August 12th, 2012


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Sorry, used to know how to do this-- how do you look at all the posts a person has made in one community?

To make it more interesting-- how old were you when you first fully understood what sex was? Did you have any weird or funny misconceptions about how things worked?

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My best friend and her husband suggested they wanted come visit us, across the country in October, but they were strapped for cash. We had been planning this trip since March. I offered to buy both of their plane tickets, but for them to only pay for one ticket back.  I kept looking out for plane tickets for them, as did her husband, and one day I see something on Facebook about them going to Maui.  I texted her husband and asked if they were going to Maui.  I got no response.

Today I got a text from my friend saying "we are not going to be coming out that week because we are going to Maui"

I am not mad about them going to Maui, because I think anyone in their right mind would pick Maui over coming here, but I am annoyed because I felt like they should've initially told me when I sent the first text and maybe she should've said something more along the lines "sorry we can't make it" or something like that.

Overreacting on my part?

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Imagine you were happily married. One day while your spouse is out of town on business, you go to check the mail and find divorce papers already and even signed by your spouse. There were no signs at all that this was happening.  What would be the first thing you do?


This wasn't inspired by true events. I think I saw two people gossiping about this on tv, I can't remember. What I do remeber though is thinking that the first thing I would do is get my ass down to the bank and empty out the accounts!


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TQC, my SO and I play fight quite a bit when we're alone, and it can get quite rough. In front of others, we do slightly but nowhere near the same scale. Today, in front of a friend, he hit me across the face. I am furious. Seething furious. How do I bring this up? (Also, I am angry at him for other things, how do I stfu about those and just focus on the slap?)

DK/DC - last time you were in rage mode?

EDIT: When he hit me, we had just 'playfought' (is that a word?)

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So yesterday I went out and got a whole bunch of beauty/hygiene products. Not makeup, but like lotion, face wash, chapstick, exfoliating tools, etc. BUT I WANT MORE.

Will you tell me your favorite beauty products for the hair, skin and nails, or ones I should check out?

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TQC let's play a game: you list your five favorite books/movies/tv shows/bands (pick one or pick em all) and tqcers will respond with suggestions to read/watch/listen to.

Dc: what color are your sheets?
Drunk as a couple of czars

Adventures in Sadness

Is the last series of (British) Wallander as depressing as the other two? I know he's got a lady friend, so I'm anticipating an uplift of sorts, but I do enjoy a well-depressed Kenneth Brannagh.

Otherwise: When you're depressed, or even just terribly sad, do you try to cheer yourself up or let yourself wallow?

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what if anything do you "know in your heart", but are unable to provide any tangible evidence for? Feel free to weigh in on whether or not you think "knowing in your heart" (ie. certainty arising exclusively from intuition) is a fallacy or if intuition can sometimes be wrong or etc. as I sometimes feel.

...or, let me make this a long winded post and phrase that as a second question: can we ever truly know something in our heart? Consider that two different people can "know" something in their heart that are completely at odds.
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So my Mom bought this:


And gave it to me. I never buy this because it always seems to come out very tough and dry, but I am on a very tight budget and can't bear to waste food. It is too hot to use the stove and so I was wondering if I could cook it in the crock pot? Any recipes/advice on how I should do it so it comes out tender and taste good?

Thanks :)
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Internet Pictures

So I swear when I was little pictures from the internet saved automatically to my computer (for example my icon would automatically save). Does this really happen? How do I find the pictures if so?
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I'm required to take a childbirth class, so I found one very nearby and the class schedule is perfect. The lady who teaches it is certified through the official program, which is secular. However, her website mentions her religion a couple times in her bio and her email address is a reference to religion. What is a nice way to email her and say "I'm interested in your childbirth classes but I want to make sure there's no Jesus crap involved"?

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Have any of you ever had good/successful relationships that actually got off to a rocky start? Share details, if you'd like.

People with boobs: what's your favorite bra that you own and why do you like it so much?

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I've given out a few CV's to jobs and heard nothing back at all. Today, I checked through my CV and saw that I have my old number on it. Is it appropriate to resend CV's with the new numbers on, or should I perhaps send an additional email with my actual number on it? Also, how stupid am I aha.
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With 1 being "eh" and 10 being "Grrrrrrrrr!!" How upset do you get when people mispronounce your name? First or last, doesn't matter to me.

Mean: 3.55 Median: 2 Std. Dev 2.85

Do people often mangle your name or is it an easy Smith?

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TQC, I am getting braces on Friday.

Can you please list all the foods I should eat before then, because I will miss them so dearly for two years?

If you had braces as an adult, will you tell me about it, please?
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coffee quandary

I've had yet another dumb Cuisinart coffeemaker bite the dust, and I'm shopping around for a new way to make coffee. I'm not excited about the auto drip. Other drip coffeemakers don't heat the water enough and the coffee's not worth drinking. I grind the coffee right before brewing, so I don't need overnight programmable coffee or anything like that. I tried using my SO's espresso machine today, but I like light roast coffees and that comes out of the espresso maker tasting exceedingly bitter, so I think that's possibly not the way to go.

I"m using a French press right's glass and I'm just waiting to see how long before I break it, since I'm really good at breaking glass things. I've always wanted a cool siphon coffeepot, but see above about breaking things. I have a 1-cup pourover thing, but usually I'm making coffee for me and my son, so I want something that makes at least 16 oz at a time.

How do you make your coffee?
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i've decided that i would like to purchase an external hard-drive, but i'm kind of clueless about this. i'm really only going to transfer some movies i have and some other things from my computer to the external hard-drive. what should i be looking for when purchasing one? any suggestions as far as brands go? any help is much appreciated. i have a mac btw, if that's important.

also, is there a way where i can transfer all my music on the external hard-drive and delete it from my computer, but still be able to listen to my music in itunes like if the external hard-drive is plugged in? is that possible?

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My friend and I are discussing our personal definition of body types, i.e.: what is "skinny", what is "chubby", what is "thick", what is "average", what is "curvy"? 

Would you post pictures of bodies you define as the mentioned categories? The conversation came up because we were talking about online dating sites and how they ask you to list your body type. I'm also curious to see if other peoples' thoughts are similar to my own. 

Oh, and this isn't meant to be a body shaming post at all. I'm just curious!