August 17th, 2012

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How do you (personally) get your eye make-up off? I've been reading some people using a sea sponge with vaseline? Some people are using baby oil or baby shampoo with q-tips? Has anyone found a method that works, and works well?

I've been using cotton balls + eye make-up remover, but it simply hasn't been cutting it. I get this dark 'shade' around my eyes that I just can't seem to get off.
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have you ever cheated on a s/o? if so, why?? how did it turn out?

have you ever been cheated on? how did it turn out?

(i don't understand cheating.. i mean, if you love someone, it's easy to be loyal to them, right? at least that's been my experience.)

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Do you ever add anything to your beverages that some might find just a bit odd?

When I brew my coffee, I make it with a dash of salt on top of the grounds. I feel like it makes a tastier cup of coffee.

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TQC, when was the last time you did something incredibly stupid? Did it result in any success?

I'm planning to move to Italy this December to be with my friends even though I've heard it's extremely difficult to get a job. :(

What'd you have for breakfast this morning? Are you willing to share?

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is it a bad idea to call in sick on a friday? i actually am puking sick and don't have a job where i can get to a washroom or trashcan instantly, but i'm afraid they'll think i'm faking because of the types of jerks who fake sick on fridays. :(

i did, thanks :)

do you hate calling in sick?
what are some seemingly small things that stress you out?

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I'm going to a festival today till Sunday evening. 
Should I bring my iphone or buy something with better battery life?
(I'm not worried about losing it etc, just being able to contact people if we split up)

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To those who have young children and are working:

Was it a difficult decision? Would you rather be home with your child? Do they go to day care or have a babysitter?

Or if you are working now and plan on having children, would you be a stay-at-home parent if money wasn't an issue?

I am just thinking about how difficult it might be if I were to stay at home for 3-5 years after my first child is born..and then trying to get back into the workforce. Do any of you have experience getting back into the workforce after an extended period?
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Are you a "good" person or a "bad" person?  How do you know?

Do you think most people are good or bad?  Do you know anyone who is a bad person?  What makes them bad, in your opinion?

In Your Dreams

This poll is closed.

Which of the following best characterizes the content of your dreams (people, places, situations, etc.)?

Predominantly stuff from the distant past (childhood, or at least 20 years ago)
Predominantly stuff from the recent past
Predominantly stuff from the relative present
It's about even, 1/3 each
A hodgepodge that doesn't fit into the above choices

What is your age range?

Under 20
Over 50

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What are you excited about?

I have not seen my s/o since the beginning of MAY, and he arrives here on Sunday afternoon for 3 whole weeks. His best friend (I know him as well) is coming too! I'm SO NERVOUS... and excited all at the same time. I feel like I'm about to pass out from these mixed emotions.

What do you order at subway?!

-6 inch (but let's face it, I could eat a 12 inch most of the time) turkey (or BLT), ALL the veggies, extra pickles, mayo and hot sauce.

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Would you rather have dinner with?

Johnny Depp
Stephen Hawking

Would you rather...?

Get a genital piercing and keep your house keys dangling from it
Get a 6" neck tattoo of Tom Cruise's head with the words 'Scientology forever'

Would you rather...?

Be a regular on the Kardashian show, dealing with all those people every single day for a month
Be the Octomom's live-in nanny for a week

Would you rather...?

Have a one-time use 'get out of jail free' card, applicable for any crime
Have a special Starbucks card that gives you a free beverage once per day

Would you rather be trapped on a desert island with...?

Scarlett Johansson
George Lucas

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I use to use Foxytunes when I was playing iTunes songs while browsing the internet. Looks like since the new update of Firefox got rid of the status bar, it isn't compatiable anymore. Does anyone else have a better application or idea to get a similar feature?

Also, on iTunes there use to be a checkbox next to songs to keep them from showing up in iTunes DJ. Did they take that feature away completely, or is it somewhere else now?

Can you tell it's been like, 4 year since I used iTunes?

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How old is the oldest thing in your freezer? I just helped clean out my parents' and there was stuff in there from 2006 (!!).

On a semi-related note, how long do you wash your hands before they feel clean?

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Is there anyway I can update or better the spellcheck on google? I know I should use my brains instead but it was rather useful and easier sometimes when I am not having a good day. It used to be really good but It's seem though it's just getting worse and worse. It's worse the Ms word's.
I will say however it's a great tool for laughs for what it gives me sometime.
Cheers in advice.
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Is it worth it?

A situation close to me, not mine... someone keeps calling me for directions.

A friend hired you to deliver cases of a product (wine in this case) on the weekends for awhile (possibly months). They had a surplus and did a Groupon and suddenly have too many orders to fill. You aren't being paid for drive time or paid per mile to offset wear and tear on your car, but you are being reimbursed for tolls (of which there are many) and gas. You are being paid $2.50 before taxes per case. You have to drive an hour away to refill your mid-sized car if you are delivering a lot of cases per day. You have a delivery radius encompassing two major metropolitan areas 70 miles apart and they expect you to make about 100 deliveries (averaging about 100 cases) over the weekend. You thought it sounded like a good deal, but then it turned out that they expected you to schedule your own deliveries and plan your own delivery route (you do not have any sort of GPS and know only some of the areas well; customers must also be present to sign)-- time and effort you're not being compensated for. They claim that they can't pay you any more because the discount has them practically giving it away. You're 5 hours into your first delivery route and pretty peeved that you've only delivered 5 cases. Would you stick with it and see if it gets easier or just go ahead and accept now that what they're expecting of you is ridiculous and tell them you're sorry, but no.

Do you think it's a bad idea ever to do business with friends because of crap like this?

If "it depends"--
You have a decent job but want to pick up more cash. Where you live, $40,000 is considered low-income. A four-bedroom house costs about $4-500,000 and a 2-bedroom apartment is about $1300/mo. Between your income and your SO's student loans, you subsist on about 2,500/mo. for two people, but have a lot of medical costs.

ETA Is this even legal? They're not being paid under the table. Does this fall under some kind of commission law?

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If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what meal would you choose? This includes the entree, side dishes, dessert, and drink!

For me it would be pulled pork barbecue slathered in a good sauce, topped with cheese and coleslaw on a bun, with side orders of mac n cheese and more cole slaw, with iced tea to drink. No dessert necessary.