August 30th, 2012

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tqc, i have spent the majority of my summer working. i have the next 4 days off after work tonight, what/how much late summer fun do you think i can cram into this weekend?

if you had the next 4 days to do whatever you wanted (within reason) what would you spend it doing?
zombie baby cede! :D

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If you could change your name, would you? 

Would you think it's odd if someone had a 'Professional' Name (ie: something like Marie or Rebecca) and a 'Recreational' Name (ie: Muffy or Beck)? 

Even if their full name was both? (Like Muffy Marie?) 

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what do you think of the top three google search suggestions for 'why are americans...' being 'so fat', 'so stupid', and 'so ignorant'? (for the record, for 'why are canadians...' the top search suggestion are 'so nice', 'so good looking' and 'so awesome'.)

why do you think so many people feel that way about americans? do you think any of it is justified?

what is the weirdest google search suggestion you've seen?

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When was the last time someone was passive aggressive with you by cheerfully suggesting ways you could do better/more without ever first saying, "I've noticed that you are X and I don't like it/I'm concerned?"

My landlady, just now, about my underemployed status.  And as always, it's not about the rent. She just wants to say "I think you're lazy" by suggesting in precise detail how I should set up a based-in-her-home business.

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I've been in a book slump as of late. It seems like everything I pick up I lose interest in pretty fast. I need something that will keep my attention. 

What fiction books have you read recently that you would recommend? 
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Political Hypothetical

This is far-fetched and very much unlikely to ever happen. It's a crazy 'what if' that's more about what value you hold highest rather than partisan bashing.

Let's say Romney wins in November. The first couple of years of his office are unremarkable, but when Congressional seats are up for re-election, the GOP pins the entire blame for the economy on the Obama and the left. The Democrats without Obama are too disjointed and confused to strike back, and the Republicans end up having the majority in both houses in Congress, and they won enough seats where filibusters won't work (excess 60%). Executive and Congressional branches all hardcore right wing/Tea Party red. They start to initiate changes that cannot be stopped, out to 'save America' and not worried about the consequences. The Supreme Court, which leans right, doesn't get involved. What change would bother you the most?

Complete repeal of gay marriage. All existing marriage licenses between same sex members are considered null and void
Creationism added to ALL scholastic science books. Chapters devoted to evolution are given an asterisk as alternative theory
Sex education to be removed as supplemental health curriculum
Abortion made illegal under any circumstances. No allowances
Rape reclassified as a misdemeanor. "If we remove the stigma of 'rape', then less women will feel violated and will be more inclined to bring any unwanted pregnancies to term"
Complete defunding of all research and development for Climate Change/Global Warming
Complete privatization of health care. Federal budget for Medicare halved
Money saved from Medicare put into rooting out illegal aliens, deportation, border patrol
Minimum wage slashed to $6.25, to help corporations regain stability ("we all must pitch in")
Renewed interest in Iraq/Afghanistan. Increase of soldier presence by 40%
Education funding slashed by 30%; military spending up by 30%
Greater leeway in the tax code for corporations. Most will pay less than 5%. Burden of the taxpaying will fall to middle-lower class, who will pay more (or pay, if they didn't before)
Every state will be required to honor open handgun laws
Gun procedure and target practice will become school curriculum, starting in kindergarten
Ban on prayer lifted for public schools

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EDIT AT THE TOP BECAUSE IT'S AN IMPORTANT EDIT! is like The I've italicized everything that's hoaxy, which is pretty much all of my question. The only part of my question that remains is week-old news. I suggest you move on.

This question requires a bit of background.

Last week, Bill Nye (The Science Guy!) posted a video where he explains his belief that the concept of Creationism isn't appropriate for children.
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He went so far as to claim that teaching the concept of Creationism in the classroom (presumably as a "science") is destructive to the nation as a whole.

Do you agree?
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In the book I'm rereading the protagonist can shapeshift in to 3 different animal forms a large owl, a sea otter and a Irish wolfhound. If you could pick 3 animals to shift into what would you pick?
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I'm going to a wedding tomorrow - the bride sent everyone a text yesterday saying that she wants us to know she doesn't expect gifts since she knows people are taking the day off work and traveling fairly far to attend. I'm pretty strapped, but I was going to throw $50 in a card for her. Should I still give it to her, or take her text as a sign that she really doesn't want gifts?
Got Rat

I hate talking about money

My husband and I have a joint account and we agreed we would put in £100 each month towards stuff for the house/holidays or whatever. My husband earns a lot more than I do and regularly puts more money into the joint account than he needs to. Sometimes he puts so much in that he needs to take some back out again near the end of the month. He regulalry refers to the account as 'his' money since he puts so much more in and spends it without mentioning anything. 

I told him to just put £100 in a month because I want to be as responsible for the account as he is, and to communicate with me if he was going to use it.

Then he lends £500 from the account to his best friend for a few months. The friend then pays a £400 bill of ours (my husband usually pays 100% of the house bills and I pay for all the food). He said the extra £100 could be a birthday present for him as he isn't bothered about him paying it back.

We then had quite a big argument about this which resulted in him saying that he wouldn't put any money into the joint account at all (Because he finds it impossible to just communicate?).

How can I help him understand?

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So I need to upgrade my phone (my 3GS iphone is getting slow, and freezing occasionally, highly irritating) but all my upgrade options for a new iphone are really expensive, and I'm a student.

Anyone have any tips/preferences from moving to iOS to Android? I was thinking of getting a Samsung Galaxy S III, not entirely sure.

I'm in the UK, so UK networks please!

EDIT: Probably stupid question, but would I have to use windows media player to get music on an android phone? I have a mac, wondering how it would work.

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Can you tell me WTF a "transanal minimally invasive surgery port placement" is for and how one goes to the bathroom with it in? What condition does this treat?

I found a very odd (and graphic) medical procedure watching funny commercials on YouTube.
*I'd like to say I did try Googling, still don't get it
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What the heck is this thing? It was about 2 inches long, bright green, and everything about it was skinny: its body and its legs. It had really long antennae, though I don't know if you can see them in the picture.

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When that one's been answered (within minutes, I bet): do you have a favorite bug/arachnid/creepy crawler? Why?

EDIT: Oops, fixed that HTML fail. Ugh.
EDIT Again: Probably a grasshopper. Just doesn't look like the ones I find in my backyard, is all. Carry on!

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How do you feel about eating unwashed fruit?

Completely unacceptable; I'd have to be starving.
I'd really prefer it washed, but if thats not an option I can deal
Eh, it doesn't really bother me either way
I rarely bother washing fruit/feel fine eating it unwashed
I actively avoid eating fruit that has been washed/don't believe in washing fruit

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I have to wear business smart to work. I'm really struggling with the shoe side of things. 
I'd rather not wear heels as I drive in. I also don't really like ballet shoes, but have been told my Dr Martens aren't smart enough. 
I like slightly odd choices, like T.U.K. and Irregular choice, but obviously they need to fit with work stuff. 

Any suggestions?

ETA: Also my back is KILLING me from being squished in a bad chair all day. A new chair is not an option. What exercises/stretches can I do for it?

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TQC, my internet took a crap and I missed the last two minutes of Wipeout. Will you tell me what happened after [Spoiler alert, and obviously don't read the comments either]Pistol-whipped tall dude made it past Spinergy? My internet came back quickly and another show was already on so clearly whatever happened, happened really quickly. Did he wipe out on the 3 C's at all?

Also, I hate that using the LJ-spoiler tag automatically moves things onto the next line.

Whatever I'll just Google it tomorrow. Uhhh anything post, talk amongst yo'selves.
rabbit, sexy

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I went to a wake for a deceased relative for the first time recently.  And instead of family members sharing thoughts/remembrance on the deceased, they chose that time to talk about how homosexuality is a sin, praising the female members in my family who serve their men the right way, female pastors are liars, etc.  A few homosexual relatives ran out the church, visibly upset.  So yeah, I left with my mind blown and still not able to get within 20ft of an open coffin.

How is a wake performed in your family?

dk/dc: What was your last mindblowin' experience?