August 23rd, 2012

Mr. Pants Says

Oh look! Another Hair Q.

Let's pretend that you have long, thick hair. You love your long hair. Let's also pretend that you have arthritis and a lingering shoulder injury that makes keeping your long, thick hair brushed impossible without assistance. Cutting your hair is not gonna happen.

Would you go to a salon so that a professional can brush and then French braid your hair? If you do go, how much would you expect to spend?

DK/DC/I HAVE NO HAIR: Do you prefer living in the city, or the country?

ETA: Bought a hair brush I can hold without cramping my hands, and parted down the middle it is easier to brush. Thanks for all of the input and talking me down from spending $30/week for a "wash and set".
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A man describes his hair as a "Jewfro". Do you have a problem with that?

Does your answer change based on whether the man is Jewish or not?

Are you familiar with the term "Jewfro"?

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Should I order Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 off of Amazon for $5?

What computer games did you like playing when you were a kid?

I loved it when I was younger but I'm worried it won't hold up to my wonderful memories 8 years later. I played all kinds of simulations games (The Sims, Sim City, Zoo Tycoon, etc).

Edit: I'm buying the downloadable RCT2 pack that comes with the 2 expansion packs as well since it's only $5 more and I don't have to wait for it to ship.

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In general (not for religious reasons, and not endangered species), why are some animals valued more highly than others? Why is it okay for us to slaughter cows but not cats?

Do you think PETA activists/vegans (for animal loving reasons) are hypocrites if they kill spiders and bugs?

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I met this guy on OkCupid back in March, and we've been chatting online ever since then on a pretty regular basis. We've just recently finally started talking about meeting in person. The complicated part? We live in cities that are 45 minutes to an hour apart.

Because he said he traveled to my city for the past two consecutive weekends, he said he'd prefer that I come to his city. I've never been to his city before whereas he's been to mine many times, so I'm unfamiliar with his area.

Is that fair, or should he be coming to MY city given the circumstances I described above? Also, if he were "chivalrous" wouldn't/shouldn't HE travel the first time to see the girl?

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What music did your parents listen to when you were growing up? Do you like any music because of that nostalgia factor?

I can't stomach most country, but my parents listened to the stuff pretty much exclusively. I still love George Strait and the other artists they listened to.
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if you were seeking tutoring services, would you be bothered that your tutor's first language wasn't english, even if they were fluent in english now and not in their mothertongue?

Oh look! Another Penis Q.

Let's pretend that you have a long, thick penis. You love your long penis. Let's also pretend that you have arthritis and a lingering shoulder injury that makes keeping your long, thick penis stroked impossible without assistance.

Would you go to a salon so that a professional can stroke and then French your penis? If you do go, how much would you expect to spend?


(With apologies to thunderflyer. I couldn't resist the substitution.)

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Will you help name my new dog TQC?

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What's your least favorite thing about your favorite animal?
Is there anything else fellow animal lovers do that irritates you or makes you eyeroll?

I love dogs, I consider myself a dog person...but I hate jumpy dogs and dog breath. This dog is a jumper and I want to velcro him to the floor. I love ferrets but I absolutely hate the smell. 

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Why would someone want to black-out the tail-lights of their car/truck?

I Googled the shit out of that question, but I found very few results, and if the people who ask are answered, the answers are basically "lol, noob."

I just don't get the point.

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I am moving into Central London, (Camden/Kings Cross ish area if anyone cares) so that I can walk to university. Rents are expensive, but I can save money if I live with a family, or if I get a single bed room as opposed to a double bed room.
Pros/Cons to this? Also, would you personally prefer to pay more and get a double room, or could you be happy with a single room.

Dk/Dc: When was the last time you moved house? Do you prefer it now?

What I Learned Today...

So, I'm trying to study for the CSET, which I wouldn't worry about except for my HUGE, GAPPING hole of knowledge that concerns history. It's not that I hate history, but school honestly didn't spend much time dweling on the past.

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Anyone learn anything new today they would like to share?

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People who take packed lunches to work - 
what do you have?

I've just started working in an office, and even though i've been sat down all day i'm exhausted. No wonder everywhere has such a weight problem. 
Keep Calm and Drink Hot Chocolate

Portfolio Question

I have a potential job offer, and the executive pastry chef wants to see some samples of what I can do. I have a ton of pictures, and I don't know how many pictures I should send him.

What is a respectable amount of pictures that I should send?

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My 18yo son who just finished Basic training and Airborne school wants to challenge me to an arm wrestling contest next month. Which muscle(s) should i concentrate on??

all of them stupid
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Do you guys know any good books (fiction or non-fiction) that revolve around the Vietnam war? Not so much about the experience "back home" as it were, but the experiences of the soldiers, the Vietnamese, those who saw the war directly? But books about the politics and stuff behind it are cool, too.

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When was the last time that you made a decision, all for you, that you were really sure was right...and then you had to do a 180 because of someone else? Do you regret it? Wish you'd stuck to your guns?