August 9th, 2012

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Have you ever been to a psychic?
What was your experience like?
If you haven't.. would you go? What is your opinion on psychics?

My aunt is taking me to one tomorrow.
I'm not sure how I feel about it.. but she gave it to me as a graduation gift so I guess I kind of have to go.
Pretty much my whole family has gone to see her and they say it's gone well but I am kind of scared.
I guess I'm pretty apprehensive that she will say something that will cause me to change how I think about something.

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What was the last good idea you had that turned out to be not so good?

For instance, I decided to clean the apartment last night, but I wound up staying awake until 4 am doing so, thus making me sleep through my alarm for work.
dcfc: a thousand shits.

job confusion.

So a couple weeks ago, I interviewed for a job at a local coffeehouse. I got a call about a week later saying that they wanted to hire me. I called them and accepted the position, and because I was out of town I said that I would call back at a specific time a few days later. I did, and he did not answer so I left a voicemail asking him to call me back about when we should meet to decide my schedule.

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1) Do you have a raspberry pie recipe where you make some sort of raspberry filling, rather than using just straight berries? Bonus points if it's dairy free!

2) I want to start lane swimming. I have heard this can be very hard on one's hair. Recommendations? I bought a swim cap, and I've heard you can rinse your hair, put conditioner in it, and then put the swim cap over. Good idea? Bad idea? I'd love suggestions for shampoos/conditioners that are good for getting pool chemicals out of your hair.

3) If you like cottage cheese, what do you like to eat it with? I love it with watermelon chunks.

4) What are some of your favorite things to do when you have a day off, and you don't need to be anywhere?

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Ever had a fried Oreo?

Our county fair is going on and I'm seriously considering trying one. Will I be disappointed?

What's your favorite fair food?

What's your favorite fried food?

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I have seven kids in my class. They are graduating (hopefully) high school next week.
I would like to give them some kind of gift.
What can I buy for ~$5 per kid?

I was sort of thinking a gift card to get lunch somewhere but I'm not sure.

I was also thinking of doing a postsecret project on the last day. Should I do that or bring in a board game?

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If you have a sexual dream with someone you know in real life other than your significant other, do you tell your mate?

I know if I told my husband he'd laugh, but if he told me, I'd get jealous [lame I know]
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You have a little boy and you need a babysitter. Who among this short list would you entrust to babysit him?

Casey Anthony
Glenn Beck
Mel Gibson
Tommy Lee

You have to have someone dogsit your pooch (you have one in this poll). You'll be gone for a week. Who on this list would you sooner trust?

Ted Nugent
Dick Cheney
Michael Vick
Lindsay Lohan (can you trust her to be responsible for 7 days?)
Siegfried and Roy (owner of several white tigers)

Who would you sooner loan your car to?

Johnny Knoxville
Amanda Bynes
Randy Travis (possible booze and nudity in your car)
Lindsay Lohan
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What's the last bit of trivia you learned that really surprised you?

I learned that the guy who played Odo on Star Trek DS9 played the chef in The Little Mermaid and sang the Les Poissons song. I don't know why, but this absolutely stunned me! I probably stared at the screen frozen for at least twenty seconds trying to process this information, haha.

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Does anyone know of a good cheap/free antivirus software for a computer that does not have sp1?

I was given a Dell that's a few years old with service pack 1 issues. The antivirus software is about to expire and the new Norton's will not install on it. Any information is greatly appreciated.

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What brand of shampoo do you use?

John Freida

What was the last thing that made your day?

My (other) twitter account, which is devoted to crazy shit that happens in baseball, got an @ from an MLB player.

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I have some stupid questions to ask..

Why do people wear tinted moisturizer? don't people want their face to be the same color as their neck/body?

Do you have any tips or products to get your eyelashes curled? i have long eyelashes and I use a standard eyelash curler from wal-mart, I try heating it with the hair dryer before applying it to my eyelashes but they never curl :( anyone else with this problem?

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I feel like this is really obvious, but I've never had this issue before. I've been walking my puppy a lot, about 4 times a day, and I've had two encounters with loose dogs. One just came running down the road and I'm not sure where it came from. The other slipped through a fence. They were both little dogs and not violent, thankfully. My dog is pretty little and doesn't like big dogs.

My question is, what do I do when this happens again? Both times I walked away. The first dog wandered off, and after I walked a block I saw a woman calling for it. The second was called back to the house by a guy, pretty quickly after it got loose. Should I just keep walking in the future? What if it insists on following me? I feel like I'm rude if I don't stop and find where it belongs, especially if I see the house it came from.

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I ordered a set of two inflatable dinosaurs on ebay as decorations for my son's birthday party this past Sunday. One of them has a separation in the seam and couldn't be inflated, I wrote the seller who asked for pictures. I provided the pictures and they decided that they would send me another product. Thing is I don't NEED another product now, I needed the product this past weekend, I wrote back requesting a partial refund of the price of the set and they refused.

Am I being unreasonable here?

I mean, the other dinosaur is already deflated (by itself, no less!) and in the basement!

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"You're the type of person that if a bird poops on your car, you'll sit outside on your porch eating eggs just to show them what you can do."

What the hell does this mean? It was said in jest.
god bless the world

Candle Making

So, I've been making my own candles lately and I want to start using old glass jars from the kitchen (jelly jars, pickle jars, sauce jars, peanut butter, ect).  I've seen other people do this and it seems like a good way to cut down on the cost.  But I am nervous about using containers that aren't specifically designed to withstand the heat of a candle. 

I haven't really been able to find any articles on which glass jars are ok to use for candle making, and which are not.,  I've seen several people mention in craft forums and stuff that any jar with a gold-colored lid is ok, but I don't know why this would be. 

Does anyone else make their own candles?  What kind of recycled containers do you use?  Any insight would be helpful.  Thanks.


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I got a second hole in my ears in may that would not seem to heal. I've been following my piercers directions and cleaning it properly with salt and water and the one cleared up just fine. However, the other has given me nothing but problems. More problems than any other piercing I've had. I took the earring out and its all swollen and hard and a little red around it and pussing... I cleaned the earring itself and decided to leave it out for tonight...

Was this a horrible idea? Someone told me if it is indeed truly infected the infection might spread now that I took the earring out and now I'm paranoid. Also, would trying to put the earring back in tomorrow be a horrible idea?

I tried to talk to my piercing parlor but I've been in another continent and they don't want to give me advice without seeing it....
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Hubby and I got a $200 gift card to Bed, Bath, and Beyond for our wedding, so we decided to use it today. We came home with a juicer--he's been dreaming about having one since he was five. BEST. INVESTMENT. EVER.

Does anyone here who has a juicer or is into juicing have any suggestions for juice? So far we've done mango-orange-pineapple, orange-pineapple-berry, apple-pineapple-orange-carrot-celery, and he's now on blueberry-blackberry-watermelon.