August 16th, 2012


Fix My Lack of A Social Life At Uni

I am socially lazy + shy (mistaken for cold snob). How do I make friends with minimal effort? Bonus if you can address this in the context of my small cliquey university where everyone knows each other already and I've been gone for a year (study abroad).

Or should I give up and watch Netflix all day?


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Are you currently unsatisfied with your life?

Is there a particular time period in your life that you would like to relive again? For me, I'd want to relive the time period of August 2008 to May 2010; that was when I was in graduate school at MTSU. I had a better life there. Any other time between April 2003 to July 2008 would be decent, too. In general my life is just really burdened now.

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Someone posted a twitter account about stupid things their new coworker said and it was rather funny. But now I've lost it and can't find the post-does anyone know the account name?

DK/DC: What was your favorite cereal as a child?

Fruit loops FTW!

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So its going to be 100-102 degrees for the next two days :( I live in Oregon and this is very rare for my area.

I am forced to stay inside my upstairs apartment with no AC because I have a dear little 4 week old son and my husband takes the car to work.

The heat makes me really nervous for my son. My sister says I am worrying too much and that babies are born in all climates and are fine. I am planning on keeping him in a diaper only and giving him cool sponge baths and nursing frequently to make sure he stays hydrated.

Should I be worried? What are you tips/advice for keeping yourself and a baby cool?

sexy times

If you live with your SO and/or see them every day, and are sexually active, how long is too long to go without sex for you? For your partner? This is assuming there are no life/health issues that would prevent it.

How often do you want it?
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What's your favorite eggplant recipe? I have two medium eggplants that need to be used relatively soon, and idk what to do with them!

Is there any way to hang posters on plaster walls without framing them? Sticky tack did not work. :(

What is your favorite hard candy?
eat me

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what's the last thing someone gave you that they thought you would like?
(Food, drink, film/TV/music recommendation, clothes, a hug..)

Did you like it?

My friend thinks I will like the West Wing. I haven't watched any of it yet, but my friends are usually right about these things!
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1. Have you ever been friends with/gone to school/college with/lived in the same town as/been related to somebody who has been convicted of a serious(1) crime? Will you tell us about them?

2. What kind of animal is featured in this picture?

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I have an employee who has been out of work for 2 days because he 'hurt his shoulder'. Just got a call that he went to the doctors today (late on Thursday) and he can return to work on Saturday. This makes ZERO sense to it just me being suspicious? Or does this make no sense? Go to the Dr.'s and they tell you to stay home for one day? He's called out several times for bull shit reasons and I think this is another one...

Opinions please!

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Do you think you could survive being lost in the woods for five days? (Say it's mid-spring.) You'd have to find clean water to drink, find food without poisoning yourself, build a fire at night to keep warm, not get eaten by predators, etc.

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Guys I feel like an asshole. My dog developed a weird GI condition and can now only eat one type of food. I had an opened, large, barely used bag of expensive vet food. I also had a ton of different treats, all of which were opened. I called the humane society to see if they would accept them since they were open. They said as long as they know you it's no problem. I feel like such a jerk bringing down my "used" food since I have never volunteered or donated anything there otherwise. I had good intentions but felt like I was just pawning off my garbage to them. I plan to go down and make a donation in a few weeks of either money or unopened unused supplies. Was my donation selfish? Should I feel like a jerk?

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Advice for an internship?

I am starting my graphic design internship soon and I have never worked before (the only things I have worked are simple like promotions and data entry and stuff like that). I am scared of not knowing what to do or not knowing how to use the programs professionally. I have seen some of the stuff the earlier interns have done and they are amazing. Any advice?

Also, are there any graphic designers here? where do you work currently?

ugh. why am i asian?

I'm having a dumb argument with my dumb older sister. Basically, I just finished nursing school, passed my boards, it's been three weeks and I haven't gotten a job/interview offer yet. So I'm doing freelance investigative/research work on the side for my brother-in-law.

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So I guess I'm looking for validation here. Do you think it makes any sense to pick up more work than you can handle in order to "get better at it" and to make more money (even when you are already making a decent amount) or is it better to work on one report at a time until you are really fast and then take on more? I am worried that in trying to do a good job, I am actually being lazy...

Oh and also sister and dad think I should give up on nursing since "it's already been three weeks" and "your BIL has an art degree and he's not doing art". Does that make any sense to you?

Granted, my dad has also threatened to kick me out of the house for not being thin enough, but that's another story...
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Settle an dispute (that isn't a fight, just different opinions) for my partner and I.

IF you are married/civil unioned/in a long-term relationship with someone, and your SO's sibling has a child, are you considered that child't aunt or uncle? Or is just the sibling of the parent?

If you are in such a relationship and your SO's sibling has a child, do you call them your niece/nephew or are they just your partner's niece/nephew?

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So, TMI time.

Have you ever taken a dump so large and solid that it wouldn't flush? And then had to use the plumger to make it go down? And then had to plunge the toilet a few times (like, flushing five times while plunging) to stop the water from backing up?

Yeah. It wasn't pleasant. -_-