August 8th, 2012

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My cousin has chosen to get married at 4 in the afternoon on a Friday, in a location that is 2-2.5 hours away from the place where we all live. I RSVPed yes before I realized just how far this place is and I'm not going to be able to leave work before 2:30 at the earliest. Should I tell her I just can't make it (she's already really pissed that I declined to be a bridesmaid) or do my best to make it for at least the reception? (I'll also have to do a lightning-quick change at work and figure out WTH is going to happen with my son, since my sister is his childcare but she's in the wedding... What a headache.)

3 unrelated questions

1. If you don't believe in ghosts, how do you explain to yourself or others the stories people tell about ghost experiences (seeing, feeling, hearing ghosts)?

2. I'm pretty lazy & I don't like to fully wash my face every morning. Do you recommend a certain brand/product out there (wipes?) that can refresh my face in the mornings?

3. I've been seeing a debate on my FB feed about gun control in the U.S. and some people are likening it to military defense. ie, if they ban guns, it's like U.S. not building weapons to defend themselves against attacks, just on a smaller scale. What do you think?
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We had two fairly large earthquakes in the last 12 hours and the fault line is pretty much right under my feet. Since I can't swim, should I start carrying around one of those inflatable rings in case California falls into the ocean?

DK/DC: When you see an older couple who has no children, do you secretly wonder why?
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1. Have you ever used Picaboo (or some other similar software) to make a photo book? How did it turn out?

I have been using Picaboo to make several albums and I love love love their software, but I've never actually printed anything yet. Today I actually looked at some reviews and some people say the print quality is terrible. And that makes me nervous because I'm very proud of the quality of my photos and I want to create a quality product. But it might just be user error causing bad prints, in which case I'd be fine....

2: I brought some artificial sweetener back from my trip to Germany, not realizing that sodium cyclamate is banned in the USA. Was that illegal?

Death and sandwiches

I made a sandwich to pack for my lunch Monday night. I didn't go to work Tuesday, so the sandwich went uneaten. I planned to take it for lunch today, but again, didn't go to work. I'm not hungry at all right now, how long will this sandwich be good in the fridge?

It contains: Bread, ham, turkey, Swiss cheese, and a bit of ranch dressing (in the middle, so not touching the bread)

Question number 2:

Have you ever taken bereavement leave from workDid they request documentation? My grandfather passed away, and I'm currently on it right now. I tried to go in today but ended up just breaking down before my shift even started. I was told to go home and that I'd be put on bereavement leave for yesterday, today, and tomorrow (if needed).

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Replace one word in a movie title with "BACON"

What are some funny ones you can come up with? Creativity and cleverness count!

To get us started:

"A Fistful of Bacon"
"Indiana Jones and the Temple of Bacon"
"Much Ado About Bacon"
movie: eraserhead

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I have a planner/agenda like this one: (not the exact one, it's got a pattern on it which I want to cover)

Collapse )
And I want to cover it with a picture from a magazine. But it will drive me a bit batty if you can still see parts of the pattern from the spiral part. Since I don't have the time/energy to take it apart, do you have any suggestions on what I can do? Should I just set that one aside and find one that's not spiral bound?

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Would you rather...?

Have Vulcan ears
Have a Vulcan personality

Would you rather...?

Mistake a tube of super glue for toothpaste
Mistake a tube of super glue for lubricant

Would you rather...?

Have Popeye's forearms
Have Popeye's speech impediment

Would you rather...?

Be followed by a personal heckler
Be followed by a cricket, chirping after your jokes and during awkward silences during conversations

Would you rather...?

Have to get everywhere by Big Wheel
Have to get everywhere by dog sled


is there any food, drink, or vitamin supplement that has given you instant, amazing energy almost as soon as you ingest it? minus energy drinks or coffee, i'm trying to quit those so looking for suggestions for other energy boosters.

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Dear college/university peeps: How many exams have you had in one day?

I just had three.  Worst part is that two of them were for "half courses" and were done in one exam sitting.  Yet each of them was about three times longer than the full course exams I've had so far.  UGHHHHHHHHHHHHh

What kinda fun things have you done this season (summer ?)?

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TQC, I have an interview tomorrow at a high end tableware store (they sell things like decanters, cutlery, and some home furnishings; I saw a $700 lamp on their web site to give you an idea of HOW high end they are). The job will be as a barista in their in-store cafe. What in the world do you wear to such a thing? I have dress pants, but they're a size too small in the waist, and I have blouses, but they're all winter colors. I have a brown and blue sundress that might be appropriate (I've worn it out to fancy dinners), but the only shoes I have to go with it are open toed. WHAT DO I DO?

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I was going through another website and a picture of a popular actor popped up. In this photo, he had make-up applied to look at though he'd just gotten the fuck thoroughly beaten out of him. Playing up the look, the actor was looking at the camera with a very sad, almost heartbroken look on his face.

People commented. "So fucking sexy!" "I'd beat him up if he looked like that every day." "That is so hot, I'll be in my bunk." etc.

I'm very confused. I genuinely do not understand why people would find photos like that to be so appealing.

Why would a picture, fake or not, of someone you supposedly like beaten to a pulp be sexy?

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What would you give a 21 year old girl from Japan visiting your area?
I apparently met this girl when she visited the first time eight years ago. I don't remember this at all. She has a gift for me, so I feel obligated to get her one. Her a/s/l are literally all I know about her.

What should I make as an entree for a memorial service?
It will be held indoors at a house/banquet hall. I'd like it to be kinda healthy, and maybe a little gourmet. I will be making this with my mother who is a chef by trade, but she doesn't have any ideas either.

Moral conundrums

Do you judge people based on their INTENTIONS or the CONSEQUENCES of their actions?

by which I mean, what makes more of a difference when judging whether an action someone has taken is wrong - the persons perspective and intention, or what comes of their actions?

Consider this as an example - a careless driver gets tired and causes an accident killing another driver (serious consequence - not intended) OR a driver intentionally hits a cyclist, knocking them over but with no injury (bad intention - low consequence)

Just as a side note I think Western law tends to consider both: criminal charges are based on consequence, but sentencing and conviction are often based on intentions. I'm more interested in people's personal opinions however...

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I went to visit a friend/slightly more than a friend last Thursday/Friday. I texted him once after I left, but he never responded and I never heard from him since. It's not super unusual to go a week or so without a chat, but not usually after we've just seen each other. I want to ask if something is wrong, but that ("Is something wrong?") seems too... Something. 

Am I being crazy or is there a friendlier, less I'm-already-nervous way to phrase that question? 

I go way overboard in overthinking sometimes so. Please be honest... not that most of you would hesitate to answer a question gently over honestly (that's why I ask you).

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School starts next week for me and I have night classes 2 days a week. I'm planning to utilize my slow cooker.

Will you share links to your favorite slow cooker recipes?

dk/dc: What was for dinner tonight?
I had a sausage and pineapple concoction.