August 26th, 2012


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1. If you were a library book, what section would you be in?

1. What would your Dewey Decimal number be? Or your fiction genre?

2. How long would your checkout period be? How many times could people renew you?

3. What would your overdue fine be?

5. How far up your nose can you push your index finger?

8. How much of your hand can you fit in your mouth?

13. What was the last color you painted your fingernails? Toenails? Hangnails?

21. How happy do sunflowers make you on a scale from 1 to 17, with 12 being the happiest?

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when you have a hard lesson to learn, what "works best" for you? do you have to fail first and then you'll learn from the experience, or is advice and conversation enough to convince you to change/make better decisions/etc.? care to share any specific stories about learning experiences, growing up, whatever? inspired by my roommate who insists she can take on 95734985743 things and excel at every single one. 

don't care and whatnot: what is/has been your favourite "limited edition" flavour of any food/drink item?

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I usually have a pretty good immune system but....

3 weeks ago, I came home from Paris and immediately got sick with a cold.  I recovered about 5 days later, but had to work a lot and fly somewhere for a seminar.  When I got back, I got sick again!

I'm seriously in a WTF moment.  I am pissed. I've been sick twice in 3 weeks.  Has this ever happened to you?  Is my immune system shot?  I usually get sick about once a year :(

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I almost never get headaches ever. I'm going on 12 hours with a headache and I don't know how to make it stop. I seriously want to start crying. It's not from dehydration, as far as I can tell it's from exhautstion (I was out way too long with my kid earlier in the day when I should probably be on bed rest). 

It's too late too try taking a shower as it would wake my kid up in the next room and I don't want that at all. What else can I do that doesn't involve medicine of any kind? 

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so yesterday, my dog hurt his shoulder somehow outside and is now limping. He is trying to avoid using it as much as possible, but he is trying to walk on it a little more today. My family is divided about taking him to the vet. My sister and myself want him to go to the vet because he seems stressed out and for all we know he could have done some serious damage.  My parents  are saying "no, he'll be fine, he probably just sprained it or pulled it out of the socket and there's nothing the vet can do for that".  What would you do? Should we wait a little bit and see if it gets any better, or just go ahead and take him to the vet?

 He is a 9 year old pug if it matters. Also, he has not gone to the bathroom (#2) since he hurt himself.

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What year did you start using the Internet? When did you start using it regularly - well, for socializing and leisure instead of just for work or research?
How old were you?

How would you describe your Internet usage in abound 2000?

I used to go on the Internet sometimes when I was younger in the late 1990s, but only to research things or check my email. I started doing a lot more of my socializing on the Internet when I was 12, in 2002. I was pretty young then, so I don't have much of a conception of how people in general were using the Internet around the turn of the century, so I'd be interested in hearing anything anybody had to say about when they started using - even from the younger folk.

(This is for a story I'm writing.)

What's this "haha"?

What's the meaning of this "haha" in the context of failing to find or understand or do something?

Is there anything funny in failing?
If there is, can I join those people and laugh at their failure with them?


I got this question in an interview the other day and would like to know some best possible answers(I did not answer very well haha): [snip]

I can't seem to find it anywhere. Haha.

if so id like to see some online texts about it b/c I googled and couldnt find any haha, thanks

I'm so sick and tired of reading haha.
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What is wrong with my computer? 

I have a macbook that's several years old and crappy DSL internet (because I'm poor). Safari is crashing like nobody's business (five times in an hour). I thought it might be crappy Safari being crappy, so I downloaded Firefox. It crashed within five minutes of being downloaded and then I was unable to open it and had to force quit three times in a row. I'm getting blank menus for things, I've had to reload Finder a few times. 

I'm kind of freaking out because I paid $400 to apple last summer to have my screen and some other things fixed and then I had to pay $300 to apple this summer to fix a wireless connectivity problem and now it seems like my computer is dying a slow painful death. I need it and I really need to the internet (preferably without the unexpected closing) because I'm a grad student. 

Does anyone have any ideas what might be wrong and how I can fix it?

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On average, how bad do your farts smell?

How gross is your gas?

0/5 - Can't smell them at all.
1/5 - Barely noticeable and disperses very quickly.
2/5 - Strong enough to be noticeable, but unlikely to offend.
3/5 - There's no hiding the stink, but it's no worse than average.
4/5 - Seriously smelly, and with hangtime. Dangerous in small areas.
5/5 - I can clear out rooms faster than a SWAT team.
6/5 - If "Stinkiest Farts" was an Olympic event, I'd be its version of Michael Phelps.
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The Word of the Day!

So, ladies and gentlemen of TQC, what's your word of the day today?

What's mine?  According to one spam email, Cockzilla is my word of the day.  *lol* (Yes, insert all the puns you want here - this deserves it! :p)

DK/DC:  Any interesting festivals/events in your area that you're thinking about checking out?  I want to go to Festival of Nations in Tower Grove Park - south city STL, but don't think I'm going to make it this year since I have way too much cleaning to do in my messy apartment!

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Two girls from a local high school just came around selling raffle tickets and calendars for a school fundraiser. I live in an apartment building where you need to ring buzzers to get in. They ran my buzzer and I didn't know who it would be so I went out to see who it was/what they wanted and they told me what they were selling, asked if I was interested/etc. I politely declined.

Just then my neighbor came rushing out her door angrily saying "Don't buzz people's buzzers! Why would you do that! You don't ring people's buzzers like that. What are you doing, what are you selling? Who are you selling these for?" and then said she was going to call the high school about it.

Is this an overreaction or is that really a no-no? I've had people ring my buzzer for campaigns and petitions before and never thought anything of it. I was shocked by her anger about it.

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Diagnose me Dr TQC?
I've been reeeally tired all weekend, though some of that I put down to starting my first office job. I had a headache all day yesterday, which I never get, and my joints feel achey. I also feel a bit light-headed and an area which feels a bit like my kidneys hurts. 
Whats wrong with me!?
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So I went to the 2nd interviews at McDonalds. In my opinion, it went great. The interviewer was smiling and laughing and seemed to be impressed by me. But of course, I'm pretty bad judge at this sort of thing. The only thing that has me even slightly optimistic is that summer is over and I was the only one there that had applied to my location.

Anyway. The interviewer said that if they wanted to hire me they would call Monday (tomorrow). I realized I didn't ask what time, so I went to the location I applied to and asked a manager. She said the offices there are open 9 to 5. I was mostly interested in knowing the job because tomorrow is also when I start school, and I have classes 10:30am to 4:20pm with varied breaks.

So what I want to know is what is the most likely time they will call if they do? 9 to 5 is just a bit too vague for me.

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TQC, may we play a game?

This is one you know, two truths and a lie. You post three things about you, two are true and one is a lie. Commenters will reply with which they think is the lie!

Mine in comments.

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My apartment flooded because the people upstairs toilet overflowed. I have photos of everything. I don't feel safe living in my apartment now because water was coming out of my light fixtures.

Thankfully none of my stuff was ruined.

What are my rights in this? Is waiting THREE+ hours for matienance in an emergency situation (HELLO WATER AND ELETRICITY!!!!!) a bit excessive?


I just came home from my parents house. I left here around 1 PM-ish it's not 9:42 PM and my bedroom cieling is now leaking. It's just a little drip, but the floor is soaked... AGAIN. This time I actually went up stairs and asked if anything was leaking there. They said no and offered to let me come in and check (uhmmm, no I believe you... thanks...?)

It smells, it's humid, it's wet, and all i hear is drip....drip....drip.... fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.
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come on, get happy

Things kind of suck at work right now. Well, not "kind of." Things are just hard. I've been sick all day and now I have to get all my stuff together so I can be ready to hit the gym early and then go to the office for another week that promises to be difficult. It's bringing me down. Way down.

Have you seen something fun/amusing today that you can post a link to?
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what's the general perception that the populace who are not in the path of tropical storm isaac has about what's going to happen with tropical storm isaac?

i ask because when i moved to new orleans in 2008 and we had to evacuate for gustav, the media exploded with overhyped panic-inducing information based on lots of speculation and false projections. i'm wondering what sort of information and overhype people are getting about isaac from rolling news and other news channels and media because it feels like it's not as much as a mediafail as gustav was, but i also don't own a television and haven't been watching the news.

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Does anyone want to proofread and critique my art history paper on Jenny Holzer? Its like 6 pages long double spaced. It's not finished and due at midnight. I've hit a wall and I can't bring myself to care to finish it but I have to.

DK/DC: What was the last really hated to do but had to?

This paper and my psych presentation are the last two thing I have to do in order to graduate college and I hate them both.

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So my best friend and I are considering going as Silent Hill monsters for this Halloween. What monster do you think I should be? 

In case it's relevant, I'm 5'8'', and a little on the, uh, slightly overly voluptuous side. So in order to make it look good, I need to be able to work with being somewhat tall, with big boobs, although I don't necessarily have to be anything female. So, like, super-jacked Pyramid Head is out unless I make it like a ~sexy female version~ or something. I'd prefer not to be a nurse because they're over-done.

What have you done recently that was a lot of fun?

Last night I went to a bar/rodeo with friends! It was so much fun. My friend's dad was in the band that was playing, and we watched hot cowboys rope cows and drank whiskey and ate BBQ.
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Female Vigilantes

I'm in the mood to read suspenseful stories of female vigilantes. Any recommendations? I've read Millennium series (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo etc) and loved them, so they're off the list.

If you don't know a vigilante book, what's your latest favourite mystery?

Thanks! :D

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If someone sent you a "save the date" for their wedding, does that mean that they are inviting you?

Let's say you work with some else who speaks German, as do you.  You and your coworker speak German to one another during work.  Your boss tells you that you must speak English while at work.  Is your boss in the right/wrong?
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What is the grossest thing someone close to you does?

What is the sweetest thing they do?

Describe your ultimate meal?

My boyfriend tends to go to the bathroom before showering but he doesn't flush afterwards to avoid fucking up the water temperature, and he puts the lid down and gets in the shower and forgets to flush when he's done so I go to the bathroom after him and there's his last potty break waiting for me. I'm so used to it now after living with him two years that I honestly don't really care anymore, but it is still pretty gross.

He laughs at me when I'm being stupid on purpose and acting like an idiot and doesn't ever make me feel bad for acting silly.

Pizza and plenty of long island iced tea - tons of cheese, a bit of sausage, tons of oregano.