September 9th, 2012

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Have you ever been so moved by a movie or a book that you randomly burst into tears hours after you watched it? What movie/book was it?
MIne is "The Cider House Rules" I just keep randomly bursting into tears...
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Is there anything you can do with a shattered flat-screen television? Is it impossible/too ridiculously expensive to fix? Is it good for parts or anything, or should we just get rid of it?

Why does our new television's feed look so weird?? It's a newer version than our old one (we bought that one about 2 years ago), but I think it's the same model-- it's the same brand (Apex) and1080p 60hz, same as the old one. It's hard to describe how it's different. The picture seems a lot clearer, but it also seems to move oddly. I feel like I'm watching a documentary, a reality television show, or a home video. Sometimes the picture seems to blur a little. It feels almost like we're watching this in fast-forward (the Game of Thrones intro looks so sped up, but we also feel like we're seeing a lot more detail). Lol, it doesn't feel fake enough for me, I guess! We have Xfinity HD cable with an HMDI connection.
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Have you ever cried over a piece of clothing? If so, what was it, and why did you cry?

I got the dress from my question a few days ago, and I cried a little when I put it on (link). I've never in my life felt so beautiful. It's gonna work great for the wedding and for Grandma's party!

If you've never cried over clothes, have you ever cried over something else semi-ridiculous? What was it?

DK/DC/I have no feelings: What was your favorite band when you were 16? Are you still a fan?

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1. your good friend has been FWB/casually seeing this abusive man for over a year.  he's mentally and emotionally abusive and sometimes verbally.  you've heard her cry and moan for years and while you've given advice, emailed links for professional help, listened for over a year, your friend says she will still see this man and just needs you to listen.  how long more would you listen?

2.  what's the recovery time for a half marathon when you're out of shape?  i didn't train and by my own sheer will finished.

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Were you aware there is a culture war going on? Whose side are you on?

I'm french and I surrendered last week
i'm swiss and i'm neutral
you're hajiomatic and you're nuts
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I'm wanting to send our daughters birth announcement to our local paper but I'm having a little trouble with the wording. My boyfriend wants both his dad and step-dad included, but they've both passed away. How would you word it? I know this is a simple task, but it sounds weird everytime I try.

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So I ordered some coffee syrups a while ago and realized today that its been a while and they never came. so I checked my email that said it shipped, and according to the Fed Ex tracking, it was delivered and left at the front door on the 30th. I never saw it/got it. All the other stuff I'e ordered since moving here I got just fine.

Is there anything I can do at this point, or am I screwed? :[
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1) In and Out Burger, do you like it or not? What are your thoughts?
2) Do you collect anything? would you be able to part with your collectibles for cash?
3) Ever watched Toy Hunter? did you massive nerd off that show or no?
4) do you think of yourself as a nerd?
5) A super cute guy you don't know too well, lets say a worker at a store. You bond over video games he asks you to be friends on facebook. Replies once, then hasn't replied since then does this mean he's SO NOT interested? If not interested why ask to be facebook friends in the first place?
6) Girl Questions
-How do you fight negative PMS emotions?
-How do you motivated yourself during such times?
7) Simple ways to lose weight tips?

That's all the questions I have for now.

Inspired by my step-dad

Do you text and drive or know someone who frequently does?

When you are in the car with someone who is texting and driving would you say something?

If someone crashed their car because they were texting how likely are you to get in a car they are driving?

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DK/DC: What is your favorite undergarment that you own?

I have a really adorable mint-colored bra with black and pink accents along the top that does great things for my boobs, and I just bought this pair of cheeksters underwear from VS that is nude and black striped with nude lace along the top and legs, I think it is just so cute for some reason.

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Do you think driving is a) a privilege or b) a right? 

If you believe it is a privilege, who would lose that privilege if you ran the world?

If you believe it is a right, what would you do about people who would pose a safety risk behind the wheel, again, if you ran the world?

Show your work

Another pet question!

What should I name my new puppy? He's an eight week old Jack Russell Terrier.

Any tips on puppy training?

Want to talk about/show off your pets? Cute pet stories?

(pictures in a comment because I keep failing at lj-cuts)
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surprise cooking

After I made dinner tonight, I had some (uncooked) chicken left over, so I decided to make soup for tomorrow and just started throwing random things in like fresh thyme from my garden, some mushrooms I happened to have in the fridge, etc.

What's the last unplanned cooking adventure you had?
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Ok, internet. I want some coffee. Some boozey coffee, to tell you the truth. I just made a half pot of rather strong Lavazza Espresso Super Crema. I have: Kahlua, Kahlua Mocha, Kahlua French Vanilila, Bailey's Original, Jameson, Hennessy's, real Whipped Cream, Godiva Chocolate Liqueur, Sambuca, and Vanilla and Hazlenut syrup (both sugar free). What kind of drink should I have?
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Those of you who sell stuff online, be it handmade or otherwise -
I've started making bows and I want to sell them online, doing research into what online shop is best to sell products from has left me confused. I've heard a lot of horror stories from selling on ebay (though I've sold clothes etc. on my personal ebay so far with no issues so idk) and etsy (being suspended for no reason, shop being shut for no reason, being made to give video/picture evidence of products being handmade) and was wondering if there were any other sites that are good for selling these sorts of things.

Etsy is also putting me off because someone has taken the shop name I want and they're not even using it! :(
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Do you/have you ever used Clear?

Is it reliable in general?

What's the best device to buy?

Okay... how about, any suggestions for mobile Internet, preferably one that doesn't require a long-term contract?

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What do you smell like?
What do you wish you smelled like?
What's the worst you've ever smelled?
Would you go a day in public smelling like total ass for $50,000?

I just showered and my fingernails got all soft and bendy

Are yours brittle?
Do they have lines in them?
What color should I paint my toenails?

Damp hands will ruin cards.

Do you own a deck of playing cards?
Any special cards?
What's your favorite card game?
What if I took your cards and threw them on the ground?

Travel or car?

I've been learning Mandarin Chinese since my first year of high school. I have a BA in the language. I've never been to China, but I've wanted to visit ever since I started learning it.

Recently, I decided to start saving for a car. I'm 21, I don't know how to drive, and I don't know anybody who has a car I can practice in. I set myself a goal of saving $2,000 to put towards a car by about the end of September - mid October.

As of today, I've saved $900 towards my car. Today I also found on a deal site an 11 day tour around China, staying in 5 star hotels, with all meals included, for $900 (half price).

WHAT DO?????
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Let's say you're a housewife/husband. Your wife/husband works. They're getting ready for work and can't find their socks. They turn to you and ask either; 1. have you seen my socks?, or 2. where are my socks?

How would you respond to each? Why? Would it be different if it was your child who asked?

dk/dc: which is worse to work at, mcdonalds or carl's jr?

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I'm moving to northern California, about five hours out of San Fran. I need to find a really good rain coat that can double up as a winter coat, since I like to minimize. Where's a good place to find such a coat, that's under 300 dollars? I'm not interested in outlet stores, i.e. burlington, but somewhere that has decent quality stuff that will last me a really long time. Any ideas?