September 8th, 2012

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Where can I get a relatively cheap MacBook Pro 13 in hard case cover?
If amazon, any specific sellers?
Edit: sorry guys, i just meant a hard case to protect it. i already have a macbook
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if one of your close friends is with a significant other who you just plain didnt like / didnt think was good for them, what do you think is your responsibility as a friend regarding this? do you tell them? do you cut them out of your life? do you shut up?

one of my friends didnt like my SO, but instead of telling me, she treated him outright rudely. it really upset me i almost cried when i took them both out for lunch. she implied he was cheap, was worthless, etc. during lunch, right in front of me. she actually said the words "why do you want to share a cab with me and not pay for the whole fare? i thought *SO's nationality* people were rich, aren't you rich? or are you just cheap?" :/ along with other things she did, i decided to cut her out. 

when i confronted her about her rudeness, she said she didnt realise she was being rude.
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Do you take vitamins or herbal supplements? If so, what do you take and what is it for?

DK/DC? How do I get rid of the pressure in my ear? I took a flight on Thursday and it's still bugging me.

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I have an HP G72 laptop and I've recently noticed my power is stuck at 93%, and it says "Plugged in, not charging". I've done a lot of googling and I found that this is a common problem, and there are some fixes but still a lot of people that are saying it hasn't worked for them. I tried removing the battery and putting it back in, uninstalling it, removing it, and putting it back in, but these have not worked for me. Have any of you had this problem? What did you do to fix it?

I'll accept srs/non-srs answers on this. :P
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have you ever attempted lucid dreaming? what did you do for preparation, what did you experience while attempting it, and what did you do in the dream?

have you ever had sleep paralysis where you experienced auditory / visual hallucinations? details, please?
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I'm at home visiting my family and my parents went out for the night which means I have to make dinner for my grandma and myself.  My mom said to reheat shpherd's pie and make a salad but I know my grandma had shepherd's pie for lunch so that's a bit boring.

So my plan is to just put a bunch of it in a pot and add some water and turn it into a stew. It has all the same ingredients, right?  Should work, right?  Any advice?

ETA: I did it anyways despite the advice to the contrary and it turned out super tasty!
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Do you play the lottery?

Have you ever won any amount of money?

It occured to me I have never in my life played the lottery and I would like to, but I've no idea what you do. 

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How is your day going so far?
Has anyone pissed you off or made you happy?
Who does the chores in your house? (Laundry, dishes, cooking etc)
Do you split them with your family members or SO?

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Have you read any good books lately? I just finished mine two nights ago and am in need of another good one.
(Also, has anyone read Communion by Whitley Strieber? It is on my to-read list but none of the book stores or libraries in my area carry it.)
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I just logged onto my Facebook to look back on a comment that a friend had left in response to one of my status updates from back in early August.

I have absolutely 0 memory of ever deleting this status update, but it has completely disappeared. Has this ever happened to anyone??
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Have you ever used any at-home products to whiten your teeth?
Which ones?
How were the results?

I'm on day two of Equate brand tray things. It's a seven-day system, you leave them on for thirty minutes per day. Hoping it works. My teeth aren't awful or anything, but I'm trying to do little things to make myself feel and look better. Hoping these work!
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Canned sardines are a handy, healthy snack. However, canned fish, with the exception of tuna, creeps me out. How can I learn to love sardines?

Do you like sardines?

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In about eight months my husband and I will start trying to have children. By that point we will have been married for two years and together for seven. For those with children or who have close relatives/friends who have had kids now; what would you say is advice for getting ready for children you/your friends wish they had gotten?
Or something you did get but didn't pay attention to enough?

Dk/dc: does your name have meaning to your family? The first male of every generation has the same first name.


So my anniversary [a whole year omg! :D] is in October. Got a couple questions:
1)Do I count the first time we had sex or the first time we had an open-mouthed kiss? [Yes these are two separate events, a week apart.]

B) [subjective question] What could I write in the card, besides the usually cheesy lines?

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Do you take a shower before bed, when you wake up, both, or neither?

Are you afraid of something now that you weren't before?  Ever since the Derecho of June 2012, storms send me into a great excitement/fright.  I become obsessed with the weather report, how fast the storm is traveling, wind speed, and reports of power outtages.  I never used to be that way--I used to just sit back and listen to the thunder and rain.
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