August 25th, 2012


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If you could play a song to someone and convey a message through the lyrics, what would it be, to who and why?

I've just broken some habits of a lifetime and shaken off dead weight.
(Read: Got a bit of confidence and have moved on/not fallen for the 'charms' of the guy I was sleeping with)

What songs reflect my newly found confidence and willingness to move on from said idiot? 
I had been feeling The Offspring - Self Esteem, and now I feel R.E.S.P.E.C.T!
rabbit: potato chip of the forest

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Could you live with your ex husband/SO and be accepting of them dating/having someone live with you two?  Let say you are still living together because you have a child together and you somehow feel it is good that the kid has both it's parents.  Would this be considered some special emotional intellegents that maybe most people cannot grasp or do you think everyone should be capable of this kind of acceptance?  Tell me your thoughts. 

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I sold my car and am dropping it off at the new owners house tomorrow. I know the family because their youngest son is in the theatre program that I do volunteer work with and I'll be seeing them probably fairly frequently in the next two years. I gave them $2,000 off my original asking price and am giving it to them a day earlier than we previously agreed upon. The gas guage is between 1/4 tank and E. How much gas (if any) should I put in the tank before I drop it off at their house tomorrow?

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I received an odd facebook friend request today. The profile was pretty bare except for a picture and a few details. His profile said that he went to the same high school I did (in the same graduation class) and that he goes to the same college I do now. I know that the account is fake, however, because only 4-5 people from my HS class went to my current school and I know them all.  I also checked the university databases and there's absolutely no one by that name in my class. The profile also said the account was made only twenty minutes ago; and it had no friends. I just attempted to look at the profile again, but the account and friend request have both completely disappeared.

Does this sound like a run of the mill spambot, or am I justified in feeling a little creeped out? I've never had a spammer before claim to have gone to my college AND my high school before. :| Any explanations?

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Have any of you ever self-published a book? I'm thinking about doing that, but I'm a little unsure. Is any good? I know that you can have your books sold on Amazon by them, or at least that is what I heard. And what about e-books?

If it helps, the book that I'm working on right now is roughly in the fantasy genre; things tend to be a little different for books that fit in specialized categories or niches.

I just want to get the right thing done by my book. I've heard both good and bad things about self-publishing, so yeah.
Opus ack

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I've been training to run a 5K in the middle of September.

This week, I've been laid up with Collapse ). Between the pain and the painkillers, I don't want to do much of anything.

Are there any runners/athletes/encouraging people in TQC who can give me advice/ideas/support?

DK/DC/Don't run/OMG WHY DID I CLICK ON THAT CUT EW EW TMI: What's the most painful thing you've endured (physically)?
Bug-eyed Earl

Screw you

I signed into last night, and now every time I get an email, I get a pop-up, even though I have signed out of and deleted my cookies. I already have a Firefox add-on to tell me I have mail and I don't like that this thing is still signed in. How do I get rid of it? I see no option to turn it off.

Also, I don't like it. I let it incorporate my Yahoo and GMail accounts and all the LJ notifications that I deleted from GMail months ago are still in my Inbox.

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If you have children, are you doing anything to save for their college education?  What?

My son is almost 20 months and we haven't done much but I'd really really like to start something, even if it is small.  Any advice?

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What do you think about stores that won't let you bring a backpack in?
What if you were told you couldn't bring your purse in either, but you could leave it in an exposed cubby and no one would be responsible for it if someone walked off with it?

Inspired by my boyfriend's school bookstore. I was less than impressed to be told I couldn't carry my very normal size purse in.

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Anyone else get all phlegmy when they run? Whenever I go on a long run my nose runs and my lungs (I think?) cough up TONS of phlegm, and if it's cold my eyes will water. Why does my body do this?

DK DC: read any good nonfiction lately?

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i am allergic to everything under the sun basically (maybe even including the sun) and it makes things really difficult especially since i have a cat that i love dearly but am oh so allergic to. my eyes are itchy a lot and i give in to the temptation to rub them all the time. i take reactine every now and then but starting today i am going to try and take it daily. i'm a little worried that rubbing my eyes so much is eventually going to cause long-term damage to them... do any of you know if this is possible? google was sort of vague.

tldr: are you allergic to anything? do you take medication for it? how do you handle it?
Grumpy Angel

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Hi guys,

You know how iTunes has the "Genius" feature, that shows you a playlist with similar songs for any given song you select? Is there anything like that, but for music you don't already own? I'm looking for upbeat, pop-y music for working out, and I want to find things similar to Ke$ha's 'Tik Tok,' Pink's 'Raise Your Glass,' or Lady Gaga's "Poker Face." I know, I know - super cheesy, but I like them for working out, or for picking up my mood after a rough day.

Alternatively, any suggestions of similar songs I could look at?

*Edited for typo.

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do wash dish towels with towels you use to wash floors/bikes/grime and what not?

does it really matter if they're washed together, don't they come out all the same clean? or do they really not?

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Are you messy?

How often do you vacuum?  How often do you clean your toilet?  How long do dishes sit in the sink?  How often do you just "pick up" around your place?

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Who would you most like to hear reading a super steamy romance novel?

I don't read romance novels, but I think if Alan Rickman or Mike Rowe read them, I'd have a new favorite genre.


My eyesite is getting bad and I'm just under thirty, is it time to get laser eye surgery?  Have you had it?  Can you tell me if you're happy witht he results? How much did it cost?

I can't imagine being a non-glasses wearer.

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Are any of you bartenders?

We went to a nice dinner tonight in Sam Francisco. My grandma was treating the 6 of us. She normally orders Dewars on the rocks, but they didn't have Dewars. Our waiter suggested she get Johnny walker blue (I think). She said ok. She had two drinks over the course of the dinner. She didn't say anything when she was paying, but I just learned that her drinks were $40 EACH!!!

I never order ____ on the rocks so I have no concept of pricing, but I do know that my grandmas 'go to' drink would never cost close to $40/ea.

I plan on emailing the restaurant tomorrow- I feel like this is just wrong. Shouldn't they have suggested something similar in price range? Did they take advantage of my 85yo grandmother? If you live in an expensive city, how much should this have cost?
Sorry if my formatting is off, my phone is being difficult.
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How likely am I to get spooked while watching the original The Twilight Zone?

Do you like The Twilight Zone? What's your favorite episode?

It's late here so I don't want to get myself all worked up at night and I do remember being spooked by it when it was a kid, but I just came across it on Netflix and now I really want to watch it.
Blank Stare.

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I would rather die than have to look at irregular clusters of holes. (Especially the soulless eyes of spiders or lotus pods)

What's your irrational thing?
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