August 15th, 2012

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I need some ideas!

My sister just has a serious bacterial infection spread all over her body (from an infected tooth... let that be a lesson to you all, get that shit checked out ASAP) and was in the hospital for a while. She's home now, but she has to basically rest and recover for six weeks. She's still pretty sick and she's not allowed to work, drive, do anything strenuous, etc. But my sister has four kids and she's the type who goes stir-crazy. I am staying with her to help her out, drive her around, help her with the kids, etc., but I need to figure out how I can make her sit down and physically rest without making her insane from boredom. She doesn't like doing mindless tasks (like watching TV), she likes getting things done and feeling efficient. What can she do (or she and I do) that won't involve using her mind rather than her body? 

I feel like this is a long shot, but any ideas/suggestions is very appreciated :)
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I'm going to buy a MacBook from the school store. Usually they have a buy a mac, get a (~$80) printer free deal. But right now they have the buy a mac, get $100 itunes/apps/whatever giftcard.
I don't really need one of those, though. 
I need a printer and would like to wait for that, but I'm also afraid they won't have that deal.

Do you think I'd be able to sell the gift card anywhere?
any ideas where, how much i could sell it for?

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WHY does the food in the magazine recipe looks super yummy.....but when you follow the directions ~exactomundo-ly!!~ it looks like cat food????

EDIT O MATIC- I am an excellent cook. Anyone who's survived one of my meals will tell you.
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If you had a book collection that was the most important material thing to you, would you let your husband read your books in the bathroom? What if he was feeling sick and likely to be on the toilet all day with nothing else to read? Am I a huge meanie for not letting him? Because he thinks I'm a huge meanie!

ETA: Most are not expensive/rare or anything, my collection just really really means a lot to me. I'm crazily OCD about not breaking spines, folding pages, etc.

Slang of dubious content and debatable meaning

Hi there, TQC! Today we're going to discuss some slang that you probably haven't heard since middle school. These terms have various meanings, so in order to clarify them, will you please detail the following scenarios?

1. Making out: if you were to "make out" with someone, what would this entail?

2. Hooking up: X "hooked up" with Y at a party. What happened?

3. The bases: X has just gone to home base with Y. What is home base? Which other bases have X and Y visited on their way to home, and what did each entail?

If you can think of any similar words and terms, please post them for discussion.

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How do you motivate yourself when you really don't want to move!?
I have to really clean my room and set up the baby things but I could just as easily go to sleep right now. :( 

What was your last dream about?
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why can't i customize my tumblr? i just signed up, & i tried to "customize" but it says that i have to wait till they send me an email with a link to click. I know for a fact the email ive typed in is right. I dont believe that there is anything wrong with my email since im still getting incoming emails todeay. Clich in the from there end? Or am i doing something wrong? i've even clicked to send me another one. & still nothing..

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Anyone have any experience using Co Q10 supplements? Especially for blood pressure or cholesterol? Any testimonials from you or people you know?

Is it worth paying for? The cheapest I can find is on Amazon. 120-count 100 mg for 13 dollars. I've seen this same product at CVS for $42. My SO is currently taking it to try and lower his blood pressure after getting a pre-hypertensive reading at the doctor. He is also really cutting back on sodium, but it's making him a miserable bastard.

What is the weirdest thing you've even in desperation of not having food in your house? I call these "cabinet scrapings." For example you're broke until payday and all you have is a jar of mango salsa, a can of beets you inherited from your mother, and 2 bread heels. Guess what's for lunch.



For each line, there's 3 names. Of those 3, you have to marry one, you have to fuck one, and you have to kill one. Who do you M,F,K?

1. Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner

2. Black Widow, Iron Man (without the armor), Bruce Banner

3. Michael Cera, Jesse Eisenberg, Ellen Page

4. Conan O'Brian, Jimmy Fallon, Craig Ferguson

5. Brad Pitt from Fight Club, Brad Pitt from Interview with a Vampire, Brad Pitt from Troy

6. Catwoman (Anne Hathaway), Joker (Heath Ledger), Bane (Tom Hardy)

7. J-Wow, the Situation, a RealSex doll of yourself

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My sister-in-law just turned 16, and since I was out of town for her party, I promised that I would have her visit me in Portland (she lives an hour away in Salem, OR) and we'd do something special to celebrate. Her only request is that we wear fancy clothes. She wants to wear her prom dress and she wants me to wear her favorite evening gown of mine. But...then what should we do?

I don't have the money to spend on a fancy dinner, but would like to do something more special than just dressing fancy and seeing a movie. Do you have any ideas, TQC? I'm hoping to keep it under $50 or so...
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I have to be out of this house in 2 weeks time. I have bad credit, and my husband and soon to be roommates currently don't have jobs as of yet.

That being said, are rental locator services reliable? There is one that says they guarantee to find me something, but they also want a $79 fee for it. Should I trust it? I'm pretty desperate.

Most of the properties I keep finding in the classifieds are them.
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Anyone want to show me how to add a livejournal to a page? I've tried doing it under RSS (I put and that hasn't worked...

What makeup product have you been loving atm?

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Do you have a roommate/live with someone?
Do you and the person you live with have compatible taste in television?

My roommate watches food network constantly and, I'm not gonna lie, I think it's incredibly boring.

Kid's Class

I'm teaching a 3 to 5 year old Jujitsu class on Monday and Wednesday. I don't do Jujitsu so we obviously won't be doing Jujitsu things (at that age, it's just punching, kicking, and front rolls anyway but we don't do much of punching and kicking in my art). However, I've been helping teaching it since March and the kids know me. Class is 45 minutes with a three minute break twenty minutes in. I already have two simple games planned but I'd like to have a strictish lesson plan those days 'cause the last time I didn't and it was horrible.

What things can I do with the class other than running, jumping jacks, the games, and rolls?

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Any one played Ico?

I find it a game with mysterious left unsolved.

Any one have theories about Ico? About the origins, queen , shadow, creatures , yorda, ect?

If not what's a video game you find that has mysterious left unsolved? What were your theories about the game?

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I really wanted McDonalds (I know, gross) for dinner, but I'm trying to be healthy. I bought some salad and a chicken from the store instead and fixed a warm chicken salad, but it was actually disgusting, and I threw it. Disappointing :(

When was the last time you were disappointed by something you ate?