September 7th, 2012

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I just found out that I have bed bugs in my bed in my dorm. I keep googling to find out more about it and I'm meeting with the RD tomorrow to talk about it, but the more and more I read about it, the less it seems like i'll ever get rid of them and i'm just going to keep getting bitten. I'm having this problem on top of an already stressful week, and I'm starting to lose my mind. Will somebody reassure me that I'll be fine?
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Are there any commercials that bother you?

There's this one in my city for a local pest-control company, and the commercial has a cute CGI cockroach at a job interview, talking about how he's got 300 kids, with more on the way next month, and so he could really use the job. Is it just me or would that make you feel SYMPATHETIC towards the damn cockroach, and NOT want to call an exterminator??

There's also a Hardee's commercial with two scantily clad women preparing barbeque and hamburgers and them feeding them to each other in a "sexy" way. Mostly it grosses me out to see someone giving oral sex to a food item.
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it's my sister's 15th birthday in 9 days and i want to post her a gift box. she says she doesn't need anything atm, but i still wanna send her something since im not there with her.

what should i incldue in the goodie box? so far i can only think of a little jar of roc candy. and a book, but im not sure what.

dk/dc: would you personally be bothered if your SO was always going out on "boy / girl nights" on the weekend? assume that they used to take you along as well, but for the past few months they didn't, even if you told them you wanted to come along. i'm all for him having boys nights out, but it's been every weekend, for about 4-ish months now :/
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Have your views on something ever done a complete 180? 
For example, left wing to right wing, gay hater to gay rights advocate, pro-choice to pro-life, anti death penalty to pro etc 

If you are pro-choice, can you understand why people are pro-life? 
If you are a Democrat/Liberal do you understand why people are Republicans/Conservative?
If you are anti death penalty do you understand why people are pro?

Inspired by my views on something doing a complete turnabout recently. 
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My roommate has a Wii and just got it back from a friend. We set it up, and played a bit, but she doesn't have a lot of games.

I want to get Super Paper Mario and Zelda.

Any other suggestions for good Wii games?

U.S. Mail

I live in a condo, but am in the process of moving to a new town for a job. My new job is 2.5 hours from where I live and I started 3.5 weeks ago. I don't know anyone in the town, so I've been living in a motel since, coming back during the weekends to pack up my things. I was out of town for Labor Day weekend, so I haven't been at my condo in over a week. I checked my mail, and it was empty, save for the "new-tennant-slip" (put the last name of the people living in your unit thing).

I haven't forwarded my mail, nor did I notify the USPS to hold my mail. I'm not expecting anything important, but I find it a little odd that this happened. So does my local post office have my mail from the last week or so, or did they "return to sender"?

I'm going to get some freelance illustration jobs from Austrilia or USA

I made a career change recently.  I'm a freelance illustrator and comic artist now. My skills for that kind of job is lower than average but much higher than entry level in China.  I've mainly done some inking, coloring or photo editing, such as transform real person pictures into cartoon like styles, tasks.

 I have a heated motivation to experience the life in Austrilia. I want to move there and live for months or a year. I would like to make some friends there. My problem is I'm not confident that I can be competent enough to do the same kind of art works in Austrilia. My English vocabulary is limited compared to other artists there locally, and the culture is a little strange for me.  Please give me some info where I can find some online employer that could give me a chance to do some simple job to warm up and get into the circle I like gradually? Because I've tryed the, I was frustrated bad... I don't know what the winning bidders did to get the jobs... But It seems the studios ingnores all of my messenges, I mean they didn't even respond me any words after I sent them my intro and portfolio... I feel i was transparrent... Is it all about my language? Please help me.

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What do you serve for dinner at an event with 150-200 people?

The season is summer and it's at the end of a very long and activity filled weekend for adults. Anything cooked would have to either be brought to site [as it's a camping area] so it would need to last the drive in or be able to be made on BBQs.

Excluding the above conditions-things like weddings, functions and large meetings...what do you serve people?

Mr. Pants Says


Congratulations! Your work nemesis has just been fired!

How do you celebrate?

Dk/dc: When was the last time you saw a rainbow?

(I saw one this evening that seriously lasted for over 30 minutes and was vividly bright. Made my entire week!)
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would tqc be able to help me find a screencap of winona ryder in "mermaids" perving out and sniffing her "boyfriend"'s jacket/body? it's just a short scene.

what are the names of your pinterest boards if you use pinterest?