August 14th, 2012

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Does raw fruit make you sick? Over the last ten years, most fruits have started giving me an itchy/burny throat and mouth, stomach upset, and chest ache. It has progressed such that in the past two years, I have had to go to the hospital from extreme pain, vomiting for 8 hours, severe stomach cramping, etc. The last doctor said it was "heartburn" and the doctor before said it was from acid in the fruit. (There is no way in hell it's just heartburn, I know what heartburn feels like, what kind of bullshit is that? Every doctor has refused to even entertain the thought of it being an allergy or intolerance.) I can eat cooked fruit just fine, though, as well as canned.

So, anyone else with this problem? What fruits can you specifically not eat? I can't eat strawberries, bananas, cherries, peaches, apples, or even grapes without experiencing this.
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So TQC, what is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you? I mean, a serious scary thing.

For me, it was when I was unexpectedly in a courtroom back in February and the judge read to me the maximum sentence for basically just putting a dent in someone's bumper, which was six months in jail. I had never been more terrified in my life; a pure six weeks of hell waiting to get that downgraded.
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Would you rather...?

Would you rather...?

Never fight with your partner
Fight once a week but have amazing makeup sex

Would you rather...?

Have the ability to send text messages to yourself five minutes ago
Ability to take cell phone pictures one minute into the future

Would you rather...?

Have sex with Rush Limbaugh for an entire weekend as his new batch of blue pills is prescribed
Assume Rush Limbaugh's alleged drug addiction

Would you rather...?

Be able to speak to the dead, but only the perverts
Be able to speak fluent gaelic

Would you rather...?

Buy several cucumbers, jar of vaseline and a box of Vagisil and bump into your ex in line at the supermarket
Buy prunes, box of laxatives and a pack of toilet paper and bump into your gossipy neighbor in line at the supermarket
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When you see a job posted that says "Apply By September 1st" do you wait until September 1st to apply or apply right away?

(I always apply right away because one time I applied for a job and was called in for an interview the next week and hired even though the posting hadn't expired yet.)

But my friend is an HR manager and said that she won't start looking at resumes until after the due date. I just always apply as soon as possible just to be safe. What do you think?

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In your personal opinion, what amount of time do you think is "too soon" to get engaged.

If you knew two people who were dating, how far along in the relationship would you start wondering if they were going to get married (if that couple both wanted marriage)?

For me, I think any time before 2 years is too soon. I'd think people who have been dating for 3+ years would start thinking about marriage.
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I'm trying to remember what tv show/movie this is from. Someone is either leaving or dying and he says, "Tell my (wife? Mother?)... I dunno. Think of something (cool? Clever?), tell her I said it." Anyone know?
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have you ever lied about something on your resume / CV? what was it? 
how wrong is it for me to add in one fake job during the 2 years i spent in london (2007-08)? if it was that far back, would they follow up on the employee reference? or is this just the most terrible idea ever?

eta: the job wouldnt be anything fancy, just stocking shelves at supermarket or something cause i was only 16 then
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Can you recommend some podcasts?

I like ones where you learn something (various NPR programs, Dan Carlin's Hardcore History, Stuff You Should Know/How Stuff Works), but I usually listen at work so I sometimes will miss a minute or two if my brain is occupied with something else. A lot of them are hard to follow if you aren't paying close attention. Comedy podcasts I generally prefer for that reason, though I'm getting burnt out on them. Currently listen to (some of them sporadically): Comedy Bang Bang, Doug Loves Movies, Professor Blastoff, How Did This Get Made?, Who Charted?, Making It with Riki Lindhome, WTF (ugh @ Marc Maron though), The Morning After, Lou Reads the Internet, Doodie Calls, You Made It Weird (ugh @ Pete Holmes though).

tl;dr So basically easy to follow, somewhat comedic but also educational podcasts (a la Professor Blastoff) are ideal if you know of any.
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Make my decisions for me

Which of these should I take and why? There are no other options (sadly).

Law and Public Health (2 cr.) covers the law governing the practice of public health by state, local, and federal agencies, as well as health care professionals and institutions. Topics addressed include legal mandates on public health agencies, physicians, and other health practitioners regarding testing, reporting, and contact tracing with respect to specific diseases, as well as laws for the imposition of quarantine, civil commitment, and mandatory treatment. Also covered are public health aspects of the regulation of health care institutions, legal issues associated with risk assessment and cost benefit analysis, along with the environment.

Pros: Could be useful (in theory)
Cons: No plans to go into health law; hated admin law and this sounds sort of like admin law

Animals and the Law (2 cr.) explores the historical and evolving legal status of non-human animals. Students will examine cases, arising in a variety of contexts, in which the resolution of the dispute depends upon policy decisions about the nature of non-human animals.

Pros: Could be interesting; my law school BFF is taking it
Cons: Not a super animal rights activist (so maybe out of place?); would probably be mocked on transcript

wedding etiquette

Is it bad etiquette to send a wedding invitation to a relative who lives far away and you're pretty sure they will not flying out to attend?

eta: asking because I've heard it's rude to do that, like you're just asking for gifts because you know they cant make it.

What is some bad wedding etiquette you've witnessed?

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what was the most rude/asshole-ish thing someone has done to you? in the past week, today, whenever.

nothing big here, but the typical clerk teenager at the market carries on a conversation with the bagger about her dating life, meanwhile totally ignoring I exist.
Just like little things can make people happy, little things can really be rude.

Migraine help

I have a migraine on the left side of my brain that won't go away. Caffeine usually does the trick but not today. I tried Lamictal for them but they gave me really weird side effects in combination with my anxiety meds (Lexapro) so I got off it. I had one of those quick acting pills for them while I was in school but they never worked either.

What else can I try?

It's not a bad one but it's as annoying as hell and I have a webinar in two hours that I'd like to enjoy.

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Music Post

So below the cut is what my current spotify playlist looks like. I've not run out of music to listen to but I want to broaden my horizons.

Based on the songs on this playlist what kind of music would you suggest me adding?
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DK/DC: What do you use to listen to music? Spotify, Pandora, Itunes, etc?
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Simple Question

For those of you with MACs:

How do I screencap a page?

I just purchased a very expensive parking permit for the 2012-2013 school year, and the goddamn page says it won't email me my receipt... and that I need to print it out. I don't have a printer, and I'm not driving to anywhere right now to print this out. I used to know how to screencap, but I have forgotten.

I have a MacBook Pro, if that matters.

Thank you in advance!
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Does anyone here not have a freezer?

What would you do if you didn't have one?

I've recently moved into a flat with no freezer, and I'm genuinely interested to see how I can adapt to this. It already bothers me that I can't have ice cream.
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I'm going out of the US for a few months. Is there a way to have access to american video sites like Netflix and Hulu?

DK/DC - You told your SO that you wanted to break up because of various reasons (they've said a few mean comments about your weight among other things). They write this long manifesto apologizing and saying they'd take care of you. Also they buy you a ticket to your favorite overseas place (in this case Japan). What would you do? Would you take the ticket?