August 18th, 2012


things that make you mad that are probably not worth getting mad about

I'm trying to find a restaurant in a place we don't go often, so I'm looking at menus online. And nearly every time I click on one, it downloads a PDF. I HAAAATE THIS. I understand why (faster/easier to update these PDFs than to go into the page and make changes) but I still hate that my desktop is cluttered and now I have to clean al these PDFs off it, I have to open another program just to look at the menus, etc. It might be easier for their web guy, but it's sucky customer service. But of course it's a small thing that I shouldn't even GAF about to begin with, and I realize getting mad is dumb.

What small thing makes you irrationally angry?
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So I'm going to this fancy Indian restaurant for Restaurant Week in DC. Just under 3 hours later, I'm going to this party in the #5 douchiest bar in DC. I wanted to wear this strapless zebra print dress to the party, but I can't really wear that to the restaurant, can I? Is there any way I can make myself look less tacky while still wearing the zebra dress?

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Can anyone walk me through what I would do to wipe my Macbook? I've backed up my files on an external harddrive but I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing next. I tried following my Mac reinstallation instructions which told me to erase things using Disc Utility and then reinstall but it didn't clear it. I'm looking to completely wipe it since it's been about 3 years without.

Thanks, if anyone can help.


My brother robbed me and owes me $10,000. This happened about 2 years ago. He 'changed', and I let him move back in with me. (VERY stupid, I'm sure you can guess where this is going)

He lived here from January-April while paying not paying rent, not paying for food, not paying for ANYTHING. He did nothing around the house/to help out, I even did his laundry and made him meals. In May, he started paying rent. He choose to pay 'double rent' for 6 months so he only had to pay 6 months out of the year. Fine by me. In June, he stole $6,000 worth of equipment from me, and is now in Jail, again. So he paid double rent for 6 weeks, after not paying rent at all for 4 months.

My dad calls (who I am estranged from, we hate each other) and wants to know 'what we can do about getting my brother 1/2 the rent he paid back, about $600'.

Is he totally out of his FUCKING MIND??? I am literally shaking, hot, fuming, freaking the fuck out right now, so if this doesn't make sense, I apologize. Please validate me so I can attempt to calm down and hopefully laugh off his stupidity.

EDIT: Should I send him a gift from

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So at some point, probably sooner rather than later, I will need a new car. I love the car I have, the problem is the company (saab) went out of business, so it's really hard to get parts for it, should I need to.

So... what kind of car do you drive? Do you like it?

DK/DC/Don't drive: what is your preferred method of transportation?
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to get back in to french mode, i want to have some cartoons on while i do other work. what movies (eg disney?) should i get?

edit--can be any subject/theme, just something that might be fun to watch in french :)

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Will you tell us of a time you were filled with rage on another person's behalf?

Like maybe you witnessed a grave injustice, someone said something nasty to your mom, or something like that.

Should I take this job?

So last week I got offered a new job, and I need to decide whether I want to accept or decline by Monday.

Pros: it would get me out of my call-centre job, it's more money, and it would mean getting on the bottom rung of the career ladder I want to progress on.

Cons: the commute is an hour and a half each way, and for the early shift it'd take 2 hours to get in (that would be maybe twice a week). after paying for transport, i would actually only have the same disposable income i have now. there are three other jobs in my home city which pay better, i have a good chance at, and the interviews are coming up in the next month. i don't deal with stress well and i'm worried the commute/tiredness would fuck me up.

obviously the cons paragraph is much longer, but the pros of no longer working in a call centre and actually beginning career progression are huge.

What would you do?

What difficult decisions are you trying to make right now?
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Car/stomach aches...random curiosity

When you have a stomach ache/etc do you prefer to be hot or cold? Say you're in the car on the way to work and you have the option of blasting the heat, or leaving it off...which do you do?

Also, if you have keyless entry, does your car beep to let you know its locked? Mine used to, and I'm so grateful I have the option to turn that off!

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Where should I go for birthday dinner tomorrow with the immediate family? Today was birthday, but I had homework to do, so couldn't go out.
-Living in San Bernadino county.
-Trying to keep it not super expensive. Nothing over roughly 70-100 bucks for 5 people.
-Dad and brother do not like fish.

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My fiance just dropped a coin in the toilet (which was clean and hadn't been used yet). He wore a rubber glove to get it out, then proceeded to throw the rubber glove in the bin. This is wasteful as hell right?

I would have just reached in with my hand and then..washed my hands. Toilet water is still water.

Dk/Dc - What is the most wasteful thing you've seen recently?

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In need of your help, TQC.
I'm trying to work out sizing on this chart:

The measurements i'm trying to find sizing for are:
Chest: 82cm
Waist: 77cm
Hips: 82cm

I'm not sure whether to go for 2XS as it's somewhere in the middle or XS because it fits the waist measurement. any ideas?

Thanks in advance :)