September 4th, 2012


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Hey, TQCers who exercise and who wear dresses/skirts: would you exercise in one? The reason I ask is that I want to start working out regularly (running 3 times a week to start) but one of the things that makes me unenthusiastic is having to wear stupid ugly workout clothes. I really only wear pants if they're PJs and I'm sleeping, so the idea of having to put on pants or shorts to work out makes me feel sad and frumpy.

Is it crazy to go running in a dress (with substantial shorts underneath)? Would you do it?

Are you hyp?

You and your friends are in Vegas and you all decide to see a hypnotistism show. In the beginning of the show, the hypnotist does the meditation experiment to see who's most susceptible to his charms, for they're the ones who'll end up on stage. You're one of those people. He's about to pull you to the front. What would you prefer to have your friends do?

Object and prohibit him from using you as an example on stage
Giggle to themselves as you're brought on stage
I don't believe in hypnotism, so the point is moot

The role is reversed and your closest friend is susceptible and about to be brought on stage. What do you do?

Ward the hypnotist off, and thus protecting my friend from any possible embarrassment while under trance
Happily allow them to be taken onstage
Nothing. My friend is obviously faking it and wants to do it. Hypnotism doesn't exist

Let's say you were brought onstage and you were part of the show's entertainment. Afterwards, you're brought out of your trance, only to learn that during the show, you bent over and talked out of your butt (Ace Ventura-style) and dry-humped a fold-out chair. How do you feel?

Amused. I hope they all had a good laugh
Mortified. I can't embarrassed
I know they're bullshitting me. Hypnotism doesn't exist. My friends are lame

Have you ever seen a hypnotism show in person?

I don't think so, unless falling into a trance at a time share meeting counts

Do you believe hypnotism works?

No. It's mass hysteria or people who really want attention
I dunno
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How long is your commute between your home and your workplace?

Do you use public transportation, do you drive or do you use some other means of transportation?

How long is too long a commute? 1 hour? 2 hours?

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when you go to get a pedi do you remove your current chipped polish and make sure your toe nails are cut or do you leave that for them?

do you tip people who are "group leaders" in such activities as tour guides, paintball refs etc?

have you ever met someone new at a wedding and hooked up with them or started dating them? this is apparently the *only way* an acquaintance of mine hooks up.

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If you've ever worked at McDonald's or someplace similar, have you ever had to rescue a toddler who got caught at the top of the PlaySpace? Was your rescue mission successful?

Ever rescued a cat from a tree?
A mountaineer from a rock face?

Tell me your stories of assisting helpless creatures down from great heights.


Science is successfully able to clone dinosaurs! They create dozens of them, and decide to put them on an island, where they can roam in a habitat similar to what they knew when they walked the earth. A known cell phone company decides that they can turn this into a tourist industry, and they create a structure on the island that allows people to come visit the dinosaurs safely. However, it's safe as long as the security features are operational. This cell phone company is your cell phone provider. How confident are you that this dinosaur kingdom will remain safe for humans?

Very confident. I trust my provider
Reasonably confident. Surely they'll take this seriously and not fuck it up
Not very confident. There are times my cell phone doesn't work like it should
No confidence. If they run dinosaur island like they do my cell phone, there will be pandemonium before the week is through

They clone so many dinosaurs, that McDonalds gets in on the action. They come out with a new kind of McNugget: the McPteradactyl. And their new McRibs are now made from brontasaurus. What are your odds of patronizing McDonalds in the future?

Excellent. I really really wanna try dinosaur
Good. I am curious about the new meats, and I think their food in general is decent enough
Good. Regardless of what they do, I'm a big fan of McDonalds, even if I'm not so crazy about eating giant lizards
Poor. I don't go to McDonalds normally, and I won't start now
Poor. I would hate the fact they're turning these large beasts into vittles

The fashion world also gets into dinosaur apparel. Velociraptor leather becomes THE fashion fabric, and the newest clothing retailer is called Jurassic Parka. Will you be wearing dino duds?

Sure will, if everybody else is too
No, I don't wear leather
No, I won't clothes made from real live Barneys

The NRA gets in on it too and pressures Congress to make it legal to hunt and kill dinosaurs. There's no hunting parks where people show up with guns and can shoot and 'bag' a dinosaur (one per patron). How would you feel about this development?

Where do I sign up?
Indifferent. Gun nuts will kill anything if it's available, won't they?
Hating it. Those poor dinosaurs

Edit: There's NOW hunting parks...

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Wondering if anyone can help me with this.
While travelling through the states my parents saw that someone had decorated their fence with a net. They had seashells + various other items in the folds of the net and also outside the net.

When I came back from the east coast I brought back a large net and seashells and other items to hang on the fence.

The thing is, what should I use to hang the items on the outside of the net?
Some of the seashells are large so I don't think hot glue would work. And I'm afraid fishing line will cut through the net.

So; How should I hang seashells + other items from a fishing net?


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Over on reddit there's a thread today titled:
"I f*cking hate 'Gamer Girls'"

And attached is this image:


For those of you who are women and game, do you experience direct harassment for your gender when you game? Unwanted attention?

If you've been a female game for quite some time, have you seen this problem get better, get worse or stay the same?

Here's the reddit thread if you curr:
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Alright so I'm in marching band and Friday was our second game (highschool). Right before we started halftime a group of the audience started throwing quarters at us.
When we asked the director what to do he shrugged and said, "Pick it up."
Another kid started pocketing the money and shouted, "Jokes on you it's free money!"
So what I'm asking is have you ever had anything thrown at you: food, money, clothes, fine china...anything. How did you react? Was it a serious situation or a humorous one? Were you the one throwing things?  Did they deserve it? 
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If you saw someone you weren't super close with, but spoke to on a daily basis (say, a friendly relationship with a coworker) who was exhibiting symptoms of anorexia or bulimia, would you say something to that person, or anyone?

I know a lot of people who would say something, but those same people would not say something to an obese person who binge eats.

What's the difference and why is it more acceptable to say someone is too thin vs too fat? is it just a simple "being thin is more acceptable in society"?

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What did your partner say that made you laugh right in the middle of sex?

Last night, while we were making love with me on top, my husband blurts out, "You've got the best tits on planet Earth." I had to stop grinding I was laughing so hard.
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TQC, have you read and enjoyed any books with an anti-hero?  Would you share the titles/authors with me?

If your partner/best friend/parent was going to bring something home for you that cost $20 or less, and that was going to cheer you right up, what would he/she bring?

What was your favorite toy to play with when you were 5 years old or so?  Links or pictures would be great. :)


Is this dress appropriate for a wedding?

I bought this dress for my best friends wedding, i'm also the mistress of ceremonies.

I alos bought a black shrug to go with it, and will be wearing black pumps as well, but now i'm second-guessing since i'm starting to worry it might have to much white in it? What do you think? Will this be ok?

Extra info: It's going to be a 50's inspired wedding. The bride-to-be will be wearing a very light pink dress with loads of petticoats. She stated to me that she does not care what her guests will be wearing, they are even allowed to wear jeans. 

<edit> Thanks all for your input. It really helped. Be sure i'll be rocking that dress now!

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i left cooked rice unrefrigerated for 2 nights - is it safe to eat?
with white rice, it usually goes bad after 2 nights, but i made brown and wild rice mixed together, and it doesn't smell or look bad. it's not moist, damp, sticky. i cooked it pretty dry and it still looks and smells the same.

thrown it out.

new question:

on a 3km running track, how many laps do you think you could run for?

based on a post in bad_service

How often do you tell cashiers to keep your coins? Why do you leave your coins, if you do?

As a cashier, if a customer told you to "keep the change" that happened to be a penny would you think they were being nice to you or what would you think? What would you do as the cashier?
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Gmail Question

Hi all,

Do anyone know how I could send a mass email in Gmail, but make it so that each recipient only sees their own email address? I tested putting email addresses in the Bcc field only, and I find it shows the recipient only their own email address but it also says "bcc" instead of "to". Any way I can make it so that it only says to: recipient's email address?

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i did a half marathon in 2008, which i trained for in the beginning, then got injured and sick, was smoking/drinking. i walked it and finished in 4 hours.

i have another half marathon coming up on saturday, again no training, was sick for 3 weeks, but not drinking and smoking.  questions is....will i die?  my chiropractor says i can't do it (how nice of him)....

Question is, can I do this? I mean, will I die? i am out of shape, but i was thinking its no big deal.  I'm starting to get nervous.  Thanks for any input.


I need to get my implant removed, and all the stories online about it are horrible and have me panicking. Does anyone have GOOD stories about getting it removed? Please, just good experiences.

Dk/dc - Favourite birth control?