September 5th, 2012

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Have you ever tried to make a computer or video game? How did that turn out?

I have made many games with ZZT, and am currently trying with RPGMaker 2000/2003. My recent attempts always seem to revolve around bizarre characters and they tend to be vaguely sexually themed. It should also be noted that my most recent attempt is the only one that has even fragments of a plot.
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Should I start watching How I Met Your Mother


Where do you spend the majority of your entertainment money?

sporting events


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There's a type of parasitic tree/plant (I want to say rainforest but that might be a red herring) that grows up around another tree, eventually killing the host, but the parasite carries on as a thick hollow lattice tree. I've been Googling for parasitic trees but not finding the one I'm after, just a lot of vine-like trees. Anyone know the plant I mean?
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are you a person of the past, the present, or the future?

my bf asked me this and i thought i was half present half future. but he told me im half past, half future (because i talk about my past a lot). he, on the other hand, barely ever brings up his past and is very much a present / future person.

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Can we share stressful work stories?

I feel like I am on the verge of a breakdown because things keep going wrong at work and I don't want to get fired.

What's the biggest mistake youve made at work and what was the outcome?

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In this scenario, you're living with your SO. You come home one day only to find an orangutan in your living room. Shocked and petrified, you call out for your SO, only to hear him/her reply "I was at the gas station and some guy was trying to sell Ol Chester here. I haggled him down to just $150! Isn't he awesome?" Chester's eyes are fixated on you, unblinking. How do you react?

"Oh honey, what a fantastic addition to the family. It was truly meant to be"
"WHAT! Are you CRAZY?!! You brought a giant ape into our home? Get rid of it!"
"He's great and all, but $150? That really sets us back"
"I wonder what orangutan tastes like..."

Your SO has gone off to return the orangutan. There's a high possibility that things may go back to normal finally. An hour later, he/she returns. "Chester's gone, but you won't believe what an awesome pet I got instead!" In walks an anteater. It's enormous. "It only costs me an extra $50. SCORE! We'll never have to worry about ants again!!!" How do you react?

"I want to name him Phil. This is so exciting!"
"What are you thinking? Where are we going to put this thing? You're an idiot"
"$200??? Babe, we can't afford an exotic pet like this. We don't even have ants to feed it"
"I wonder what anteater tastes like..."

Your get your SO to return the anteater, with the promise of NO MORE PETS. He/she returns, giddy. "What a great day! As I was about to return Phil, some guy offered to take him off my hands. Though, he didn't have any money. He had something better!" He/she extends a hand "He had magic beans!!! That's way better than money. I can't wait to plant them." How do you react?

"LET'S PLANT THEM NOW!!!!" So awesome"
Start packing my bags. This is clearly the last straw. I'm outta this relationship
"You gave away our $200...on a handful of beans? sadface"
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I'm going to cook up some split chicken breasts. My plan is to lay them on a bed of rice in a big pan, pour some sort of sauce over them, and let them sit in an oven at 325-350 for a good while. What should I pour over them? My kid is tired of tomato-based simmering sauces, and doesn't tolerate hot/spicy seasonings.

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With what has happened in Greece, Portugal and Spain, should the Euro ever have been created? What did you think at the time it was created (if you were old enough) - have you changed your position since?

Are any of you German? How do you feel about the Euro mess?

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I got hired at job number 16,513,201,654,320 this week, (actually it's like job number 472, no lie, but anyways...) now i'm going to try CNA as a new career....

What types of scrubs should I purchase? Pattern?

When you're in the hospital or Dr. office do you pay attention to the scrubs the nurse is wearing?

Are any of you CNAs or Nurses?
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i've been driving for 5+ years and have never had to pick up or drop off anyone at the airport. my parents asked me to pick them up tomorrow night and i'm... nervous? is that weird?

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I want to work out tonight. What should I do?

Run around the reservoir (between 2-3 miles). It's got inclines and dips and can be challenging
Do cardio at the gym. Treadmill or the elliptical machine thingie
Blow it off and catch up on your tv viewing
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Imagine it is Friday night and you've worked a full week (similar to 9-5). Friday night...are you more likely to be at home relaxing with some take away/crap tv/gaming/whatever or more likely to be out at the pub/a restaurant/clubbing?

I'm always exhausted on a Friday night so I'm all about the take away, sofa and cuddles.
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This is probably a silly question, but...

I am planning to get an octopus tattoo on my shoulder. I've found an artist I really like. I his shop and be like, "Hey, I'd like to make an appointment with So-And-So?" Or should I just walk in? That feels so...I dunno, like I'm going to a doctor. Getting a tattoo is supposed to be cool and exciting, but calling up and making an appointment seems so sqaure, man.

Also, this is just basically to discuss the idea, explain to me how he would do it, and give me a quote, if possible, not to actually get the tattoo. Should I bring pictures of what I'd like or does that come later?

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Your friend asks for help buying groceries and/or meals because s/he's in a rough spot financially. You gladly help him/her. Later you find out that s/he was buying alcohol while bumming money from you for groceries and meals.

Would you be upset?

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Poll #1864566 what should I do?

What should I do?

Stay put
Move back to NY

Collapse )

Because of my health issues roommates (and sharing a bathroom) isn't doable for me. New Jersey rents are similar to NYC area ones and same for any place reasonably close downstate. I'm currently freelance and work mostly from home so commute to work isn't an issue.

I have to let my landlord know by the ninth and I'm absolutely torn. I have a life in two places and I have to pick one.

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You find out that your SO spends a large sum of money (whatever that means for you), a large part of which you had earned. Which would upset you most?

Spent it on themselves in the form of expensive meals, coffee, entertainment, booze, etc.
Gambled it away
Spent it on a bunch of furniture for your shared living space, which you had not talked about and which you hate the look of (non-returnable)
Spent it on an expensive purebred dog you had not discussed getting
Spent it on plastic surgery they'd never mentioned wanting before
Spent it on a vacation for the two of you to a location you have no desire to visit

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How much exercise did you get today? For me, it was somewhere between two and two and a half hours. I played tag with a few kids, helped teach/participated in a three to five year old Jujitsu class, and participated in Aikido.

When's the latest time you'll start your laundry?

If you're in school, what was your class/classes about today? I learned about palpation, auscultation, and avian exams.

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