August 28th, 2012

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TQC, will you please talk me out of buying this even if it is cheaper at Amazon, $300 is ridiculous. I have been eying this for days and the want is not ebbing. Make it ebb! I'm more a fan of the books than the movies but this set just looks so cool. What is something ridiculous you want? Edited to fix LJ App formatting errors... Stupid app.
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Do you like your name? What is it?

How did your parents decide to name you?

I don't really like my name but it has grown on me over the years so I don't hate it anymore.

My mom babysat a little girl with my name and she fell in love with it.

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Lets say you have an identical twin. A job requires you to send in a photo - you have no good ones of you, but a LOVELY one of your identical twin. Is it acceptable to pass it off as you?

Anyone who is a twin, what 'switcheroos' have you done? Anyone who isn't, if you WERE what would you do?

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THANK YOU TQC!! I was doing some most excellent stretching this morning and i felt my spine POP back into place.

How much longer should I rest it before I go back to teh gym???
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So I've just finished tutoring my first ever student, and I'd like to receive feedback from all of my students eventually.
What should I ask him to comment on? Professionalism? Reliability? Approachability? Idk what else.

Also, I'm trying to get into volunteering, mainly for events around the city. What were some fun events / workplaces you volunteered for? What were the ones you didn't enjoy as much?
I've volunteered to work as an assistant at a children's autism centre, it was soo much fun, but disheartening at the way some of them treated the kids. I'm gonna be volunteering to be part of a spring event soon, very excited about that :)

Interview help!


Tomorrow, I have an interview! At a printing plant as a screen printer/press operator!
My best friend works there as a pre-press person and has bright fire engine red hair (rock and roll red by manic panic to be exact!) and lots of visible tattoos. All of her co-workers have very visible tattoos/piercings and large gauge plugs etc.

Is it safe to assume that I am okay to interview with blue hair? What would YOU do?

TL;dr from this point on probably.

I am very qualified for this position and the managers have been asking my friend repeatedly about me filling out an application(after hiring and firing 4-6 people who claimed to be qualified but weren't), I was waiting until I was fed up enough with my current job to send one in and sent it out yesterday and received a call today.

I would definitely sacrifice having bright blue hair for this job, but would rather not if I don't HAVE to.

I am REALLY fed up with my old(current) job and would really love this new job (ESPECIALLY BECAUSE ITS ON DAYS! YAY SLEEPING AT NIGHT!) so I am kind of panicking! Thanks!
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Am I the only one who thought the word "fugly" meant fine+ugly? As in someone who has both attractive and unattractive features?

Because apparently it means "fucking ugly" and now everyone thinks I loathe my appearance (when I'm merely disappointed by it).

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do you ever "closet eat" as in hide away in you room or another part of your home while eating a delicious food that you will fear you will be judged for? how often? do you consider this disordered eating?

do you know of any good websites for wedding playlists? did you hire a dj for your wedding?
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The day before yesterday I baked a large chicken breast in foil. When it came out of the oven I sealed it in Tupperware, and put it in the fridge to use in a stir-fry. So today i chopped it up and realized that it was still kind of pink in the middle. Since I am cooking it more in the stir fry it should be just fine to eat... right?

Thanks for easing my food paranoia :D

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Can someone help me figure out which actor George from SYTYCD looks like? I feel like there was an actress from Disney or Nickelodeon who looked just like him!

eta: I am pretty sure it was a female from "Are you Afraid of the Dark" but i can't find any photos!

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A Good Experience

Someone wrote on the community board at my school: Write about a good experience you had. Doesn't have to be recent and doesn't have to be seen as good by everyone.

Could you just write about an experience you had that was good in the comments?
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In your experience, what are some of the things that kisses can taste like? Go for both the good and the bad, and feel free to share any backstory if you want.

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Let's say your SO or good friend really wanted to take you to see, for example, a show, comedian, or a band they love, but you really aren't interested. You let them know you aren't interested, but they insist that you'll love it and they buy you a ticket to whatever it is.

After the show, they ask excitedly what you thought of it. You were really unimpressed and didnt enjoy it. Do you pretend you liked it, or do you tell them the truth? How do you word it?