August 27th, 2012

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So in the past year I've read tons and tons of Batman comics. Batman himself, Batgirl, Catwoman, The Joker, Robin etc.

What other DC character (or group) should I read now?

Poll #1862637 Comics

So what DC character (or group) should I focus on now?

Justice League (Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Arrow)
Superman (Superman, Superboy, Supergirl)
Green Lantern
Other (explain in comments)

Also mid-creation of this poll I decided I should ask about Marvel comics too. I tried reading Spider-man and thought he was super fucking whiny (it was Ultimate, as that's what I had access to at the time). So what Marvel comics should I try first?

Spider-Man, give it another chance!
Fantastic Four
Iron Man
Other (explain in comments)

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Hey TQC, do any of you have a friend who seems to constantly need validation around everything? How do you handle them?
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Do you have a particular co-worker that you really love? Will you tell me about them?

What's your most favorite part of your job? Will you tell me a little bit about it?

Do You Find This to Be True of Most People?

"...people, when interacting, naturally look for the intent and perspective of the other person, to give meaning to their words. We read between the words to understand the thoughts, feelings, and perspective of others. We are looking at “intent”; why are they saying what they are saying. We frequently read more into what is being said then the literal words. "
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Am I bad friend if I skip my best friend's birthday dinner with her family? I am dealing with a miscarriage at the moment and really don't feel up to going, but she seems really excited and I don't know how to say no.:-/ I really don't want to put a damper on her day but I feel like complete shit.
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any plans on what you're going to be for halloween this year?

what were you for halloween last year?

how about.. what's the best halloween costume you've ever had/see anyone in?

ETA: i'm thinking of being zombie amelia earhart... do you think i would need a brown (most likely faux) leather jacket/aviator hat/boots or could i do black? would black ~read~ amelia earhart? HALP!
google search keeps coming up with this general idea here also! what are those kind of pants called?

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This is probably a really obvious question but I cannot figure it out.

How do I make my Facebook statuses appear to those who don't have a Facebook account? I have my statuses set to public and have public search on, but my profile still only shows my 'about me' and not the statuses.
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My dentist is claiming that they can't do a routine cleaning without having x-rays of my teeth. This sounds like bullshit to me - like they're just padding the bill. What does TQC think?

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So I have TONS of awesome, yummy food in the house and a meal plan for the rest of the week ready to go. But I want to throw some stuff together and come up with some new ideas, but I’m feeling uninspired. Will you help me combine any the following ingredients into awesome meals or snacks? I also have most condiments and cooking standards (lemon juice, butter, white wine, etc.), plus ALL THE SPICES.

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How well do you deal with lack of sleep?

Would you rather go without food or sleep?

What position do you usually sleep in?

(I have a five week old who is going through a growth spurt. He wants to nurse every hour, is very fussy, and isn't napping well, so I am obsessed with all the sleeps I cannot have! :D)
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So I posted here asking what time McDonald's might call me. Didn't get the call. Have you ever been told by a place like McDonald's that they would call you on a specific day, but actually got the call back on a later day?
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Would you ever bring a religious-themed mug or a mug with a religious joke on it to your workplace (where I work, people tend to leave their mugs).

My favorite mug says, "Evangelists do more than lay people". I find it hilarious. It's a play on words mostly, a tiny poke at Evangelists. Too much? I think I'm more worried about the possibility of offending Christians who just don't get it than actually coming across an Evangelist that takes offense.
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Anyone here in the southern Louisiana/Mississippi area? If so, what are you doing for Isaac? Evacuating? Staying? What are your plans?

Horrible as this sounds, anyone else excited for it?

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This Saturday I'm going round my uncles house who's cooking me dinner before I go off to work in London for 4 weeks. What would you choose to eat out of these options? The dishes will probably come with seasonal vegetables and sauté potatoes.

What would you choose?

Homemade Lasagne
Homemade Moussaka
Toad in the Hole
Herb Chicken
Homemade Pie
Rib of Beef
Belly Pork
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I'm moving into an apartment soon. I have both an artist's table and a computer table in two different ends of the apartment. I have limited amount of funds but I want a good chair. My question: Should I get one really good chair that's expensive but I'd have to drag around, or two mediocre chairs that's cheaper and can keep at respective ends of the apt? The things I think about.

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A guy I just started talking to online asked if I wanted to have sex with him. My first reaction was "Wtf?" especially seeing as I put on my profile I have no experience with the opposite sex. Normally, I'd message back and say he's a perv then block him but I've been so lonely lately for male company (the guys I hang out with at the dojo are like brothers and I don't always get to hang out with them that often; all the rest of my guy friends have gone to college) that I'm tempted. What would you do? He seems like a good guy with the exception of this and someone I'd like to get to know better.

Have you ever been in love? Tell us about it. How did it turn out?

DK/DC: What'd you have for dinner? I had pizza from Little Caesar's. So happy it's so close to the dojo.

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What do you think of cloth diapering?

Would you/do you cloth diaper your baby? Why or why not?

Are there any things you/will do differently with your kids than other parents you know?