August 10th, 2012

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How do I wake up someone (gently) when shaking/shoving/poking and nearly screaming doesn't work?

Srs and non-srs. Inspired by my sister's husband passing out on the couch (she's at work right now) and I have no idea how to wake him up to tell him to go to bed hah.
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Hello members of TQC!
I've just recently purchased a macbook pro and while I'm in absolute love, there are the struggles involved with switching from a PC.

Any quick hints for a mac newbie? (keyboard shortcuts, best apps for college, etc)
Does anyone take notes on their laptop? How do you personally go about it and has it worked well for you?
What type of cover would you recommend for a macbook?

How do you feel about box braids/any type of braids really?
What's your favorite color?
How do you feel about Sally Hansen products? 

Edited to include a photo of box braids for clarification :)

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I did some work for a work friend in February. He promised me £50 for it and I did a really good job.
Fast forward to August, and despite constant e-mails and promises he will pay me 'tomorrow', i've still not been paid. 
What do I do now, given that angry e-mails don't work?
I'm not in a position to take him to court. 
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Say you make plans with someone for the following day at 11. The next day, 11:00 rolls around, and you haven't even heard from the person, despite a couple of attempts at contact on your part. How long would you wait around before making other plans?
Spelling Contest

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Would you rather...?

Give your child one of those weird celebrity names, like 'Apple' or 'Kal-El'
Name your child after yourself

Would you rather...?

Talk like a robot for 24 hours
Walk like a robot for 24 hours

Would you rather fight to the death...?

The last panda on earth
Your least favorite relative

Would you rather...?

Only be able to date friends of your mother
Only be able to date convicts with 2 strikes

Would you rather, upon meeting someone new...?

Always cheek-kiss
Always high-five

Edit: for the 'fight to the death' question, there's no chance you'll lose or get hurt. It's pretty much a 'who would you rather kill?' question

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Is there a specific nail polish color you habitually reserve for your toe/finger nails?

When I got a pedicure this week I got Cherish by China Glaze on my toes and I think it's going to be my official toe color now. It looks amazing.

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Friendship is the best (Coupling)

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I'm going to a wedding this evening, but I've never been to a proper wedding before where I've not been a bridesmaid. I know there are some rules about what not to wear. Apparently it's not good to wear white.

My question is this: I have a couple of options - they're white dresses, but with bright floral patterns on. This is one of them.

Would that sort of thing be okay? Or would I be making a faux pas?

DK/DC - what is your FAVOURITE thing to wear? What have you recently bought/are wanting to buy?

Recipe time!

Anyone know a really good chicken Korma recipe? I made one I found online yesterday and it was the blandest thing I've ever eaten.

DK/DC: Any other favorite soups or salads or dinners? I'm cooking for two picky teenagers, if that makes any difference.

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I need answers really quick, TQC!

I am making lemon meringue pie from an American recipe, and I am supposed to be mixing egg yolks with a 'hot sugar mixture.' What the hell is a hot sugar mixture!?

EDIT: Don't worry about it; I just fucked up the whole recipe anyway. hah.

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Do you have a weird food allergy/intolerance? How has the general public (restaurants, friends, etc.) treated your allergy?

Personal story: I have a pretty strong reaction to canola oil and I find it extremely difficult to find restaurants that work around it/don't use it. :/

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How many times can someone drop 'that's what she said!' in a conversation before it gets annoying to you?

Once. I hate that term
Twice. Once may have been funny, but twice is repetitive
3-4 times
5 times
It never gets tiresome for me

You have to go on chat roulette wearing a particular outfit chosen below. You can't really explain why you're wearing the outfit. Just kind of brush it off and change the subject quickly. What do you pick?

NRA t-shirt and a big shotgun in the background
ICP clown makeup
A tin foil hat (like in Signs), and a t-shirt with E.T. and a red line through him
Dressed like a little girl, with pigtails and a big lolly
Princess Leia bun-hair
A greasy mullet wig, a stained wife beater, and a Pabst tall can next to the keyboard
Hair curlers, a green night mask, and an unflattering bathrobe
French maid outfit
Madonna's cone bra
Chicken costume
Wearing a sheet with eye slits. Every now and then, you go 'Booooooooo' in a spooky voice. Yet you don't mention ghosts or why you're in a sheet
Completely naked, except for pasties and a ski mask
Tie-dyed shirt, jacket and pants, each item a different color
Batman mask/cape
'Fro wig, Hawaiian shirt, glasses, moustache (like vintage Weird Al)

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This is probably a bit of a long-shot, but does anyone know of a good book or books about schizophrenia written by people who have grown up with a parent with schizophrenia?

I've got medical perspective with The Divided Self and autobiographical perspective with The Center Cannot Hold, I'd love to find someone else who's written about the subject from my own perspective. Running With Scissors kind of thing.
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so, you snooped through your partner's phone/facebook/twitter/whatever and discovered they are cheating, or planning to if they haven't already. do you confront them even though you are also technically in the wrong? how?

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So they keep posting tornado warnings for my county, but only the eastern part is affected and I live in the extreme western part. Tornadoes are very uncommon in my area.

How frequently do you get tornado warnings where you live?

What is your biggest concern if Romney wins the election? If Obama wins?
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i have two friends let's say A and B - B is 24 years old, loves going out, etc, and A is 18 years old and had only just moved away from home and is new to everything. they both met each other earlier this year for university (so theyre new to the country) and both of them decided to go out one night. A left her ID at home so wasn't allowed into the club.

what would you do in this situation if you were B? i thought it was pretty much common courtesy to leave with your friend in that situation. B told A to just walk home alone (she was obviously very lost) because B wanted to go into the club. or idk, maybe it was ok she did that?


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TQC, will you please tell me...?

1. Three things you know a lot about
2. Three things you know little to nothing about
3. Your favourite mythological creature
4. Whether your big toe is longer than the toe next to it
5. What you currently work as/your profession
6. How to fix a key on a laptop that is much less sensitive than the other keys/bordering on not working
7. If there are any instances of the letter "i" missing from my post (see above)
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What's your favorite old tv show? Old as in, say, earlier than the 1990s.

Mine is The Adventures of Robin Hood with Richard Greene. (See icon for my favorite character, the Sheriff of Nottingham.)
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suppose you've been invited to go to a lake with a friend, what do you bring with you?
i always forget SOMETHING.

do you even like swimming? do you like going to lakes or do you prefer the ocean or maybe a pool or a river?

hear any good music lately?

where do you suppose my ipod is?

Only the murderer was forgiven

I saw one unforgettable movie, Secret Sunshine (Milyang)by Chan-dong Lee (Korea).

She lost her husband and moved to the new town where his husband was born but the
another tragic event happened after she settled down. Her only son was kidnapped and killed.
The story is about her healing process. Of course she'd never healed but for a while
she was healed by religion but another cruel moment was when she'd decided to forgive
the murderer and visited the prison, the murderer ironically seemed that he got well,
claiming that he was healed by religion as well and shamelessly confessed that he had
been forgiven by god....that moment was the time she felt the helplessness of religion
and became so against it.

This movie was really fantastic! Especially I was so inspired by Chan-dong Lee's way
on how he expressed about religion; how it is cruel when it comes to the
victim's family side. Once victim's family was liberated from the murder
and decided to forgive him, maybe it is justifiable but what if the victim's side won't
forgive the murderer and only murderer was relieved by unfair...

So question is this; what would you say in this situation? the murderer should not be forgiven until the victim's family said yes you can, not god... Don't you think so?

*Sorry in case if I made some grammatical mistakes, could anybody correct the above? thanks in advance!
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