September 1st, 2012


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I am trying to lose weight and shape up a little, after gaining a stone after an injury. However, I am a big snacker. I eat snacks, between meals, instead of meals, when I'm bored. I've managed to make my meals pretty healthy, and I'm starting to exercise more, but my snacking is atrocious.

TQC, what are some delicious snacks that you love, and I can eat without feeling bad. I love fruit, but it's still fairly high in sugar, so I can't eat too much of that either.

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A female friend of mine was in my room last night showing me pics from her trip in Europe. She was in the Louvre and didn't know the armless statue surrounded by throngs of people was the Venus de Milo. I was incredulous.

Which is the most famous sculpture in the world?

Venus de Milo
David by Michelangelo
The Thinker
that Picasso thingy in Daley plaza and in the "Blues Brothers" movie
WHAT? you had a woman in your room and you weren't trying to boink her? are you well Haji?
other/ more suggestions in comments you stooge
Grumpy Angel

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Hi guys,

My friend was in a terrible accident and is in the hospital with serious injuries.  His wife is, of course, having a horrific time.  Do you have any suggestions for uplifting/inspiring songs that I could put on a playlist for her?

Doctor Who Dalek

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Bra-wearing members of TQC: when did you start wearing a bra?

Everybody: Is there a food that you hated when you were younger, but like now?

Bonus third question: My co-worker invited us over to watch the premiere of Doctor Who tonight. (She has BBC America, while we don't even have cable.) What should we bring over?
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If this recipe calls for 45-60 minutes at 350* for a normal-sized loaf pan, when should I start checking for doneness for a mini-loaf pan? At 30 minutes then every 5 or so? I always over-bake things, so I'm trying to be extra careful this time!

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Has anyone ever used Is it safe? They're having a huge sale and Sims 3 Pets for Xbox is only $9.99 but my dad doesn't trust it because the game is $40 at Best Buy and the original price on the game is $19.99 on Too much of a gap, he says.

What's the weather doing there? There's a huge thunderstorm here.

What have you gotten done today? I worked on my demo for an upcoming festival for an hour and a half, bought some books, ate at my favorite restaurant, swept the kitchen, and went mattress shopping with my mom.

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Adults don't need proof that other adults know how to do something unless there is an a specific relevant reason for impairment, yes? And not "Oh, well, you said you don't know how to do X so I just assumed you can't do Y."

So glad I'm moving relatively soon.
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We've all seen movies and TV shows where someone gets a number of wishes but makes them in a way that goes comically or tragically haywire.

What would you wish for and how would you ensure nothing would go wrong?

Feel free to chime in with problems that could arise so when the time comes, TQCers can be prepared to make good wishes.

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I have asked something along these lines before but I'm asking again.

If you give someone a gift card for a coffee place, what is the least amount of money you can give them on a gift card without looking like a bum?

Do you claim work expenses on your taxes? Do you have an accountant or did you manage to work that out online?
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past salary info?

I'm applying to an agency that does both temps and direct hire (I'm only interested in direct hire and only certain jobs). They sent me an application to fill out in addition to accepting my resume. It asks for all the usual details of my last three jobs including starting and ending salary. I honestly don't remember the precise numbers--I've been at my current job a long time, and I don't even remember what my starting salary was for this one, let alone a past job I started in 2005. Do I have to provide this info or can I just leave it blank?
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possibly dumb question

I just recently started a new job and they texted me asking if I could come into work tomorrow, which is my day off. I genuinely can't do that - I'm out of town and my ride doesn't want to return home until Sun night b/c the whole reason we came here was for an event going on tomorrow night. I explained this in a succinct, not TMI way to the assistant manager who texted me. Is there any possibility that I could get in trouble for not saying yes? Could this hurt me in the future?

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Which of these situations would horrify/disturb you more?

Toilet is broken but doesn't want to call the plumber right now - going to share a litter box with the cat for a while
Has intestinal parasite(s) but doesn't want to got to doctor - going to try some home remedies first

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Here's the situation.

I am lactose intolerant. It does depend on the dairy product as some will rip my intestines and stomach apart fairly quick and others take a day or so. I'm also allergic to most soy.

I've found that when I drink alcohol, I get the same symptoms as the LI.

Would you say I have an allergy to alcohol?

Funny bit, when I do both alcohol and dairy, they balance each other out.


What's something exciting that's going to happen for you soon?

My son turns one in 9 days!!
rabbit, sexy

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Do you get annoyed when someone uses Internet Explorer on your computer?
I do.  IE and me have a bad history together.  
I thought I took it off my computer but someone always manages to find it. 

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How comfortable are you watching (relatively) graphic movies with your parents? Do they have delicate sensibilities?

I watched Watchmen tonight with my parents and forgot about the sex scene between Night Owl and Silk Spectre. They like FREAKED. I mean, yeah, it was awkward, but I didn't think it was something to fast-forward through, but that's what I ended up having to do. And don't get me started about the five second scene where The Silhouette kisses a girl *gasp*. Honestly, I rarely watch movies with them but I'm considering stopping altogether lol