August 7th, 2012


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Any of you with iPhones and text in more than one language,
how do i get the autocorrect to work properly in both languages? once I added the Spanish keyboard, my autocorrect went crazy on my english words. How do I fix it?

DK/DC, if you could learn any language instantly, what would it be?

Head Shop

I totally perplexed a friend of my own age by mentioning a head shop. I thought it was universally understood, but maybe it is a regionalism.

Do you know what a head shop is? Are there more modern names for it?


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1. Are you doing anything exciting today?

2. I ordered some small paint samples to be matched. Then I got home and the bf ended up vetoing the painting we discussed. I was told the paint would be ready at 11. I call at 8am to cancel the order but they already made it. Do I have to go pick them up? I haven't paid for them.

3. Do you meal plan? I try to, but it usually takes me an hour-ish and sometimes I just don't feel like it!

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I have a coworker, we'll call her Jan.

Jan doesn't have a car and takes the bus to and from work. It drops her off right across the street from work as well as her house.

I drive to work, and Jan asks me for rides home constantly. The problem is, I am exhausted at the end of the day and it's an extra 20-25 minutes out of my way on a route I don't like. It takes her the same amount of time to take the bus home. And I lose my parking spot by the time I arrive to my home.

What would you do/say in my situation?

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I was meant to be starting work on Thursday. 
I got a phone call from the company yesterday saying they now don't want me to start till the 21st. 
What should I do with myself in those two weeks? I have little to no money. 

Odd questions

Which one of these fortune cookie 'fortunes' would impact you the most?

'Friday you will die during a screening of Dark Knight Rises. Consult your local theater for listings'
'Tonight, sleep with the lights on, and double check the locks on your door'
'The man at the table to your right has been stalking you'
'That wasn't chicken you just ate'
'Due to high lead content, this batch of cookies has been recalled. If you're eating this, please contact the poison center at once'

You find a box on your doorstep. It's nothing you've ordered and frankly, you have no clue what's inside. Which of these would make you the most worried?

Box has skull and crossbones on the side
Box has radioactive symbol on the side
Box has a large red pentagram on top, with creepy writing all over it
Box has teeth marks on it, and what appears to be a dried bloody handprint
Sender/return address is a dead relative

You're driving on a long road trip with your SO. While driving through a lonely, deserted area, you notice a big, buff hitchhiker with a handlebar moustache. You're about to say 'how creepy' when your SO, who was driving, pulls the car over. 'WHAT'RE YOU DOING??' 'That guy looks a lot like Hulk Hogan. What if it is? That'll be some story'. Before you have a chance to say anything, the large shadow of 'Hulk Hogan' falls over your window. He's standing beside you. What do you do?

Give him a ride. No way to avoid it
Tell my SO to hit the gas and we jet outta there
Offer him the keys to the car if he promises not to hurt you

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1.) Have you ever gone to a ticket clinic? What was your experience like/was your ticket dismissed? What did you get a ticket for?

2.) I recently moved in with my boyfriend who's a vegetarian and I'm running out of ideas on food to make him! Anyone know any yummy vegetarian friendly recipes?

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If ignoring adult bullies does not work what should you do next?

Not workplace bullies but basically people being horrible and bitching about me and making my life hard. Yes it's the same people.
Knives for a pro.

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I am interested in the wonders and possibilities of lentils.

I have in my possession one (1) 15.5 ounce (.43kg) can of "lentils", no other special description listed on it.

What can I do to this can of lentils that's fairly simple (so I don't screw it up and blame not liking them on what I screwed up) but also fairly representative of lentil dishes in general?

Feel special

What is something that makes you feel very special?

When my kids show/tell me they love me. IT makes me feel I am doing something right in being a parent. I try my best. Some days I feel like I'm not a very good mommy... but I just hope I can raise them good.
Mr. Pants Says

Singing in the Rain

Do you like to play in the rain?

Why or Why not?

If you do play in the rain, what do you do?

If there was 4 inches of water in my yard 30 minutes ago, why is the soil dry as dust just a quarter inch down? There is no ditch for it to have drained into, and the rivulets that are left are draining in to a very shallow, very small puddle. I mean, my yard was a two acre, four inch deep lake a few minutes ago. Where is all of the water now?
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So my boyfriend and I tend to switch between watching different tv shows.
So far we've watched:
We're looking for something new to watch, any recommendations based on the list above? We're going to start watching Breaking Bad.

DK/DC; what tv show have you watched most this week? I've watched a ton of old Home and Away episodes on Five Life.
just a bill
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If I tell somebody I'll make cupcakes for their birthday and I end up using a boxed mix, on a scale of 1-10, how badly am I cheating, with 1 being not at all?

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How do you deal with line cutters?

This past Sunday I was at a small waterpark with my children and I was stymied by the amount of line cutting going on. Not just by small children either, but by pre-teens and teens as well.
I held my tongue because I seriously loathe monitoring or reprimanding the behaviors of someone else's children. But it was ANNOYING.

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Someone offers to give you, free of charge, an outfit that would be perfect for an upcoming formal event you're planning on attending. You really love how the clothing looks on you, and it is really good quality - something that would normally sell for hundreds of dollars. The catch is that the previous owner of said clothing had died while wearing it. It has since been thoroughly cleaned, and they is absolutely no damage/sign that anything had happened to it.

Would you accept the offer?

What if rather than clothing, the offered item in question was a well-maintained car that the previous owner had committed suicide inside of?

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IF you could be any animated character....who/what would you be???

EDIT O MATIC: You may want to post a picture too...'cause if it isn't the Road Runner or Wile E. Coyote I won't know who it is... K THX

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What monsters (from anything- books, movies, legends, etc) scare/disturb/whatever you the most?

Also, when I get my nails done this coming week, what color tips should I get (not white)? I have silver right now and I don't really like them. I had pink last time.
Random: Blurry Lights

Wedding colors...

My SO and I were set to have our wedding in 2/16 HOWEVER, he is currently active duty Army and his separation date has been pushed to 3/ now we are looking at a May wedding (thank goodness for flexible wedding venues).

Our colors were dark red, black and ivory...but that doesn't seem appropriate for May. The black is set (bridesmaids dresses are purchased) but I'm not sure the dark red will work.

What would you think a good color combo (with black) would be for a May wedding?

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1. For those of you who watch the Olympics, what about it do you enjoy?

2. What are your tricks for getting rid of overeating/junk food cravings? I'm constantly hungry, so I decided to try eating 6 meals a day, all healthy, and I'm still hungry.
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Is there a way to "gift" someone's AT&T GoPhone account?
I'm not trying to break into their account or get any information from it...I just want to pay someone's bill for a month so they can get their phone turned back on without them knowing it was me....but I can't figure out if that is even possible. The only information I have is their phone number.
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Poll #1858840 The Exercise Poll

How often do you purposely exercise

Once a day
A few times a week
A few times a month
My job/daily life involves significant enough exercise I don't need any additional exercise
I seldom, if ever, purposely exercise

What's your preferred method of exercising

Walking and/or running
Playing a team sport (feel free to specify in comments)
LARP, SCA, historical re-enactment or other such
Dance (feel free to specify which type in comments)
Playing an individual sport (feel free to specify in comments)

How do you rate the shape you're in

My dead grandmother is in better shape.
My alive grandmother is in better shape.
I'd probably get tired after a few laps/reps/sets/whatever
I'm in decent shape
I'm actually in London right now...

What unhealthy habits do you partake in?

Alcohol (more than socially)
Hard drugs (cocaine, heroine, meth)
Illegal perscription drugs