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what do you call this?

What do you call this?

Other - in comments

Do you have one? Can I see it? Can you recommend a really good brand that is still stylish?
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How old is too old to still be living with your parent(s)?
Do certain situations change your opinion (ie things like paying off student debt faster)?

What was your favourite book as a child?

For the record: I'm 28 and I live at home because I can't afford to live on my own, thanks to student debt and a job in a field that I love, but doesn't exactly pay the big bucks. I don't wanna be here. So I'm knocking it off as fast as I can, and then saving up to put a down payment on a house.
Also, the Velveteen Rabbit.

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Is there anything you say that reflects the past? Have you heard people say things that reflect the past, and if so, what did they say? For instance, maybe someone used the word 'gay' to mean happy. Or maybe it was just the way they said their sentence, etc?

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What should I get my sister for her birthday? She'll be turning 11.

At that age I mostly asked for books, but she doesn't read much at all. She wanted a pet lizard, but she's not allowed to have one, and Mum won't let her own a mobile phone either. I'm kind of out of ideas.

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What flavor ice cream should I make?

You have horrible ice cream flavor taste & because of that I'm going to tell you what kind of ice cream you SHOULD make in the comments
Graphic Animatronic Sexual Displays

Mac Questions

I have an iMac that I bought in October 2008. It currently runs on Snow Leopard Mac OS X 10.5.8 (9L31a) (I apologise if I've written that totally wrong or confused things etc.).

I have no intention of selling my iMac as I really love it, but would it be worth upgrading to Mountain Lion for $20.99AUD or just keep it as it is?

Also, what are some good genealogy software programmmes for Mac? I ♥ Genopro but sadly it doesn't run on Mac.

Finally, has anyone every used fusion before? What's your opinion of it? Can you run Mac and PC programmes simultaneously?

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Should we be concerned about this little guy?

He's chewing on the wood on the door. He's not really afraid of us unless we open the doors. We're a pretty squirrel and bird friendly house when it comes to the front and back yards due to all of the bird feeders but the squirrels don't usually come that close.

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How do you show your SO appreciation?
How does your SO show you appreciation?

I'm pregnant and completely out of my mind and my husband has been above and beyond wonderful. We've been together forever and a day so I feel like I'm out of ideas on how to make him feel appreciated.
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Will you:
1. Type your username with the tip of your nose?
2. Type your username with your eyes closed?
3. Type your username with your elbow?
4. Type your username with your eyes closed, using only one finger on your non-dominant hand?

All without correcting for resulting errors.

If you're at work/in the library/unable to for some other reason, will you just tell us how you chose your username?

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Society tends to characterize mental wellness with how "unhealthy" the mind is, versus how "healthy" the mind is.

Let's try the other direction - what characteristics, to you, would be the epitome of a healthy mind? Is it possible to have a set of qualifiers that would make a "perfect" mind?

The perfect physical health?

You're all on the internet right now (hope you brought your cat pics!) -- is it possible to have the perfect computer? What about the best computer of what's available?
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About to throw this computer out the window

For 2 months now, we've been having a problem with our Asus desktop computer. The cursor jumps around like mad and you can literally do nothing on the computer with it like that. We were told first it was a virus and payed 70$ for a tech to come in and rid our computer of it, he found nothing over a 4 hour period and said its a hardware problem. We returned the computer and got a replacement and it does the same thing. Then we were told it was our monitor going out.
I don't know what to do. At this point, we have a new processor, new monitor, new mouse, and even a new Internet modem. All the fixes online are for the touchpads on laptops. We don't have a laptop. 
The jerking started last night before we even started the computer set up. The techs are even stumped. Does anyone have any ideas?
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Up until about two weeks ago, I was training to run a 5K in about 30 minutes.

I've been laid up for almost two weeks. (I'm getting better, though.)

Should I sign up for the 5K? If so, should I try to keep up my goal before I got puny, or just see what happens?

(EDIT TO ADD: Said 5K is two weeks from tomorrow.)

DK/DC/I only run from zombies: when's the last time you were sick or hurt enough to alter your life, even for a few days?
zombie baby cede! :D

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I'm house sitting for a couple who is going to Poland, they've offered to bring me almost anything I want back as thanks....

What should I ask for?
What do you collect from other countries?

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What are some of your favourite low-calorie alcoholic drinks?

I am planning on eating healthily and losing weight, but wish to still drink occasionally. When I go to the pub I usually drink rose or white wine, and occasionally gin & tonics.

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I know we don't have a ton of religious people in TQC, but if you have one, what's your favorite religious story/parable/whatever?

If Jesus were the type to go to parties, what do you think his favorite drinking game would be?
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Friends, Romans, TQCers !!!

Do you got birds?
What kind?
If you let them loose indoors, how do you keep them from crapping on your stuff?
Are they sociable?
Do you awake to melodious birdsong?

ETA: I'm thinking of getting a pair of lovebirds or cockatoos later this year; do they need a lot of interaction with their humans?

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so a girl I met in the past and spoke to a few times online is going to the same university as me this year.  She wants to meet up.  However, since I hardly know her and it's been several years since we've met, I deleted her number from my phone.   What should I do? I don't want to seem rude by telling her this, but I never thought I'd see her again.  We met randomly when we were 15.  I'm 19 now.  

Do you keep the numbers of people you never speak to? (and I mean never) Why/why not?

What are some good excuses for having "lost" someone's number? 
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apt mailbox

Dumb question this time, guys.

I just moved into my apartment and opened up my mailbox. WELL. There's a TON of mail for what seems like the past 3 tenants. Do I send it back off? Or do I just keep it there? Not sure what to do with all this mail.
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I am going on vacation soon and need some book recommendations! I want frivolous reads! While I <3 period fiction, I think I need some popular fiction or chick lit.

*ETA Absolutely not interested in Fifty Shades of anything
Power &gt; Reset.
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DIY people!: What are your top 5 favorite blogs to oogle/inspire you to create? (more specifically home blogs, but whatever you got that's not pinterest/tumblrish.) Can you post a picture of your last project?

Non-DIY people: What are your top favorite blogs/everyday sites?
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