August 22nd, 2012

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how would you describe republican and democrat in your own words?

im going on a 6km hike this weekend is that even far idk.. but what would you wear to a hike in 6-15C weather?

do you think i could start and finish a 2000 word essay from 4pm-12am? have you done something similar? tell me storiesss

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So, i'm starting my Masters in an intesnive physical theater training program, and when I mean intensively phyisical, I mean I drown in my own sweat everyday. I need to build a make-up kit that will withstand these intense days. Tell me, what are some of your favorite sweat-proof products that are extremely easy to apply?

Here's a list of what i'm looking for:

Foundatin/Tinted M/BB Cream
Eye liner
Brow pencil
Lip conditioner
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Would you describe being sexually assaulted 9 months as being forever ago? Would you be surprised if that person was still wary of sex or intimate contact in general, or if they told their boyfriend they thought they were ready and then retracted that?

And not gonna lie, this is a validation post.

New question: If I block a number through Verizon that person won't get my texts either correct? I'm hoping it's a double-sided block.
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have you ever been to the disneyquest arcade in orlando? was it cool? can you recommend anything else fun to do in orlando besides the theme parks? my boyfriend and I are going there for a small minication in a couple of weeks, because it's the nearest "big city" to our home, but the theme parks are a bit too expensive for us.

I want a brave man, I want a cave man

You're out with your SO. You meet a friend, somebody you haven't seen in a long time. As you three are talking, your friend touches your SO on the arm.

Is it your obligation to warn your friend not to do that? Should it be your SO's responsibility?

If the situation were reversed, would you want your SO to step in and say something, or would you do it?

EDITED TO ADD: Thanks for commenting. I should add that I don't care that much about it, but I was told that I should do something "out of common courtesy" and intervene.

EDIT (2): You can tell I don't do this for a living. I tried to word the question as ambiguously as possible to keep from skewing the results. I was, in fact, told by my SO that I should step in. The friend wasn't being flirtatious, but I didn't know that she didn't like him very much.
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When I was a kid (maybe 13 years ago), my mom's artist friend gave me a bunch of markers. They seemed really expensive. The way they looked reminded me of whiteboard markers - thick and with the same type of chisel tip. I think I remember that they smelled very strongly. The thing I remember most is, when you colored with them and you overlapped, the color didn't "build up" and look darker on the overlapped parts the way normal markers did. It looked kind of uh, seamless if that makes sense. Any idea what kind of markers these were? They came in lots and lots of shades and were just in a plain plastic tub when I got them.

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how limited of a schedule would a student have to have before the average employer would say fuck it?

i'm only going to be available to work fridays and saturdays (we're not open sundays) when school starts. however, i'm only looking for 8-12 hours a week, so i'd hope that's not too restricting.
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Best sites to shop for cute, girly clothing? I don't shop very often, but I find myself really wanting some cute dresses. (In particularly, I'm constantly on the lookout for a cute, short, peacock-print dress, but it's hard finding one that isn't expensive.) Like, sites like ModCloth and such. I know too little about where to look for these things. :/

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genuinely curious -

why is throwing around the words "murder" and "kidnap" so much more accepted than using the word "rape" casually?

People say things like "I'm going to murder/kill him" and people don't bat an eye. i feel like these are all equally terrible things and am genuinely curious about your thoughts.

i can't make decisions today

this is a hair question. my hair's currently about chin length, naturally wavy, thick & blunt and grows pretty fast. with that in mind, how should i cut it/grow it? it's getting to the point where it needs some shaping etc, but i'm at a loss. i prefer to keep my hair between jaw and shoulder length.

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Pet post!

Tell us about your pets - past and present!

What kind of pets do you have?
How old are they?
What do you love most/dislike most about them?
What have been your favorite pets in the past?

We'd love to see pictures!

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perhaps an odd question, but when you first started dating your significant other, how did you know it was "real"? as in, how'd you know you liked them and, more importantly (for this is my actual question), how did you know that they were falling for YOU also, and that it wasn't going to be just a fling, that kind of stuff.

if you're not dating anyone currently, feel free to say how you knew with exes, even if it obviously didn't last.

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Does anyone else have a signed copy of Bruce Campbell's If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor? If so, what did he write in it? Are you a guy or a gal?

ETA-- Mine says, "Meredith-- Give me some sugar, baby." with his signature. I was thinking about it the other day and found myself wondering if that's his standard for women. My ex has a copy too... trying to remember what he wrote in it. Oh, I think he wrote, "Groovy".

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Pardon my ignorance, but would homophobic parents ever care as much about the possibility of their daughter being a lesbian as they would about the possibility of their son being gay? 

I mean, I went to an all-girls Catholic high school, yet the parents were traditional.   And this was just not on the radar as a worry about their daughters. 
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Wedding outfit

I'm going to a wedding this Friday and with the invite came a "further info" sheet about transport, accommodation etc. It also says "hats are to be encouraged" for the party in the evening.

Is this a polite way of saying "please wear a hat"? I don't own a hat and will need to buy one if so.

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