tell me something different. Sometimes they want to send a tech out, sometimes they want me to replace my modem. One time, the only time I feel like the guy was being super upfront with me, I was told that there's connectivity issues in the area that isn't the fault of the equipment or wiring in my house. Basically, the internet will go out for hours at a time and then come back like it never had stopped working.

Last night I had a panic attack when the internet went out because I was unable to access my homework that was online and I needed to read. I called Comcast and they told me they'd send a tech out on Tuesday. I said that wasn't possible. So they told me to go pick up a new modem.

A few hours later the internet comes back. This doesn't sound like a modem error, but connection issues on their end (like the one guy told me.)

It just sucks because I'm kind of limited on what company to get internet from and UGHHHHH.
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have you ever taken a trip somewhere alone? what did you spend your time doing? would you do it again?

mid semester break is coming up soon and we have 2 weeks off, but none of my friends are available to meet up somewhere for the holidays. should i go by myself? it'd be by the beach and only for the weekend.

For the Watch Connoisseurs

I'm purchasing a watch for my husband for our one year anniversary. He likes casual, black, not a lot of shiny stuff, and comfort. I'm stuck between two watches. Which do you think is the better choise taking into consideration his tastes?

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The main difference is that the first one has a rubber strap (not sure if it's replaceable) while the second one has a fabric strap (replaceable for sure) and otherwise aesthetics.They are a difference of $25 so not a big deal there. Any other watches that fit this criteria that you want to show me/link me?

Why do watches in pictures almost always have 10:10 displayed as the time?
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Phone Shopping

So, I find myself in need of a new phone and as much as I like the screen size of the latest LG Optimus Black phone, $330 is a bit steep for me to get .8" more screen space than I currently have on my lovely Android phone.  (Limited budget, being mostly unemployed and all that...)

Have any of you heard of ZTE or Huaweii?  The price difference between the 2 phones is $30 and the cheaper one comes with a 4 gig microSD card vs. the more expensive one that comes with a 2 gig card.  The screen size on the phones is the same - 3.5" - which will be better for clients to see the screen when they need to sign off on their credit card transactions (independent massage therapist - I try to run all credit cards through my phone vs. paying the salon owner 7% to use his machine.)

Are both these phones crap and I should just shell out the big bucks for the LG phone? 

I love my provider - Net10/Straight Talk/Trac/Trac Phone because I get unlimited everything with them for $45/mo and don't have to have a contract, hence why I am looking to stick with phones they offer.

DK/DC - What's for dinner tonight?  I'm looking for food ideas to satisfy my crabby self.  :-p
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What's the last great news you got?
I just got a call back from a cafe I applied to a couple weeks ago, and it sounds like I've got a second job now! :D

If you were to go to a half-and-half party, who would you go as? (Basically, the theme is "come as a portmanteau of two celebrities."  Examples: Michael Jackson Pollock, Judge Judy Garland, Lil Wayne Brady.)

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I have gotten a job from LinkedIN
I have heard of some one who has gotten a job from LinkedIN
waste of're better off doing crosswords
a valuable networking tool
forget it're too old for this job market, you're better off where you are

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I already asked this question earlier in the macintosh community, but I didn't get any responses yet, so I'm hoping some Mac savvy TQCer's could help me out...

I just bought a Kanex iAdapt mini port adapter to connect my MacBook Pro (version 10.7.3, bought in late 2011) to my HDTV. The images show up great on my TV, but the sound is not playing. I went to System Preferences->Sound->Output->My TV, yet the sound is still playing out of my MacBook's speakers. I find it odd that my laptop is recognizing my TV as a preference to play the sound out of, but it's not doing it. If it makes a difference, I own an Insignia TV, but my MacBook is reading it as a Samsung. Does anyone know what the issue might be and how I can fix it? Thank you!

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Today was my son's first day of preschool.  What is the last first you experienced?

While I was dropping him off, two boys he had never met before were arguing over who was supposed to be where in line and he, completely on his own and in no way actually affected by the argument, walked up to them and started telling them to stop it. It was adorable.  What's the last preciously cute thing you've witnessed?

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Is it better/easier for you to go to bed at a decent time and get up earlier to accomplish things or go to bed later and sleep longer in the morning? 

I'm a stay-up-later. And sometimes I'm so procrastinate-y I have to be a stay-up-later and a get-up-earlyer. 

What I wouldn't give for a healthy sleep schedule.