August 29th, 2012

wtf is up?

I don't know if its me or what, but... lately my water tastes fermented... almost like rum, but only when its been sitting out for a while? Google search helped little... Any theories? What would you do about this? Am I losing my mind?

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Should I buy a Tennessee Football t-shirt?

I have a bunch already but I feel like Tennessee football is about to turn the comer on their rebuilding and start winning again and I'm wondering if a new shirt might bring some fresh luck.
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Do you know of any good non-partisan political podcasts (or even just websites) out there? There's basically no way I'm voting for Romney, but I'd like to be more educated on the election since I'm trying to pull my dad into the Obama camp (the economy being his main concern - it's not a lost cause since he voted Dem for the first time in the last election). Thanks!
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I was on IMDB and some lady was complaining about how Brave was too scary for her 4 year old (Well it's a PG, duh) and that whatever happened to the good old wholesome Disney movies. My first response was, what like the Donkey scene in Pinochio (sp?) Collapse )That still scares me NOW and that was made in the 1940s.

What other kids films do you remember having particularly dark/scary moments? I also found the pink Elephants in Dumbo freaky as hell.

zombie baby cede! :D

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What is your favorite piece of modern/classical art? 

What is the best way to kill time in an office? 
I don't even have to look productive, I just answer phones and just about nothing else. 

Would you rather...?

Would you rather, on a first date...?

Wear high-waisted, comfy fitting 'mom' jeans
Wear tight pants that gave you camel toe

Would you rather have...?

Photographic memory
Fluency in an additional language (your choice)

Would you rather, on a first date...?

Wear a gauzy white top with no bra
Wear tight pants that gives you an ambiguous large bulge in your crotch

Would you rather...?

Lose 1" in height but gain 1" in penis length (for the ladies, your SO loses an inch...)
Lose 1" from your waist size and gain 1" in height

Would you rather partake in a ...?

Sewage mud bath
Human sweat jacuzzi
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This sounded ridiculous as I typed it, but I need other peoples opinions/advice please!

I have a male friend who is making me pretty uncomfortable recently. We've been good mates and enjoy geeky stuff together, and use to go to the movies to see movies his g/f didn't want to (she knew and was ok, I know them both) She's since moved away from our city and they've split up. When she moved away, things he did and said started to make me feel uncomfortable. For example, he keeps dropping the 'you're hot' comment, and others, which I have tried to laugh off and say that this makes me uncomfortable, but he keeps on doing it. If we go places, he will make it difficult for me to pay (e.g, I tried to contribute £10 to a meal we had, and he not only refused, he said if I tried to give it to him, he'd stuff it back down my top). I find this weird and insulting-I have my own money and he can be quite condescending about it. He can be quite clingy (by my standards, I don't have a lot of close friends as I'm quite happy with my own company) and if I don't text straight back he will guilt trip me about it. To top it all off, a lot of people at the Roller Derby Team we both skate with for a while thought I was his g/f rather than his then g/f, because we hung out so much.

I don't know if I should confront him about this behaviour, or just start to put some distance between us. It is making me very uncomfortable to be around him. I examined my behaviour, and I don't honestly think that I have done anything other than hug him, which quite frankly, everyone on the team does. I don't even know if I have anything to be worried about!

Am I being overly paranoid?
If not, what do I do?

Also, what could you do with eating right now? (I want lasanga)
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I accidentally dropped a bottle of nail polish on the floor, and it exploded all over the wall and baseboard. Regular nail polish remover is just smearing it around. OMG WHAT DO I DO? Will pure acetone work to take it off? :( :( :(

EDIT: I tried scrubbing harder with regular non-acetone polish remover, tried rubbing alcohol, tried windex, tried chipping it off. None of those were successful, so I went and got a bottle of acetone, and dabbed with Qtips and it TOTALLY WORKED SO WELL. Omfg. Some of the wall paint DID come off onto the cotton, but it wasn't too much and I don't think it is noticeable (the wall is textured). I will check it in a few days and if it looks wonky, I will repaint that bit of the wall, but so far, I think it will be ok. Thanks for all your suggestions! :) /EDIT

When was the last time you were super clumsy? :(
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How do you like your matzoh balls?

dense and sinky
light, fluffy, and floaty
it doesn't matter as long as it doesn't crumble when I try to get a spoonful
lol balls
no opinion

What size do you prefer your matzoh balls to be?

tennis ball
no opinion

Are you okay with matzoh balls made from a mix, or should they always be made from scratch?

either is fine
noooo from scratch!
balls balls balls
seriously, I don't care.

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At what age do you think it's a little too old for a child to start crying after he/she falls and scrapes a knee?

What is your stance on children crying about minor things? Do you let them cry it out or tell them to stop?
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job hunting

Why are so many jobs temp-to-hire? Do companies really think they're going to find higher-quality candidates that way, or do they just plan on dumping each worker at the end of the probationary period and starting over so they never have to pay a real salary or benefits?
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Sally works full-time as a bookkeeper for a small business and gets benefits and insurance through them. She needs knee surgery-- a surgery that her insurance will assist with. Her employer requests that she put off the surgery because it's the busiest time of the year for the store. She agrees, works the busy time despite her ailment, and reschedules the surgery. The day before the rescheduled date of the surgery, she is fired on the spot at work because "business is bad" and the store is going to close down. Nobody else is let go.

Is this as fishy as it sounds? Does Sally have a leg to stand on for any sort of legal action?