August 20th, 2012

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Is it weird for a person's SO to dictate their hair color? As in they choose the color their SO dyes their hair.

Back story: A friend of mine's hair when I met her hair was blonde. It was a really light platinum blonde but they didn't really like it because when her natural hair color came through it looked terrible - she's naturally a brunette. So for a concert she dyed it black. Like jet black. It was terrible, she hated, her parents hated it, her boyfriend hated. So when she went home over a school break she dyed it red. For the next three years she kept and maintained the red. The whole time it was red however her boyfriend kept trying to get her to dye it back blonde saying she looked "hotter" blonde and sending her pictures of blonde girls saying she should get her hair this color or that color etc. So now that we've graduated and she's moved home and semi in with her boyfriend she dyed her hair blonde. And when I asked casually about it she was like "Oh because he wanted it".

I find this strange. And oddly controlling.

What am I not getting?
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Sorry for the grim topic, but if a family member died, would you feel obligated to pay off their debts, like credit cards or student loans? I was reading about someone who did and I was just really surprised because it never would have even occurred to me to do this.

Books on tape/CD... for nerds?

Can anyone recommend a source for technical books on CD, or blogs/vlogs that I could listen to in the car, that focus on software engineering, software design, or design methodologies? My commute is over an hour each way and I'd like to use this time to help grow professionally. I'm getting tired of listening to political talk radio and music is too mind-numbing. I need to grow my brain!
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Currently: I'm planning a small family party for my new baby and cousin C is most definitely invited. I seriously doubt aunt P's ability to "play nice" as she's notorious for holding grudges. My mom thinks I should invite aunt P and not cousin C basically because "C will understand and P will go nuts with anger at not being invited" but I think that's crap. I know that P will try to turn everyone in the family against me and never let it die if I don't invite her. WWYD? I'm sort of tempted to invite her but make it really really clear that C is coming, I love C and will not tolerate rudeness against her in my house, and just hope that P will choose not to come of her own accord. I don't want to make C uncomfortable (since IMO she has done nothing wrong), but I also don't want to cause an absurd family war by deliberately not inviting P. Thoughts?

(Yes, my family is all batshit crazy - just trying to get by and not piss anyone off too badly.)
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So I've been applying to everywhere and going to every possible open interview for a job. I've only had volunteer experience so it's been tough! But I just went to my (second) open interview at McDonalds and got told I'm in for the second interview!


When looking up the second interview stuff for McDonalds I'm getting contradictory results. Is the second interview for McDonalds a "you passed the first test, now are you the best?" or is it a "congrats you got the job! now to negotiate!" ? Please halp.
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Are you waiting for something right now? If yes, then what? I am waiting to get called back after a job interview and it is making me super nervous.

If a company is supposed to call you at 'the end of the week' and it is now the Monday after, do you get nervous? Do you think you've lost the job? Or do you just think companies are lazy about these things and will call whenever?

DK/DC: When was the last time you applied for a job?

EDIT: So I just called them and I'm not getting the job despite, literal quote, "being perfect for the job, but you're just a tad bit too introvert." I'm both pissed and devastated.
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How do I convince my best friend that I don't need her to set me up on dates?
She keeps trying to set me up with her guy friends...and some of them she apparently doesn't even know that well. I'd say out of oh...10 attempts only one has been semi-successful.

I tell her I'm perfectly capable of finding my own guys to date..but she "doesn't approve"...I guess she's trying to make the perfect couple for her and her husband to double date with. :/

I've already told her that I don't want to go out this weekend, but she keeps pestering me about it.

What creative excuse can I use to get out of it?

What annoying habits do your best friend(s) have?

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How nervous do you get before a first date?

ETA: What about it makes you nervous?
For me, it's getting there, making the first bit of conversation, dealing with the who pays issue, then knowing when it's time to leave (especially if it's gone well). 
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Needing ideas TQC of the romantic variety

So my boyfriend is having a rough day at work (he works in retail) and I want to surprise him with something nice to help him unwind.


A few ideas that I have include:


1. Making him dinner
2. Giving him a NICE massage
3. Fixing up the bathtub with candles, soft music, and maybe even scented oils to help (*cough*)


However I am also looking for other suggestions as well. Does anyone have any?


What do you do for your significant other when they are having a stressful day?

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Have you ever worked at a job where you never receive a lunch break?
Clarification: by that I mean you are not allowed to take any break, formal or informal, whatsoever during your shift to eat food.
Do you find this practice acceptable or unacceptable (not from a legal standpoint, but from your personal standpoint)?
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Do you have an experience where you wanted something really bad, but found out it wasn't going to happen...just at the last minute to find out that it was!

Brought to you by my daughter. When she left 1st grade her teacher went to 5th grade and she's been hoping all this time to get her as a teacher again. We found out over this summer she didn't get her and was disappointed. This morning she found out that they moved some of the kids around and she was going to be in her class!

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For those that deal with American currency...what's the smallest coin you'd stoop down and pick up off the sidewalk?

If it's not green it's not worth my time

You spy paper money at the bottom of a public toilet. The toilet appears to be clean (someone flushed it right before). What's the smallest denomination you'd reach in and grab?

No amount of money would make me reach into a public toilet. Ick

Outside a bar, you see a puddle of vomit. It's fresh. Whoever had done the dirty deed ended up dropping a bill in the mess and left it behind. It's floating on top of the pool of throw-up. What's the smallest denomination you'd retrieve, clean and pocket?

No amount of money would make me reach into a vomit. Ick

While walking late at night, you see a skunk. It doesn't notice you. You also notice a bill directly beneath its feet. Let's say you can't wait around til it leaves because you NEED to get home like five minutes ago. What's the smallest denomination that would make you try and scare the skunk off and risk getting sprayed?

No amount of money would make me risk getting skunked. Ick

You're at the horsetrack. You have $100 in your pocket. Someone who looks like an older jockey (retired) tells you that he knows the scoop, that #4 is a shoo-in, and that's what he's betting on. He knows people on the inside, and that's how he gets his tips. #4 has 8-1 odds. After getting the tip, how much of the $100 will you bet?

All of it. I'm convinced that he knows what he's talking about
Half. I want to believe, but on the other hand, I just met him. How much can I trust him? Still great reward
$20. I won't miss that so much if I lose, and if I win, it'd be some good $$
Normal bet. I don't see the need to raise my bet any higher
Nothing. I don't gamble
Not only do I spend my $100, but I pull out my credit/debit card for additional money

Lots of questions about dry brushing...

Do you dry brush? (AKA "body brush")

If you do, do you do it regularly?

Have you seen a difference in your skin since you started dry brushing?

Do you use oils when you dry brush or nothing?

I recently started dry brushing a couple times a week, so I'm curious about experiences people have had with it - so share anything about it as well! Tips, kinds of oils, etc.

EDIT: Here's a couple of websites that explain what dry brushing is: and

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What age (for you and your group of friends, personally) do you think is too old to have big drunken parties?

I think when most of my group of friends has children (only one has a child now) these parties will turn into "get togethers."
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Of your HS class (or your circle of friends from HS if you came from a large school) how many of them are now 'settled down'? 

How big was your HS class? 

If you were the ONLY unmarried (w/out kids et cetera) person in your HS reuinion, how weird would you feel? 

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I'm watching that channel four documentary, Ian Brady; End Games of a Psychopath.

So, to anyone else who is watching it or who has an opinion on Ian Brady I suppose;

Should Ian Brady be allowed to die?

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Is it really early for me to know what I want to be for Halloween this year?

If you know already, what are you going to be?
I want to be Miss Piggy.

What were you last year?
I was EVE from Wall-E.


TQC, do you think it's bad when competition with others is the only thing that motivates you to work hard? I feel like no matter how hard I try to set high standards for myself, I always end up giving up on my goals--not because I don't think I will reach them but simply because I lose interest. It's like my self-motivation just peters out until I find something else interesting.

If, however, there are people that I know I want to "beat" and be "better than," it's SOOOO much easier for me to get off my ass. I'll do anything, any amount of work or sacrifice if it means I can be the best or be better than someone else. Problem is, well, I don't know it seems like a problem. I mean, there's just something about not having that kind of inner motivation that seems like it's fated to fail at some point. Somewhere down the line, there may not be anyone to compete with OR competing with others may not give you what you want.

Obviously, I'm just projecting into the future. But, what do you guys think?