August 13th, 2012


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Inspired by an earlier post, let's see how well TQCers know each other!

Post your user name and then up to three hints, and TQC will try to guess your first name!

Ready? I'll go first.


1) My name is pretty common.

2) At least one US and one English Olympic athlete have my first name. (There might be more but I know of these two for sure.)

3) Four of the first five letters of the English alphabet appear in my first name.
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As part of a promotion I have been offered a free copy of one of two books: The Complete Sherlock Holmes vol. 1 OR The Count of Monte Cristo. I've never read either. I'm interested I both but leaning toward Sherlock Holmes. Which one should I get?

This poll is closed.

Which book should I choose?

Sherlock Holmes vol. 1
The Count of Monte Cristo

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for peeps who date men:

What do you find most attractive about a man?

hard abs
firm glutes
bulgy biceps
a job
accurate timepiece
outfit clean and matches
a haircut and good hygeine
doesn't have mom on speed dial
doesn't compare you to his ex
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I bought an iPod Classic about 6 months ago, and the HD has started having issues. I originally bought it from Walmart and purchased an extended warranty with it, but after reading reviews of the company that services products under the warranty, I'm wary to send it in. If I take it to an Apple store and they can't fix it, will they replace it with a new or refurbished iPod? I really don't want a refurbished one as I've had quite a few bad experiences with refurbished electronics in the past, so I'm just curious.
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people with long hair - how the hell do you sleep?
'cause if i sleep with my hair down, i swear it just gets messed up and i end up waking up from pulling it while tossing and turning.

is there some secret i don't know?

what's a hair color/style you wish you either had or could pull off?
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If a person knowingly/willingly goes to an orgy, gets very very drunk or stoned and has sex, was it rape? Did their presence at an orgy imply consent even if they were not able to expressly give it when the sex occurred?

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There aren't a lot of places I have problems initiating conversation with women, but the gym is definitely one of them. I never know what to say.

Example of fourcorners' problem behind cut
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So, TQC women, do you have any advice for me?

Tips for gym conversation that progresses beyond gym-related subject matter?

Example subjects guys have used to talk to you at the gym?

And I know it's kinda creepy to pursue such a younger girl, though I really don't foresee it turning into anything but a failed attempt, but is there anything I can say to iron out Friday's miserable setback and get the girl to stop ignoring me out of spite? I don't want her to think I'm some shy, quiet weirdo, when in actuality, I'm anything but (ok, not shy or quiet but I probably am a weirdo)

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How much money have you ever spent in a single bout on someone else and for what reason? Was it medical related or a present, or did you owe them, etc?

Speaking of, what's the most you've ever spent on yourself?

Last night, I spent $225 on a friend - super belated birthday present(s). It was the first time I've even spent $50 on a gift for someone. 

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I've just gotten a USB adapter for one of my old hard drives, but when I try to view files on it from my new laptop, it keeps telling me I don't have the correct permission to access the file location.. what do I need to do to get that?

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I'm quitting my job, and in an ideal world I'd walk in, give her my notice, scream a little bit and then never turn up again. Obviously, I can't do this and have to work out my notice. What are some tricks to just make the next two weeks bearable? My boss is a self centered douche-canoe that does nothing but talk about her own, personal problems and belittles everyone else.

Should sick people stay home from conventions and conferences?

There was recently a discussion on a forum about people who come to conventions when suffering from colds.

Some people were of the mind that colds and coughs can be caught by other people and are an irritation to deal with so people who have colds and coughs should stay home from conventions.

On the other hand, if people stayed home they'd be forfeiting convention fees and often non-refundable travel costs (which can include air fares as some people travel overseas for conventions) and sometimes hotels are non-refundable as well (and in some cases people could be looking at losing £150 in hotel fees for a weekend convention)

What do you think, should people who have coughs and colds stay home from conventions?

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Have you ever had to pay your tuition out of pocket while waiting for you grant or other financial aid to come through?  Did the aid come through ok?  If it did, did you get the full amount you paid back?
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Have you ever known someone with unrealistic dreams or an idea that they are really talented or good at something when in fact they suck? For example, someone who wants to be a singer even though they sound like an off-key Tom Waits or a writer who makes E. J James look like Hemingway? How did you cope with this? Just smile and nod when they talk about their talent or try and convince them otherwise?

What if the person is about to do something that will result in their utter humiliation, like audition for a televised talent programme or perform at a school talent show? Do you support them in their venture or try and talk them out of it? Would you ever be brutally honest?
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How can I find out what played on 98.9 FM in Austin, TX at 5 p.m. today? It was the song that came on before Rod Stewart's Maggie May, it was a Beatles cover but I can't remember which song, just that it was amazingly fun to sing along to. It was a very powerful woman's voice.

I thought the website would have a show playlist like most radio sites do but I can't find it :(

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I have a fish tank (that is only 3 weeks old - no fish yet!) which I think could be leaking. 
It's sat on polystyrene, which is slightly damp and has a yellowy mould growing (very lightly) on it. 
The water level seems to be dropping at a rate of about a couple of mm a week. 
However, there's a fabric bag with filtery things in it, which had a cord running up and over the edge, where there seemed to be water collecting. 
What are the chances this was the main culprit?
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Has anyone ever been to Cuba?

I'm a single female traveling to Havana alone.  And I'm starting to get nervous!! It looks like a big, intimidating city. I have traveled to India and North Africa before, as well as some other parts of Asia. Do you think I'll be ok alone in Havana? I'm not on a tour or anything, I just reserved a room in Old Havana.

Where is the best place to find a day tour?

What was your favorite part of Havana?

What's the best way to meet locals?

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Old toys

I used to have a space themed construction set when I was little, and I recently found a couple pieces of it. I have no idea what it was called, and I would very much like to figure that out.

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Can you recommend any audiobooks? I'm especially interested in extremely long books or series, in pretty much any genre as long as it's entertaining.

Today my coworkers and I finished the 5th book in A Song of Ice and Fire (the Game of Thrones series) and now our lives have lost all meaning :(

You may also use this post to talk about anything game of thrones related!!!!

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My roommate/friend is in her room crying while talking to her mom about a recent breakup.
Is there anything that made you feel better during a breakup? Is there anything I could do that might cheer her up?