September 2nd, 2012


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You're on a first date. Which of these topics do you feel is acceptable to discuss on the first date? Anything you don't check it's assumed you would change the topic or tell your date you're not cool answering that question

dating history (general tally of noteworthy exes)
Recent exes (maybe people you just have a little bitterness about. Or your date's recent bitter ex)
Roofies or chloroform (even a joke about it has you on guard if it's from someone you're alone with whom you don't know too well)
Heavy subjects, like rehab or prison, if they are from your date's past. Like detailed descriptions of what they went through)
Masturbation regularity
Recent sickness of food poisoning, and how often they used the bathroom, and how terrible it looked when they were done
Any talk of marriage, no matter what the context
None of it would bother me, tbh

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What has been your most rewarding experience in life, so far?

Would you rather give up a limb or a pet?

Is there anything in your home that is currently bothering you?  It can be a person, circumstance, even a piece of paper that is causing you stress.

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My fiance and I both applied to post graduate school.  Our applications were in before the due date in the Spring.  Today is September 2nd, and still no word from them for either of us.  Schools usually email/mail their decision letters, correct?  School has already started for them.

How do cats show that they love you?

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What are some instances you've had that people change their attitude based on who they are around?
How much did it bother you?
What was the last thing you had to end a friendship over?

I cannot tolerate someone that changes who they are to fit in. Especially if they want to fit in with people that are ignorant and careless. I had to finally stop wasting my time trying to help someone that didn't want to be helped. Even though they were hurting themselves.

Also, I've recently noticed how certain people that I interact with publicly, become complete assholes over the internet. Not funny ones either. It seems that once they don't have to confront people face-to-face, the get pretty damn bold. It bothered me a lot so I confronted them. I wont bore you by telling you the whole story of how that went, but yeah...

I can't sleep so i felt like bitching. Thanks for reading.

My cat has turned into a dirty old man!

My cat has recently started humping everything! Our legs, our daughters' stuffed animals, piles of blankets and so on. The weird part is he is 13 years old and this just started (with a vengeance) about a month ago. He was fixed as a kitten and never did this before. It doesn't really affect us too much aside from being embarrassing with guests and occasionally, er, waking us up, but I know major behavior changes should be noted.
What may or may not be relevant is he was diagnosed with lymphoma over four years ago. He was on chemo for a year but has been medication free since. His only obvious symptom (but it is a major one) is he is prone to blockages a couple of times a year but in between he seems super healthy. But I don't know if it is relevant in case it is suddenly affecting his hormones somehow or something.
Has this happened to anyone else? Where their fixed elderly pet abruptly turned into a horndog (or cat) later in life? Obviously I will mention it to the vet, but for all I know this is (semi) normal.

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Ok, so, one day, you find an ocarina lying on the ground, and when you play it, you find yourself at the point of your first memory.

What amenities of 2012 do you miss the most?

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My wisdom teeth hurt so bad and I have no money to have them removed! My friend offered me some heavy pills which I am now considering taking.

What was the last or funniest excuse you used to take drugs?

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I need really good buisness cards. I'm a make-up artist, but I do really cool special effects, so the traditional card with a little brush and paint palettes is too plain for me. Is there anywhere that has really good (AND CHEAP) cards ?

Have You Seen This Sweater?

Is there somewhere on the internet where I can buy a sweater like this one?Collapse )

I would prefer a new one, not used.

dk/dc/why would you want that ugly-ass sweater: Do you feel weird about the time between Labor Day and the Autumnal Equinox (because summer is over but fall has not officially begun)?

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Dear TQC, 

I have a horrific track record with mp3 players and my current one is on the way out despite me only getting it last Christmas. Before I go ahead and break it further by stamping on it out of frustration, can you recommend a reliable mp3 player that can last me a couple of years at least? 

I don't really want an iPod because I really really hate iTunes but otherwise I'm not fussy.