August 11th, 2012

silly - but it's late here

You are friends with a coworker.  One day you share some photos of a hairstyle you like with bright teal color involved.  Coworker says that kind of color isn't allowed in the office.  You say something about "the man" and move on with your life.

This week, coworker emails you pictures of the blue/purple hair color she is dying her hair this weekend.  Along the same lines as what you sent her a month or so ago.

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Crime Stats Reporting Sites

Okay folks,

Does anyone know of or have bookmarked a good site for getting legit crime stats for a neighborhood?

I'm needing to move for work purposes (living 47 miles away from my private practice is just killing me in terms of availability and time spent in the car) and if I'm going to move back into an area of the city I don't know off hand, I want more info so I can make an informed decision.  Especially since I'm going to have to use the Bank of Mom on getting a new apartment, because due to my income levels not being 3x/rent, almost no one is going to rent to me and if she's going to be on the lease or signing over a check for my rent, then it's got to be something decent! :p

DGAF (hee!  I love this acronym!):  What's up this weekend? 

Me, I have to be at work by 10:45 Saturday morning, do 2 massages then I'm off from that job until Wednesday. Saturday night is going to be movie night with a couple of friends.
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How do you feel about cat declawing?

Is it common where you live?

I'm only after learning about it tonight and I am genuinely shocked that people would do this to their cats for reasons other than medical ones.
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Do you have a lucky number? An unlucky number?

Why do you feel this way about these numbers?

If this doesn't apply to you, have you ever see if affect someone else? As in-they HAD to have a certian locker number or had to change their phone number etc?

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So, I've decided (2.5 months prior to the end of it) that I do not wan to renew my lease of a bedroom in a single family home with the live-in, over-involved landlady I've mentioned once or twice. Besides the fact that I've never lived in a group living situation that didn't have an omnipresent authority figure as a "run to the teacher first" referee, and honestly I need to just experience that, the practical gripes are:

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But also, it's that I feel suffocated more than a little.   Nearly every time I walk in the door, there she is, giving me the third degree full of tangents for the next half hour, and commenting on my looks.  I know that legally all that needs to happen is a letter of notice/decline of lease renewal, and the settling of the deposit.   But knowing this lady, she'll want to know why I don't want to live in her house anymore.  Being business-like alone won't cut it with someone who admitted she agreed to rent to me with a co-signer because I look like her daughter. 

What, if any, reasons do I give her when the time comes, TQC?
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In an attempt to improve my listening comprehension, I decided to give audiobooks a try.

What are your favorite ones ? And your favorite readers ? 

DK/DC : What's the best movie you've seen lately ?

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Where else besides Craigslist can I post an ad looking to hire people?

I feel like I'm being punked by all these people who comes for interviews. Someone texted the entire time, someone was 15 minutes late, people want ridiculous amounts of money per hour with ZERO experience, it's insane. We are desperately looking for solid workers, and it's just not happening :(


There was a post here about "I think that band A sounds like band B, and my husband thinks they sound like band C! WAT DO SOUND LIKE!?" with videos, and then I thought maybe they put the videos behind a cut since that's a rule, but now I do not see the post at all! Wha hoppen?

And since that will probably get answered in about 12 seconds...
Sure enough. So, what is/are the last article(s) of clothing you bought?

I bought 3 pairs of shorts from Old Navy today, and yesterday at Target I bought 2 shirts and a bra. Yay sales!

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What shoes do you wear most often? Post a picture of them (or something similar).

OR, post some shoes you're thinking about buying. Or shoes you wish you could buy. Just post shoes, ok.

Four pairs of my most frequently worn shoes are falling apart or have completely broken in the last week, arghhh. So I'm looking for new ideas. You'd think the excuse to buy a bunch of new shoes would be exciting but I'm kind of just stressed out because I really need things that are practical and wearable so I can't just be like "weeeee, shoes!" and buy whatever. You know?
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Decide My Birthday for Me

It's my birthday! What did you get me?

Should I go out tonight for a few hours? My best friend wants to go out for an hour or two but I have a 7 week old that spent almost all day with the babysitter/my parents because I had to work. I feel slightly guilty going out, even though my parents would love to have her for a few hours longer. I'm also really tired because of both work and the 7 week old, but we're both moms so we rarely have time to get out together.
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Guys, my bellybutton hurts, like a tense muscle or something. Or like a string is pulling on it. I do zero abwork. Is it a) gas (i have eaten just a ridiculous amount this weekend), b) menstrual cycle related, c) alien baby, or d) other suggestion (I have been poisoned, etc.)? Does anyone else get this occasionally? I am 100% not pregnant.

DC: What's your favourite kind of unusual weather (heat wave, rainstorm, hurricane, snowstorm etc.)? Any awesome weather pics?

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Do you participate in online dating? Do you think you use pictures that represent you well? I am currently watching an old school show called "e-love" which follows a couple that have been talking online to their actual meeting to see if it will work etc. 90% of the time, women, in particular use pictures that look nothing like them... essentially the best picture they've ever taken and then they talk about how worried they are that the guy will not like them once they actually see them in person. Why not give an accurate picture then? In most cases they are right... the guys do end up not having a connetion because they weren't attracted to the woman.

Have you ever met someone in person that looked nothing like their picture?

On a scale from 1-10 how level headed do you think you are?

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Will you settle this debate TQC?

My boyfriend just bought Purity Ring's CD. I think they sound like Splashdown and he thinks they sound like Bjork. I don't think it sounds like Bjork.

Which band does Purity Ring sound like? DK/DC? Enjoy some songs!

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Buying items Internationally

A friend of mine wants some comic book character figurines for her birthday. One of her favorite series is called Suske en Wiske. I've found a few online stores from the Netherlands that have Suske en Wiske figurines but they all want payment via bank transfers, which is shady to me and NOT an option.

My question is,

Is there a (reputable) online store from Belgium or the Netherlands that ships internationally and allows Paypal or a credit card as payment? If so, what is the website address?

I really want to get a Suske en Wiske figurine for my friend, so thanks so much to anybody who can help!

EDIT! After searching under the title "Spike and Suzy," I managed to find a website called Catawiki that appears to have a figurine for sale. I can't figure out if the seller ships to the US (just says "ships from Belgium" according to Google Translate) but I guess all I can do is give it a shot. Thanks all!
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My friend, although not particularly close, the captain of my kickball team, sent an email out the other day saying that he was going out and we were all welcome to join him. I sent a text a little while ago saying I was thinking of going out and would there be anyone else I know? He named three people, all teammates. Two of them are pretty much acquaintances and the other one is another not particularly close friend. I'm kind of bored, but I'm not bringing any friends with me, so I might be a little uncomfortable. I'm debating going. Would you go?
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I created an account today to pay certain school fees. My school's website doesn't offer a paypal payment option per se, so I'm wondering if I enter the debit card info I've linked to my account, will it take from the paypal balance? Bear in mind the card itself has no balance.