August 19th, 2012

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You are faced with the need to throw together some new sleeping arrangements for yourself and have a very limited budget to do so with. What do you go with? You will be sleeping on this for at least half a year.

Sleep right on the floor, with a soft, plushy blanket and a good comfy pillow
a blow up air mattress
very cheap quality futon
fold-out chair
memory foam mattress pad on floor
cheap cot

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Is there a certain food you really don't like, but you can tolerate it cooked a certain way?

Share your recipes please (if you have them). If not, share a picture of the food and the way you like it prepared.
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Does anyone else get anxious and uneasy playing video games or computer games? I like word games but anything involving stealth, shooting, suspense, or time limits makes me incredibly uncomfortable. As in, once my boyfriend tried to teach me to play Halo and I started crying and freaking out. :( Any advice on how to get over this? I'd like to be able to play with friends....

Unrelated: have you ever played Golden Tee Golf?

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Where do you draw the line between a healthy level of self confidence and being full of yourself?

eta: which celebrities do you think exemplify either one of the above? this question brought to you by taylor swift because i cant tell which she is.
[[shalina nila]]

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ok guys, getting a new phone.. (finally)
question is.. which one?? [fyi, i have sprint]


opinions? thoughts? experinces? your help is very much appreciated.



What food/meal do wish wish were magically healthy, when in fact, it is not?

Mine is pork chops and eggs.  I usually make two thin porkchops and two eggs over medium and cut them all up into a heap once a weekend, but I would eat it everyday if it weren't so bad for me.

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Have you ever changed the person you loved or tried to? What was the situation? Did it turn out well?

When I first met my boyfriend he had perfect skin...except some blackheads on his nose. It was driving me fucking nuts so I bought him pore strips and now they're gone. It turned out amazingly well and now he's really into skincare.
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i just got home from a dance class (my first ever!) and i'm feeling super energised. i dont have anything else to do today, so what should i do after my shower tqc?

- take a stroll around the city, have a drink somewhere
- get high at home and scroll thru ONTD
- get high and take a stroll 
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How do you feel about / respond to requests for you to make a filter in your personal journal for a topic someone doesn't want to see on their f-list for whatever reason?

If you have FB, how many friends are on your list?  How many of those do you interact with on a regular basis (or at least enjoy reading their updates/posts/links)?
  • queensj

Craft Ideas

I'm not having any luck on Pinterest. I want to make a Nova Scotia themed craft for my dad. I was thinking maybe something made of the tartan but with minimal sewing. Something more creative than a collage.

Any creative ideas?


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I've misplaced my wallet. I've looked through my house but I can't find it-what do I do now?

I've been told I should call the police to report it missing to protect myself from fraud. My day sucks today.

What have you lost recently?

APA in-text citation question

I promise I scoured Google for the answer to this before asking TQC, but to no avail.

I am writing a paper in APA style in which I am citing an editorial. Each author has their own section within this article, where they tell their opinion on the overall issue. I am discussing two different viewpoints given by two different authors. Is it possible to cite each author for their specific viewpoint, or do I have to just say (Reagan et al., 2003) (the way this would be cited for a regular article) for each thing?
just a bill
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I have graduate school orientation on Tuesday night. I will have been working (nannying) all day prior to this. For my nanny job I usually wear Soffe cheer shorts and a t-shirt. Can I wear that to orientation or do I need to dress up?
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Help me out TQC! My mom and I want to go on a spa weekend next weekend or the one after, but we're at a loss about where to go. We're thinkng a destination-type spa, where we can spend the whole weekend getting pampered. Requirements: near the ocean, on the east coast, not in Miami (idk why, but she doesn't want to go there). Price isn't an issue. Any suggestions?
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How do you deal with someone when you go to them with something that is concerning you and all they tell you is oh don´t worry about it or oh you worry too much. And even if its true it doesn´t solve anything or change anything or do anything?
macaroni murder lady

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1. It's the same old question: I'm taking antibiotics, and I'd really like a drink; it's been a stressful week. What's the worst that could happen? What's the best-case scenario that's still harmful? Basically convince me not to, but with science. Or encourage me; whatever your heart tells you.

2. What kind of unusual/atypical sounds give you a negative physiological reaction? The Call of the Turtleman is one for me, as are certain tapping rhythms people will do unconsciously. Dry cardboard sounds will make me leave the room, which is occasionally inconvenient at work. More weird than just nails on chalkboard, kids - make me feel not so alone?