September 3rd, 2012


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Can shock make you lose control of you muscles?

I was watching a tv show and this woman was walking up the stairs when she receive the shock of her life. She immediately started shaking and her legs gave out. She barely had enough sense to hold on to the rail. When someone came to her aid to take her to a chair, it was like her legs were unresponsive. She had to be hold up because her legs had turn to rubber. And even minutes later while walking her legs wobble and the person next to her had to catch her.
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Inspired by this.

Poll #1864002 So bring out the --------, and bring out the best!

Do you like Mayonnaise?

I don't know.. what is mayonnaise?

If you don't like mayonnaise, what do you put on sandwiches instead?

What are your favourite salad dressings?
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1. HAve you ever had a toothbrush with those blue stripes that indicate how much you've used it and when you're supposed to get a new one?

2. Did you follow its guidelines or take an attitude like "I DO WHAT I WANT?""

18. What do you put in your coffee?

19. Why would you do that?

87/ If you tie your hair back, whatr was the last color of tieback tyou used?

9087777777777777777775. Do you sweat when you drink?? I take one little chug and my back is like a slip and slide. It's ridiculous but also really neat because I hlike the satly taste.

Probiotics. Whaty color was the last container you drank form?

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My husband and I are already working on our lists of baby names and making a shortlist from the two.
Will you give me your absolutely honest opinions?

 Drawbacks, teasing nicknames, whatever. X posted to baby_names.

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DKDC- Have you ever had pnuemonia? How long did it take to get your energy back? I am on day four of antibiotics and breathing better but the exhaustion, oh my god. I'm not expecting miracles but I'm curious how long it took you to start feeling at least somewhat like yourself again?

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What is the word in cinema for how the time is elapsing in the movie compared to real time? I.e., in almost all films, the story shown takes place over a span longer than how long the actual movie lasts. Then there are some films that are shown in real time. Then, there are parts of films that are actually portrayed in a longer time span than the actual event would take (though this is not necessarily in slow motion). This is driving me crazy - what are these three terms?

DK/DC - How did your last move go?
Mine was awful. We're a house of nine people and the realtors lied to us about how many bedrooms there are.

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Assume that you are the head of a young family. You have a wife, an 18-month-old daughter, a friendly dog, and a crazy cat. You have outgrown your apartment and are looking to buy a house in Ohio, preferably close to Progressive headquarters (6300 Wilson Mills Rd, Mayfield, OH), where you have been working for six years. Where would you look to purchase a home for less than $140,000 that you will feel safe living in and that's close to parks and schools?
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Journey's Employees (or just anyone, really)

Hello. I recently bought a pair of dr. martens and then realized I got the wrong pattern, then went to exchange them. I haven't worn the new pair out yet, and I've changed my mind about them. Am I able to return them? It's only been nine days.

It's stressing me out :/

dk/dc: What are you currently listening to?

Costumes (again)

Brought to you by the other costuming-for-Halloween question:

So, some said dressing up as a Native American/Indian is considered offensive.
What about costuming as a black person when you are white? Or as Chinese? Or any other ethnic group?

Does it make a difference if you try to impersonate someone special, like a movie character or Martin Luther King or Obama? Are black people or Asian Americans allowed to dress up as a certain person - say, Superman or Doctor Who or whatnot - that isn't from their own ethnic group?

Does it make a difference when you use historical costumes? Like you dress up as a 18th century Quaker? Even when your ethnicity doesn't fit that?

[ETA: What about crossdressing a man as a woman or woman as a man, e.g. dragueens etc.? Very popular on carnival over here)]

What do you think about Nazi uniforms as costumes? Funny or tasteless?

In general: Can you say why or when you consider a costume tasteless, offending, or safe to wear? I'm not exactly looking for the Yes, no, no, yes types of answers but a discussion here.

Bonus question: Where are you from? Because I think the culture makes a difference in this context.

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Inspired by a post down below, let's say tomorrow you find out you or your wife is pregnant.

What do you name your kid?

For a girl, I'm thinking Juliana Rose; for a boy Benjamin Howard. (These would all be names after family, which is something of a tradition in mine. Unfortunately, the person I'd really like to name a prospective son after was named "abraham" which is probably liable to get him laughed at)

Love etc etc

1. Those of you who are married: how long did you know your spouse before you got engaged?

2. Those of you who are married or in LTRs that you consider to be "it" barring any big surprises: how long had you been seeing your partner before you knew (or thought with confidence) it was going to be a forever thing? What was it that made you think that?

3. Everyone: what are the most important things in a relationship for you?

Leaking apartment pt 2 mold edition

Will you read this e-mail you my apartment community manager about my apartment flooding/molding issue and tell me if there anything else I need to add/remove? I will also include pictures under the cut for those of you who are interested in seeing those because I didn't when I originally posted about the situation on August 25th.

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How do you feel about twins (or siblings in general) with rhyming/related names?

Ex: Lillian and Jillian, Alexander and Alexandria, Dustin and Justin?

Part of me hates it, but mostly just the rhyming ones.

What are some awful twin/sibling namings you've heard of or can come up with?

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would you recommend me some documentaries that focus on the relationship between the US and the Middle East? so far i'm downloading remembering saddam and restrepo.

Did you consider?

If you're vegan or vegetarian, did you take into account that you were going to be the best tasting people when making this dietary choice? I mean, this is only guess work, because as a omnivore I find that animals that eat primarily vegetation taste better than those that consume flesh.
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Hallo TQC

I am cooking a boneless pork roast and am confused as to whether its done or not. My meat thermometer is registering 160 but the juices are NOT running clear...they are pink is it done TQC?

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I've only ever been married.I have never lived with an SO.

Can you describe some of the differences how it feels to be living with someone as to being legally shackeled married ????
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My friend started dating this guy. She says he's a great guy, kind, loving, considerate, drives, has his own place, a job... He's a really decent guy basically.

The other night they slept together for the first time.

It wasn't great.

He lost 5 stone since feb, and although he's down to 12 stone now, he's got a 'huge belly', he's hairy (not what she's used to) and she's not sexually attracted to him once he gets his clothes off.

If he kept his clothes on, everything is fine!

After two weeks of dating he has declared the relationship on Facebook.

Should she stick with it because he's perfect in every other way, or finish it because she can't be sexually aroused by his body?

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I'll have a three-hour break between when I get off work and when classes start this semester. I'd like to go to the gym, but I'd also like to study. Do you think it's possible to read research articles while on the elliptical? I read magazines all the time while working out, but is it unrealistic for me to expect to read/analyze graduate school readings?

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Which statement do you agree with most closely?

Stealing is always and equally wrong
Stealing is more wrong in some circumstances/situations than in others
Stealing is never wrong

Which of these seems more morally wrong/objectionable?

A thief steals a valuable piece of art from a museum, where it had been out for the public to enjoy, and gives it to his art-loving granny
A thief steals a valuable piece of art from the private collection of an art-loving granny, and donates it to a museum

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I stubbed my toe on my "little brother" today and it didn't stop hurting for a good ten minutes. I later stubbed the same toe on something else but the pain only lasted a few seconds. I sprained this same toe months earlier and the nail split a few days ago. I carried on with everything else but I have been limping due to how badly it hurts to put pressure on it. I'm figuring I sprained it again or something and will lie low tomorrow as much as possible.

When's the last time you accidentally hurt yourself and what happened?

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